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Unconnected and out of work: the vicious circle of having no internet | Society | The Guardian
MT Did you know the only app. for aff. housing in San Mateo Co. is online? & if you can't use a computer?
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may 2015 by antislice
East of Palo Alto’s Eden | TechCrunch
I'm not even done with it & I can tell the rest of you should read this. h/t

This is a great analysis of how EPA came to be. I'm struck by the people in the 60s & 70s who worked so incredibly hard to better their communities and create what was missing. It's shitty that it *was* missing, but still, incredible people. The "fuck you, got mine" attitude displayed even now by homeowners & politicians in SV is appalling. Oh, you're afraid extending bart or samtrans or what have you will bring in less desirable people? You want them to work for you! To drive you around, clean your house, deliver your 100% non-urgent thing you forgot from target.
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january 2015 by antislice

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