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Why Gen Y Is Going To Change The Web
As the Boomers fade into retirement and Gen Y takes root in the workplace, we're going to see some big changes ahead, not just at work, but on the web as a whole.
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may 2008 by anorak
Another new directional netography tool to visualizing video by keyword over determined periods of time and displayed based on the popularity of the videos - as one of many inputs, gives you a sense of what is resonating; what conversations/perceptions ar
2.0  accenture  accountplanning  api  archives  buzz  Cool  creative  digg  flash  Fun  history  inspiration  interface  internet  journalism  mashup  multimedia  navigation  news  online  organization  organize  presentation  Research  review  search  service  social  time  tools  tube  UI  usability  video  videos  visualization  web  web2.0  youtube 
may 2008 by anorak
Shopping 3.0 In A Web 2.0 World
Social shopping is changing the way consumers interact with and discover available products. A useful tool is the product graph, which represents how people connect to products, products connect to products, and products connect to tastemakers.
3.0  2.0  shopping  web  ecommerce  productgraphs 
april 2008 by anorak
The Rise of The Ad Man 2.0 : iain tait |
Here’s what one industry insider thinks will be the modern “Ad Man” (founding partner from Poke London)
2.0  advertising  agency  digital  future  media  social  strategy  web 
march 2008 by anorak
Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web
Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall voodoo - it's all here, ready to go when you are. Browser-agnostic, user-friendly.
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march 2008 by anorak
Ficlets | Welcome to Ficlets!
A ficlet is a short story that enables you to collaborate with the world. Once you’ve written and shared your ficlet, any other user can pick up the narrative thread by adding a prequel or sequel. In this manner, you may know where the story begins, but
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march 2008 by anorak
Would Anyone Tell a Friend?
BNet’s Jessica Stillman talks to Neil Clemmons about his thoughts on’s Strategy & Information Forum:
bnet  neilclemmons  tellafriend  marketing  WOM  Friend  Web  2.0  Blogging  Microsoft  Word  Product  Internet  Office  Office  Suites  Software  Jessica  Stillman 
february 2008 by anorak
Social Shopping is Big, Wishpot and ThisNext are some of the online companies riding the wave of popularity that "social shopping" sites are experiencing.
socialshopping  ecommerce  retailing  kaboodle  wishpot  thisnext  web2.0  2.0  web 
january 2008 by anorak
The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources & Cheat Sheets of 2007
As we enter 2008, let's take a look back at some of the most popular articles, resources, and tutorials that helped those who toiled away on the web everyday.
2.0  2007  art  best  Blog  Cool  creative  creativity  design  design  howto  inspiration  internet  layout  list  lists  marketing  photography  photoshop  reference  tools  tutorials  web  web2.0  webdesign  work 
january 2008 by anorak
The Key to Shopping 2.0 Success: Empowering Customers
The future of online merchandising is all about empowering customers to create their own shopping experience -- turning them into brand advocates while creating a much more authentic online shopping experience.
2.0  shopping  merchandising  ecommerce  customers  empowering  branding 
december 2007 by anorak
Companies must embrace Web 2.0
Hosting a Web site, even a well-designed one featuring a few bells and whistles, is no longer enough to fully engage consumers.
2.0  advertising  interactive  web 
october 2007 by anorak
The widget: a small tool with a big future
It may be "The Year of the Widget" but ask yourself these important questions posed by T3's group creative director before launching one.
2.0  advertising  applications  branding  brands  digital  interactive  marketing  technology  web  widgets 
august 2007 by anorak
Are Big Ad Agencies So Clueless That Corporations Should Avoid Them?
"I've been spending much time with ad agencies and focus groups lately and can only conclude that--with some exceptions--they are mostly clueless. Three years ago they had a traditional knowledge about consumers but didn't know much about social networkin
2.0  advertising  agencies  agency  brand  brands  business  community  design  digital  experience  marketing  social  socialmedia  socialnetworking  strategy  web 
august 2007 by anorak
Advertising On Social Networks: Risk or Reward?
The majority of online shoppers who have used social and community sites while researching and purchasing do not believe that such sites affected their purchase decisions.
ecommerce  advertising  social  shopping  web  2.0 
july 2007 by anorak
How to Use Web 2.0 Inside Your Company
Today the business world is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to a set of technologies collectively known as "Web 2.0." Although it's tempting to dismiss Web 2.0 as Silicon Valley hype, that would be a mistake. Web 2.0 represents an important
web  2.0  intranets  social  media 
may 2007 by anorak
traffic stats for web 2.0s 25 hottest sites
eBizMBA's monthly survey of traffic data for the top 25 largest web 2.0 sites ranked by a combination of Compete and Quantcast data. For each site, we show unique U.S. monthly visitor data as well as respective rank. For entries where a wide range exists
2.0  2007  best  business  design  digg  ecommerce  internet  lists  sites  social  strategy  web  web2.0  wikipedia 
may 2007 by anorak
a new site for making and sharing presentations on the web
2.0  2.0  applications  business  collaboration  desktop  internet  marketing  online  Research  social  technology  web  web-based  web2.0 
may 2007 by anorak
Web 2.0 'neglecting good design'
Hype about Web 2.0 is making web firms neglect the basics of good design, web usability guru Jakob Nielsen has said.
2.0  Blog  community  design  IA  internet  news  online  Research  social  socialnetworking  Trends  usability  web2.0  webdesign 
may 2007 by anorak
Use Web 2.0 Tools to Drive Loyalty
Customer engagement drives loyalty and the effective use of Web 2.0 drives customer engagement.
2.0  brand  media  web2.0 
may 2007 by anorak
Pixel Acres » Blog Archive » The visual design of Web 2.0
The author writes, "Nevertheless, it’s true that many Web 2.0 sites do share a distinctive aesthetic. Wikipedia’s editors may not think it’s a worthy part of the Web 2.0 discussion, but I say bring it on! Let’s take a look at the some of the commu
web  2.0  design 
november 2006 by anorak
Wired News: Are You Ready for Web 2.0?
Summary and thoughts from this year's web 2.0 conference in SF.
web  2.0  design 
november 2006 by anorak
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