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Yugo Nakamura's tha ltd. launches Summally in beta, a social service that lets your tag and share your favorite things. Summally lets you tag your "wants" and "haves" and then share your virtual treasure box with your friends and followers. The site aims to connect "what you love with the people you love" and derives its name from joining the words "sum" and "all" to represent an "addition of everything." Users of the site will be able to keep track of "who owns what, who wants what," and whether they're selling an item you covet. Ultimately, Summally aims to become an encyclopedia of sorts for treasured objects all over the world.
design  webdesign  web  social  product  from delicious
september 2011 by anorak
Would Anyone Tell a Friend?
BNet’s Jessica Stillman talks to Neil Clemmons about his thoughts on’s Strategy & Information Forum:
bnet  neilclemmons  tellafriend  marketing  WOM  Friend  Web  2.0  Blogging  Microsoft  Word  Product  Internet  Office  Office  Suites  Software  Jessica  Stillman 
february 2008 by anorak
CrispyShop - Precise product comparison
New interactive product comparison technology based on data visualization.
AJAX  comparison  Cool  data  design  ecommerce  electronics  flash  infographics  inspiration  interactive  online  product  search  shopping  tools  TV  video  visual  visualization  web  web2.0  work  yahoo 
january 2008 by anorak
Birth of a Gadget: Inside the Industrial Design Process
Wired News peeks into product design with Frog Design, a Palo Alto, California, consultancy responsible for such hits as Sony's first Trinitron and the case for the portable Apple IIc.
design  design  howto  product 
november 2007 by anorak
TurboChef | The Oven. Reinvented.
It is brand, it is product demonstration, it can be tech support, it could even be product configuring and all under cover as entertainment content.
turbochef  appliances  Cool  design  flash  food  inspiration  product  video  web  webdesign 
october 2007 by anorak
CrazyEgg lets you explore the behavior of your visitors with a heat map. More popular sections, which are clicked more often, are highlighted as “warm” - in red color.
AJAX  analysis  awards  Blog  business  design  eyetracking  flash  informationarchitecture  inspiration  internet  layout  marketing  online  product  reference  Research  search  strategy  usability  user  visual  web  web2.0  webdesign 
august 2007 by anorak
User Experience Strategy
An investigation of user experience strategy, a novel phrase that’s crept into our vocabulary and is shaping our future.
analysis  Blog  business  informationarchitecture  internet  marketing  product  strategy  usability  web  web2.0  webdesign 
august 2007 by anorak
Take Better Photos, Make More Money
With all the tasks associated with selling online, it's easy to dismiss how important product photography is and how much it can affect sales.
ecommerce  product  photography 
july 2007 by anorak

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