The Hiring Post
Using real world code as the hiring criteria for software dev jobs - what a radical idea!
linker  hiring 
6 weeks ago
Key lesson from our Serverless migration
Another validation that serverless is about complex clients enabled by distributed auth
7 weeks ago
SHA1 & Mercurial security
easier ways to compromise Git & Mercurial repos than try a SHA1 collision attack
8 weeks ago
features are faults redux
transcript of a thoughtful talk on how innocuous features interact to create security faultlines.
linker  security  bugs 
8 weeks ago
Druid | Interactive Analytics at Scale
 high-performance, column-oriented, distributed data store with good front end integration
analytics  database  timeseries  olap  druid  metrics 
12 weeks ago
RethinkDB: why we failed
What a humble & thought provoking postmortem
business  startup  rethinkdb  postmortem  linker 
january 2017
Science and technology: what happened in 2016
Lots of positive news. Also, vampires are probably real!
december 2016
IIT Madras Heritage Center Photo Albums
Includes photos fromy days, 1999 & 2003
november 2016
GitHub - groveco/django-sql-explorer
Easily share data across your company via SQL queries. From Grove Collab.
database  sql  sqlbrowser  dataclips  django 
october 2016
Total Nightmare: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3
Bought the official Dell dongle for my XPS 13 for same reason
october 2016
UI Content Resources | Megan Whalin
recommendations for articles and books, tools used for wireframing and prototyping, writing and editing tools, and how to get started with voice and tone.
ui  ux 
october 2016
text-spinners – tawian
Pure text, CSS only, font independent1, inline loading indicators
css  webdesign  icons 
october 2016
How IIT-M beat other IITs to become #1 in NIRF: The Ken
Much more than rankings - inspiring longread on the developments at my alma mater
september 2016
Apache licensed Dashing like dashboard
dashboard  python  webapp 
august 2016
Pinry -
The tiling image board system for people who want to save, tag, and share images, videos, and webpages. Django app, BSD licensed
webapp  pinboard 
august 2016
Python-Usernames: Python library to validate usernames
For use in public facing applications where user can choose login names and sub-domains. Also has a handy list of 'banned words'.
security  webdev  sysadmin  domain  registration 
july 2016
Off the grid - Stephen Fry
thoughtful and beautifully written
april 2016
IntelliJ IDEA Pro Tips
Good list. Learned a few new things.
linker  intellij 
february 2016
The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company
database  analytics  visualization 
february 2016
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