Why women leave tech: what the research says - Google Docs
Some feel lonely and isolated because there aren't a lot of women around them, and they may feel like they don't fit into the engineering/hacker stereotype of being scruffy, eccentric, antisocial and arrogant.
If women find themselves in workplaces where colleagues or bosses assume they're less competent than men, due to stereotype threat their performance may suffer.
Women are likelier than men to suffer from imposter syndrome. The research shows that typically men are over-confident and women under-confident.
Because women have been socialized to be more harmony-centric than men, they may find tech culture unenjoyably hostile.
Women may find themselves working in an inappropriately sexualized environment, being sexually harassed or witnessing the sexual harassment of others, and they may avoid opportunities to promote themselves such as networking events or speaking at conferences, because they don't want to face gender-related hassles.
It may be harder for women to attend industry events than it is for men, because of personal/family obligations. This may also make it harder for women to spend time on voluntary projects outside work, such as open source projects.
There aren't very many female mentors, sponsors or role models. Older women in the industry may feel overwhelmed by the number of younger women who want their help.
Women are impeded from forming strong professional networks to the extent those networks ordinarily form around gendered pursuits such as sports, or activities that may be risky for a lone woman among men such as getting drunk. It may be harder for women to form warm buddy relationships with male colleagues, and if they do people may gossip about them.
Older men may be reluctant to mentor young women because they worry about seeming predatory.
Competent women in disproportionately-male industries are considered by their coworkers to be less likable than both men and less-competent women, and the research shows that being disliked can mean a person is less likely to be given opportunities for advancement.
When women advance, they are likelier than men to be offered risky "glass cliff" type positions.
When women fail, they are less likely to be given a second chance than men are.
3 days ago
Philip Guo - Programmers: Please don't ever say this to beginners ...
Just let them first learn something (anything!!!) to get hooked onto the potential of programming, and then you can offer to show them the true light later. If what they're learning is truly so terrible, then they will keep getting stuck and ask you whether there's an easier way. Then, and only then, you can unleash your treatise on pure functional programming or hygenic macros or whatever.
3 days ago
Gamasutra: David Mullich's Blog - Wanted: More Female Game Developers
David, look no further than the comments on this page to find out why women don't want to join. Even I don't feel welcome. Two people asserted that I'm "risk adverse" and one said go be a nurse or a teacher. "Security for themselves and their offspring are paramount." At 18 I didn't want kids - ever. And safety? I'm a thrill seeker. How do you know what I am like? That is the very definition of gender stereotyping and is designed to send a not-so-subtle message that women just don't belong. Of course both you politely cower behind 'it's societies' or biology's fault' for this. Well guess what? You are part of society and contributing to the problem. And your biology obviously makes you an insensitive jerk incapable of commitment. Right?
womenintech  sexism 
3 days ago
What is a major failure?
A major failure with goods is when:
> a reasonable consumer would not have bought the goods if they had known about the problem. For example, no reasonable consumer would buy a washing machine if
they knew the motor was going to burn out after three months.
7 days ago
Repair, replace, refund | ACCC
A product or good has a major problem when:

it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it
it is unsafe
it is significantly different from the sample or description
it doesn’t do what the business said it would, or what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed.
7 days ago
Clopen Relationships: Love Advice from a Polyamorous Monogamist
Because monogamy is “just the way things go,” we rarely think about it as a specific relationship style that we can choose (or not) with its own positives and negatives. When explored in terms of what a couple wants, instead of what a couple should do, a closed relationship or “chosen monogamy” can be just as intentionally constructed and progressive as an open relationship.
polyamory  via:Ibutsu 
7 days ago
Managers | Django documentation | Django
If you use custom Manager objects, take note that the first Manager Django encounters (in the order in which they’re defined in the model) has a special status. Django interprets the first Manager defined in a class as the “default” Manager, and several parts of Django (including dumpdata) will use that Manager exclusively for that model. As a result, it’s a good idea to be careful in your choice of default manager in order to avoid a situation where overriding get_queryset() results in an inability to retrieve objects you’d like to work with.
10 days ago
Slaving in the kitchens: hospitality in Australia | Anarchist Affinity
The bourgeois press often decries workers in hospitality struggling for better conditions and pay. Cries of ‘you it will bankrupt us’ abound. If a business cannot even afford to pay a living wage, it should not exist. It is not socially useful. It is not even worthwhile in the capitalist-liberal sense. But this is the logic of capitalism.
13 days ago
#643: The stinking pile of wordpoop that is "I'm not going to choose a side." | Captain Awkward
Public Service Announcement:

