Writing value props
simple explanation and some good examples
11 days ago
DHH rant against the "Eat the world" mentality that dominates the startup community. <3
november 2015
The Mud-Throwing Theory of Usability
"Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" is not design.
december 2014
Why you only need to test with 5 users
from Nielsen group, usability testing basics
december 2014
Paper City
Artist building paper model city.
december 2014
A Storehouse of Treasures
About why and how to develop taste
november 2014
The Boring Designer
About what makes a good designer.
november 2014
The Message in Republican Victory Speeches
When children dream of growing up to be speechwriters—I remain convinced that such children exist—their young minds must imagine drafting an inaugural address, or an Academy Award acceptance speech, or a few words for an induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. None, surely, aspire to write a midterm-election victory speech. These are not the sort of orations that get etched in granite on a memorial somewhere; they do not get recited from memory at the Rotary Club
november 2014
Ending the UX Designer Drought
First, apprenticeship is learning by observation and practice. Designing a user experience requires skills that require practice to acquire. Apprentices are also compensated with more than just the training they receive. Even “unskilled,” they can still provide value. A baker’s apprentice can haul sacks of flour; a UX apprentice can tame the detritus of a design workshop.
march 2014
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