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Managing Up and Down – Accidentally in Code
need to think on this - I doubt I've been doing anywhere near a good job. have I done this better with previous managers?
management  managing  tech 
february 2018 by antislice
In a world run by rock stars, we need to keep an eye out for the new girl. (response to leigh honeywell/mary gardiner/valerie aurora's post
community  women-in-tech  tech  abuse 
june 2016 by antislice
Big Co. vs Small Co. & Job vs. Career Stability « Accidentally in Code
"But, if you are not a cis-white-man failing upwards in the valley, how do you create career security? Some ideas.

-It’s not enough to be good at what you do, you have to document and prove that you are good at what you do.
-Be strategic about visibility. I get plenty of Token Women invitations, and I get myself uninvited from almost all of them. People want to talk about “diversity” but very few want to do the hard work of inclusivity. Being known for being a woman in tech and not for my technical achievements does not take my career in the direction that I want it to go in. (Note: I haven’t done the best job of this, but it’s something I’m very aware of).
-Build your network before you need it. Not cynically – genuinely connect with awesome people over the things you have in common.
-In the long term, no-one is going to look out for you, but you. Consider what options you are creating for yourself… and what you are shutting down."
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june 2016 by antislice
Feminist Computer Science Education: "'Women in Computing' As Problematic": A Summary
super thought provoking, especially parts like this: "To S and some of the other students ... the 'women in computing' groups seemed a position of powerlessness. In such a position, they felt subjectified as 'women in computing' for special interest from the university but with little direct power in effecting institution change where gender inequity was identified"

Giving money to WiT groups is very common, but actually trying to change a company or culture is rare. It also discusses the "2nd shift" work "Women felt pressure both to go to ordinary (male-dominated yet "gender-netural") conferences as well as to present research at the women's conferences."
gender  tech  women-in-tech  research  lots-o-thoughts 
march 2016 by antislice
On Code Schools & the Plight of the Junior Developer — Medium
People at Guidewire said hiring some new grads was a great thing for the company - fresh perspectives, [cheaper], makes everyone re-examine onboarding processes.
junior-devs  hiring  tech  bootcamp  lots-o-thoughts 
march 2016 by antislice
Fundraising, Activism, and Who Gets Paid | The Bias
Is WWCode a "good" place to donate to? Are we creating meaningful change while not appropriating others' labor?
activism  money  feminism  tech  lots-o-thoughts  wwcode  womenwhocode 
march 2016 by antislice
The Shut-In Economy — Matter — Medium
some of the responses are super interesting, especially when they talk about the gender of the users (mostly women) and also look at the advertising (enforcing gender roles)
tech  culture  uber  gender  class  lots-o-thoughts 
february 2016 by antislice
Women in Tech
Stats about sexism in tech in SV, based on personal stories
women-in-tech  womenintech  sexism  techdiversity  tech 
january 2016 by antislice
Sustainable Open Source
RT @gr2m: "Sustainable Open Source" by @janl:

This is golden. So many valuable insights & experiences, much recommended
open-source  culture  tech 
november 2015 by antislice
The Ola Initiative Survey
RT : Please retweet! Are you a , and/or woman in ? Please complete this survey!
tech  Latina  Black  Indigenous  from twitter
november 2015 by antislice
So you wanna be a computer super star?
This is great! A way better response than my daydream of showing up to an interview a little drunk, disheveled, and wearing a lot of studs.
work  culture  tech  job-search 
november 2015 by antislice
Women in Tech: It’s Complicated | The Bias
what even is "tech", how do we support women/people who do tech but not "in tech"
women-in-tech  womenwhocode  tech  techdiversity  lots-o-thoughts 
october 2015 by antislice
TODO Group And Open Source Codes of Conduct | Model View Culture
RT : "TODO is an attempt by large tech power players and pervert existing social justice work."
code-of-conduct  open-source  culture  tech  social-justice  from twitter
july 2015 by antislice
Inside Obama's Stealth Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
It's official: I've joined @18F's delivery team! Excited to work with such fantastic folks.
CfA  government  tech  civictech  inspiration 
june 2015 by antislice
Fund Club
RT : Let’s move beyond going to free “diversity panels” and put our money where it counts, into the hands of indie tech:
vc  tech  diversity  from twitter
june 2015 by antislice
Abstractivate: Systems Thinking about WIT
Really good look at the "pipeline problem", setting out in nice, tech-y sounding ways why getting women to join tech isn't the solution to the number of women in tech. The pipeline into tech actually seems pretty good from what I can see, it's the experience once you're here that gets you.

"Your bank account is in the black with just a few pennies, but that won't make you rich."
women  tech  diversity  systems-thinking  pipeline-problem  lots-o-thoughts 
april 2015 by antislice
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome — Medium
@LM_Campbell @rundavidrun He didn't, it's borrowed (unattributed) from @aliciatweet
imposter-syndrome  programming  women  tech 
april 2015 by antislice
Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated
aka "list of possible replies whenever anyone says any of these things to me"
tech  bros  culture  HailLlorothaag 
april 2015 by antislice
On Secretly Terrible Engineers | TechCrunch
RT : right on to this piece for spelling out how damn disrespectful the standard dev interview is
tech  hiring  interviewing  from twitter
march 2015 by antislice
An unusual new policy for working mothers - The Washington Post
RT : Daaaaamn. If a company had done this for me when I was having babies, I'd still be there. (via )
hr  tech  feminism  family  from twitter
march 2015 by antislice
Safe & Inclusive Events
recap of events at Startup Weekend Nebraska, there were some violations of the CoC. also reflection on what could be better.
code-of-conduct  tech  nebraska  conference  inspiration 
february 2015 by antislice
Shakesville: The Falsest of False Equivalencies
RT @aliciatweet: If you read @jonronson NYT article on public shaming, you have to read this "The Falsest of False Equivalencies"
tech  harassment 
february 2015 by antislice
Amelia Greenhall — I wrote about Wadhwa and you’ll never guess what happened next!
RT : A woman in tech writes about silencing women in tech. He responds by having the piece taken down. Um.
stopwadhwa  tech  culture  women  from twitter
february 2015 by antislice
  Amelia Greenhall — Quiet, Ladies. @wadhwa is speaking now
RT @RealAvocadoFact: If avocado ever behaves like this around human women, please smash it into guacamole; thank you, @ameliagreenhall
gender  tech  twitter  feminism 
february 2015 by antislice
Hacker Mythologies and Mismanagement by Betsy Haibel | Model View Culture
Finished reading . Proud that I see a lot of the healthy examples in my workplace & in the teams I've worked on.
career  programming  abuse  work  tech  managing 
january 2015 by antislice
East of Palo Alto’s Eden | TechCrunch
I'm not even done with it & I can tell the rest of you should read this. h/t

This is a great analysis of how EPA came to be. I'm struck by the people in the 60s & 70s who worked so incredibly hard to better their communities and create what was missing. It's shitty that it *was* missing, but still, incredible people. The "fuck you, got mine" attitude displayed even now by homeowners & politicians in SV is appalling. Oh, you're afraid extending bart or samtrans or what have you will bring in less desirable people? You want them to work for you! To drive you around, clean your house, deliver your 100% non-urgent thing you forgot from target.
history  politics  tech  silicon-valley  race  poverty  lots-o-thoughts  from twitter
january 2015 by antislice
Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics
There's context missing from that last tweet for sure, tied up in the coptech(?) and edtech + VC/PAC $$. Here: #osb15
money  politics  tech  education  election  osb15  cfasummit 
december 2014 by antislice
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