If your friend abuses someone, and you know it, proclaiming to the victim that you ‘don’t want to choose a side’ IS choosing sides. You are choosing the abuser’s side.
13 days ago
#GamerGate and Base Assumptions Transcript — Medium
This is the bedrock of the movement’s ideology. The core here is that from their point of view the criticisms directed at video games and the community are fundamentally unnecessary, that nothing is wrong with the way things are, and that any problems are the unavoidable result of natural processes. This is what drives the vitriol against Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, and others: they are seen as pretenders, if not invaders, their criticisms as wholly out of place, unnecessary, and artificial.
17 days ago
National Novel Writing Month
Though it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself, it is also important to know that quality and speed have absolutely nothing to do with one another. You can write something heart-catchingly brilliant in 30 days. You can do it in 10. There is no reason on this green earth not to try for glory. You’re going to spend these 30 days at the computer anyway. You might as well be mindful while you’re there.

You can come out transformed.

Write something true. Write something frightening. Write something close to the bone. You are on this planet to tell the story of what you saw here. What you heard. What you felt. What you learned. Any effort spent in that pursuit cannot be wasted. Any way that you can tell that story more truly, more vividly, more you-ly, is the right way.
nanowrimo  writing 
19 days ago
For A Culture At War, PAX Australia Was The Perfect Antidote | Kotaku Australia
I fully understand that Penny Arcade Expo has a problematic history. I understand it traditionally hasn’t been the most inclusive space for women and minority groups. I can only say that during the weekend that was, PAX Australia felt like a place where the overwhelming negativity of the previous few months was quashed. It made a mild squeak of protest and was henceforth vanquished by a group of people who wanted to move together as an inclusive collective.

And as someone who loathes the sweatbox that is the modern games convention, as someone who resents defining himself by his hobby, that was a real revelation. I came to PAX Australia weary and tired. I left energised and optimistic.
pax  gamergate 
24 days ago
Q&A with MaddeLisk
It’s hard to decide on the best memory so I’ll go with two at least :). One is when I was watching ThorZaiN win a DreamHack live in Sweden. Just watch this and you will know why! Another one when I won the female world championship in StarCraft 2 2013 and for that I have to credit nutella.


200 grams of nutella per day is actually enough on a normal day but I NEVER eat it on bread!
starcraft  womeningaming 
28 days ago
The problem with men | Overland literary journal
To say that it is men who are the perpetrators of violence is to front up to a key question in how our social relationships are ordered: What is it about the construction of masculinity that is responsible for so much violence? This is not the same as blaming men, a distinction that misogynists often fail to make.
men  violence 
4 weeks ago
Gamergate: the internet is the toughest game in town – if you’re playing as a woman | Charlie Brooker | Comment is free | The Guardian
And now, in 2014, women have been forced into hiding – for voicing an opinion about videogames. That’s a sentence that should only ever appear in the opening chapter of an implausible dystopian sci-fi novel, moments before you toss it in the bin.
5 weeks ago
A love letter to strong women | Suey Park
Has anyone ever told you it’s okay to cry? Has anyone told you that you deserve to have every single day be your mental health day?

When people say “be strong” they mean “please harden yourself” when it should be “let’s soften the world” instead.

When people say “you’re strong” they mean to say “you’ve endured a lot of pain, trauma, abuse, or loss and I don’t know what to do except to acknowledge it exists.”

