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Tess Vigeland on why you are not your job (even if you are famous) - Fortune
Maybe less relevant to the hyper-networking feel in SF sometimes, but definitely good for parties & dating.
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august 2015 by antislice
Job Listings That Don't Alienate (with images, tweets) · kissane · Storify
People like:
- Language that implies inclusivity (no all-male pronouns, welcoming apps from underrepresented groups)
- Explicit benefits mentions, especially around big stuff like parental leave
- Realistic list of requirements vs "nice to haves"

People don't like:
- Ninja/rockstar/etc words (it comes off as you are looking for a nonexistent unicorn)
- Work hard/play hard, other language implying a lack of boundaries around expectations for time spent working or in the office
- Along those lines, perks that basically allow to you live at work
- Overly aggressive list of requirements, including a CS degree

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november 2014 by antislice
PayScale - Salary Survey, Salaries, Wages, Compensation Information and Analysis
when I actually have a job, this could be good. or for if I'm comparing offers.
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october 2010 by antislice

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