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RideNerd offers comparison data for hardcore car shoppers
RideNerds is now available for hardcore nerd shoppers who want to dig deep into the numbers for their research before buying a car.
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september 2013 by anorak Strives For Top Comparison-Shopping Engine Status
While Hitwise is pegging the online comparison-shopping industry to grow by about 30% annually, traffic to increased by 260% year-over-year (as per comScore).  become  ecommerce  shopping  shoppingengine  comparison  search 
march 2008 by anorak
CrispyShop - Precise product comparison
New interactive product comparison technology based on data visualization.
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january 2008 by anorak
Interestesting comparison chart done in flash
Interesting flash implementation for the upcoming US Presidential election… The matrix shows candidates against the issues – allows users to browse and learn + users can rate and view matrix by a color code.
flash  comparison  chart  usability  innteractive  presidentialcandidates  cool  news 
january 2008 by anorak
toward a better digg
A number of startups are tackling the same problem as Digg - sharing of good content via link submission and some form of voting. One of them, stumbleupon, actually has more registered users than Digg. For the most part, though, these sites won’t be abl
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march 2007 by anorak
To connect retailers and manufacturers with local shoppers, tech startup Krillion has unveiled a search engine that trolls the Web for regional and national product intelligence and points consumers to nearby stores where those items can be purchased.
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february 2007 by anorak

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