I can see your local web servers
firefox youtube plugin hacks your local web servers (view comments)
may 2019
Ergodox layout
Current ergodox layout
may 2019
ZACH-LIKE by Zach Barth — Kickstarter
Expensive shipping, until march to buy or not
zachtronics  book 
february 2019
Heaps - Haxe Game Engine - Heaps.io Game Engine
Should try making a pattern brush shader with this
november 2018
TabNine | Install TabNine
Autocomplete a essayer pour vim
november 2018
Awesome scripts for svg manipulations: s.h's page : Scripts for Adobe Illustrator CS
Awesome scripts for svg manipulations:
- Metaball (Arc), Metaball
- Arc Correction
- Divide path (bezier) in N segments evenly
- Merge Overlapped Anchors
october 2018
SVG metaball thingy
svg  graphics 
october 2018
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