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The multichannel nature of Zappos
Zappos often defies conventional wisdom with policies ranging from referring customers to other sites for out-of-stock items and offering new employees $1,000 to quit. The e-commerce giant sees itself as a multichannel retailer that integrates its main Web site with discounter, a number of vertical niche sites and several outlet stores.
zappos  ecommerce  business  multi-channel  innovation 
august 2008 by anorak
fonolo transcribes the phone menus of large companies, so you can navigate them visually.
fonolo  Cool  customer  customerservice  innovation  life  mobile  mobilephone  phone  phones  service  tools  voice  telephony  services  voip  ivr  support  callcenters 
july 2008 by anorak
a company in Vancouver that helps companies create and tell their stories
Storydriven  agency  creativity  ideas  innovation  marketing  presentation  consultant  culture  vancouver  storytelling 
july 2008 by anorak
World's first internet balloon race - Orange Campaign Site
first ever baloon race across the internet. thousands of baloons are set free - the one that goes the farthest wins
internet  2008  brands  campaign  Cool  creativity  digital  emarketing  flash  Fun  game  ideas  innovation  inspiration  interaction  interactive  layout  magazine  media  mobile  online  reference  sites  social  tech  web  website  widgets  Orange  viral 
june 2008 by anorak
How to Unleash Your Creativity: Scientific American
In a discussion with Scientific American Mind executive editor Mariette DiChristina, three noted experts on creativity, each with a very different perspective and background, reveal powerful ways to unleash your creat­ive self.
creativity  innovation  inspiration  design  creativemind  scientificamerican  POV 
may 2008 by anorak
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