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Ruby 2 Keyword Arguments
good reference, covers positional, keyword, and required keyword args
ruby  programming 
august 2017 by antislice
Write a serverless Slack chat bot using AWS – Chatbot’s Life
might be helpful for my eventual goal of the signup bot being serverless
programming  wwcode  slack  tutorial 
july 2017 by antislice
Running an Effective Mobile Team, Part 2: Creating Predictability – Accidentally in Code
I read everything @catehstn writes even if it's about mobile because it ends up applying to everything I'm doing
managing  leadership  programming  software-development  advice  agile 
april 2017 by antislice
Lighthouse  |  Web  |  Google Developers
Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any page on the web. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more.
tools  perf  programming  web-programming 
april 2017 by antislice
Programmer Competency Matrix | Sijin Joseph
interesting. as a commenter pointed out it's missing some things like business understanding, project management, mentorship. it's also pretty specific to non-web programming and a little outdated (git is a L1 competency now). also books get super out of date fast yo.
career  programming  lots-o-thoughts 
march 2017 by antislice
Shell Scripts Matter
probably the most useful thing I've ever read about bash scripts
bash  tips  programming 
march 2017 by antislice
SQL Fiddle
can use a csv to set up the db! has different sql implementations!
sql  tools  programming  database 
october 2016 by antislice
NOT EXISTS vs NOT IN | SQL in the Wild
specifically sqlserver, comments say it works the same in oracle
sql  programming 
april 2016 by antislice
Writing command-line apps in Ruby
But it doesn't talk about testing! There's still space for me!
command-line  ruby  programming 
january 2016 by antislice
ruby fighter - YouTube
in case you missed it. i've uploaded a short video about building the ruby-fighter project in and
gosu  ruby  programming  video  from twitter_favs
may 2015 by antislice
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome — Medium
@LM_Campbell @rundavidrun He didn't, it's borrowed (unattributed) from @aliciatweet
imposter-syndrome  programming  women  tech 
april 2015 by antislice
Visualizing Algorithms
I just spent far too long at work working through these, including taking the time to properly understand quicksort.
programming  algorithms  visualization  data  implementation 
march 2015 by antislice
Tradecraft Engineering Student Application
RT : Yep, I'm finally starting my own engineering program.
Read this:

Apply here:
teaching  programming  from twitter
february 2015 by antislice
Most awesome resource on the Raft Consensus Algorithm:
programming  computer-science  algorithms  visualization  from twitter_favs
february 2015 by antislice
Hacker Mythologies and Mismanagement by Betsy Haibel | Model View Culture
Finished reading . Proud that I see a lot of the healthy examples in my workplace & in the teams I've worked on.
career  programming  abuse  work  tech  managing 
january 2015 by antislice
totes profesh» Blog Archive » we don’t swim in your toilet
another response to "Lea’s Pensieve - On Women in Tech"
pool-shitting analogy:
Your neighbors may shit in their pool. They may not even be aware that they’re doing it. They might think shit is just a natural consequence of having a pool. They may hop the fence at night and shit in your pool, oblivious as they are to the difference between shit and not-shit. That doesn’t mean you give up and start shitting in your pool, too. You clean it up (even though it’s not your mess) and you go back to enjoying swimming in a nice sanitary place where poops don’t hit you in the face when you come up from underwater. You invite your friends over, because swimming in a nice clean pool is more fun for everyone, and it’s more fun for you if you’re not swimming alone. As a result, if your friends decide to dig pools in their backyards, they know shit and pools are not irrevocably linked and they work to keep theirs clean. Slowly, you all hope, everyone will see how much nicer that makes swimming.
programming  gender  feminism  tech 
october 2014 by antislice
Julie Ann Horvath - A Different Perspective
response to "Lea’s Pensieve - On Women in Tech"
women  tech  gender  programming  feminism 
october 2014 by antislice
Lea’s Pensieve - On Women in Tech
anti women in tech organizations. thinks the women-only events promote seclusion, thinks people make themselves victims, thinks it makes the men all paranoid.

some of it is overblown (like I don't mind the dongle comment or swearing). but I think women-only environments are wonderful for beginners. and I think I've benefited from becoming more aware of how I could be accidentally racist, transphobic, ableist (etc) or excluding a group and actively trying not to be. I fail to see why making men aware of their unintentional sexism and encouraging them to work against it is a Bad Thing.
programming  gender  feminism  tech  lots-o-thoughts 
october 2014 by antislice
The Gosu Programming Language
That thing I work with that's not Java. RT The Gosu Programming Language:
gosu  programming  java  from twitter
august 2014 by antislice
teach yourself to code
Recommended (via votes) tutorials in a few general areas.

@kraykray hey, (but only ruby) is giving me the generic heroku “sorry” page.
programming  tutorial  ruby  javascript  rails  listicle  LearnToCode 
june 2014 by antislice
osx snow leopard - Homebrew install permissions issue - Stack Overflow
used this to fix permissions for brew, although I had to add write to /usr/local/Cellar/* as readline/ wasn't getting it. maybe because it already existed?
programming  tips 
may 2014 by antislice
this is all about people, and verifying people on the internet are you think they are. people.
crypto  programming  people 
march 2014 by antislice
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