There’s no need to say “thank you” when someone calls you strong. Only you know who you are, what you are feeling, and the gravity of what you have unwillingly endured.
pain  abuse 
5 weeks ago
Your Baloney Detection Kit Sucks

5 weeks ago
Curriculum Reviewer Barry Spurr Mocks 'Abos, Mussies, Women, Chinky-Poos' | newmatilda.com
In another email a year later, he links to a video which compares London in 1927 with London in 2013. Professor Spurr writes: “A delight until things turn sour around 4:00 with the emergence of the darkies.”
auspol  racism 
6 weeks ago
Wears Jump Suit. Sensible Shoes. Uses Husband's Last Name. (originally titled "Marked Women, Unmarked Men")
Fasold ends his discussion of these matters by pointing out that if language reflected biology, grammar books would direct us to use "she" to include males and females and "he" only for specifically male referents. But they don't. They tell us that "he" means "he or she," and that "she" is used only if the referent is specifically female. This use of "he" as the sex-indefinite pronoun is an innovation introduced into English by grammarians in the 18th and 19th centuries, according to Peter Muhlhausler and Rom Harre in "Pronouns and People." From at least about 1500, the correct sex-indefinite pronoun was "they," as it still is in casual spoken English. In other words, the female was declared by grammarians to be the marked case.
gender  linguistics 
6 weeks ago
NeoGAF - View Single Post - #GAMERGATE: The Threadening [Read the OP]
"This is a list of actual things that GamerGate believes and has accomplished so far"

6 weeks ago
White Male "Allies" Have Surprisingly Little To Say About Fixing Sexist Tech Culture - ReadWrite
“I don’t think people are actively protecting the [toxic culture] or holding on to it ... or trying to keep [diverse workers] from the power structure that is technology,” Eustace said. “I don’t think that’s it.”

To which women in the audience said very loudly: “Yes it is!”


Eustace: “It will be twice as hard for you ... but you can make a big difference in your company.”


Irving: “When a guy has an idea, he gets really pumped up about it, really vocal about it. Back to that notion of speaking up, if you have an idea ... tell people your story and then execute it.”
men  techculture 
6 weeks ago
Rambles around computer science
But please, stop pretending that type-level programming is a desirable thing. It's a kludge, and hopefully a temporary one. Personally, I want to write all my specifications in more-or-less the same language I use to write ordinary code. It's the tool's job to prove correctness or, if it must, tell me that it failed.
types  plt 
7 weeks ago
But no, it's not an efficient way to run a community. If Linux had success, then that certainly happened despite, not because of this behaviour. I am pretty sure the damage being done by this is quite obvious, it not only sours the tone in the Linux community, it is also teaches new contributors to adopt the same style, but that only if it doesn't scare them away in the first place.

In other words: A fish rots from the head down.
linux  opensource  oss  culture 
7 weeks ago
The occurrence of meningiomas (single and multiple) has been reported in association with
long-term use (years) of cyproterone acetate at doses of 25mg/day and above.
11 weeks ago
Cyproterone acetate (Cyprostat) | Prostate Cancer UK
The length of time you take cyproterone acetate for depends on why you are taking it and how well it is working. Due to its effects on the liver, it is unlikely that you will take cyproterone acetate for more than a few months.
11 weeks ago
To sum up the point: The people to your right have double the influence on your draft than the people on your left. When I open my first booster of a draft, my focus is to take the best card in the pack. I am far less concerned with what signals I am sending, rather than which ones I am receiving.
drafting  mtg 
12 weeks ago
Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome | games.on.net
So, here’s another change for you: if you really think feminism, or women, are destroying games, or that LGBT people and LGBT relationships have no place in games, or that games in any way belong to you or are “under attack” from political correctness or “social justice warriors”: please leave this website. I don’t want your clicks, I don’t want your hits, I don’t want your traffic. Leave now and please don’t come back.
sexism  games  gameculture 
august 2014
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