Itemized Response
When you hear a thought that prompts a negative reaction (or any reaction that you want to handle differently) stop and frame your thinking about it in this way: […]
bpd  recovery 
6 days ago
Suey Park and the Afterlife of Twitter | Yasmin Nair
Suey Park’s career and her “monetising” of herself, even at the cost of her own espoused political agenda, marks what philosophers and theorists have called the neoliberal entrepreneurial self.
libertarianism  neoliberalism  twitter 
7 weeks ago
Get mad and get even
I want to quote this entire essay in this description box. Marrowing too stronk
the edifice of popular feminism is a carnival of hot takes and gifs and Twitter wars and celebrities and language policing, so much language policing. It’s entertaining and enraging but leaves very little trace of itself the next day, like a dropped ice-cream washed away by the rain.
feminism  EleanorRobertson  liberalism  whitefeminism 
11 weeks ago
Systems in production — Medium
And if your platform is not focusing on production tooling first, it is not fit for production and it won’t be before the tooling is added. Most popular platforms of today are utterly failing in this regard, and it is a good way to analyze a piece of system for its production readiness.
february 2016
Are Gender-Neutral Pronouns Actually Doomed? - Pacific Standard
Some linguists say English, flexible as it is, isn't built for gender-neutral pronouns. Others say there's a good chance "they" could take flight, given the right visibility and support.
nonbinary  pronouns 
january 2016
Hot Potato – Windows Privilege Escalation
By @breenmachine Privilege Escalation on Windows 7,8,10, Server 2008, Server 2012 ... and a new network attack How it works Hot Potato (aka: Potato) takes advantage of known issues in Windows to gain local privilege escalation in default configurations, namely NTLM relay (specifically HTTP->SMB relay) and NBNS spoofing. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because a…
infosec  windows 
january 2016
My Experience With the Great Firewall of China - Zorinaq
I learned through this experience that the GFW is unmistakably able to exploit side-channel leaks in TLS, such as packet sizes in order to detect the "TLS within TLS" characteristic of secure web proxies. This really surprised me. I had no idea the GFW had reached this level of sophistication.
gfw  china  censorship 
january 2016
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