Thirteen Rules — Mammon Machine: ZEAL — Medium
Cults are supremely uninterested in the details of their belief systems. They’re engineered for market niche appeal mostly, kinda like social games. Nobody’s like, let’s start a friendly, personal cult. Nobody wants to start a cult like Bokononism or something and get everyone in on a utopian-aspirational joke. That is beautiful. Sometimes fiction is cooler than real life.

There’s a different kind of truth at stake. My parents have kinda been Well Whatever when it comes to what I believe in, as long as I am thinking about it. There’s a function provided by things that aren’t real but are still truer than the truth.

Rules are real even when they’re fake. It can be real if you write it deeply enough in your brain. I don’t mentally intone weird prayers, but I do recite my new name so that it will become more real. I’m living my life right now under rules I never thought I could dare to believe in two years ago. So that’s pretty cool. I am making my body and indentity real because folx showed me the way. It’s impossible to imagine being trans or whatever under the rules you learn as a kid in your not-technically-a-cult high school or laconic midwestern village. The physical laws of the universe aren’t different elsewhere, but the rules of the culture and the place are so different in Olympia it feels like another planet.
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6 days ago
Israel must end its 50-year occupation of Palestine, the White House says - Middle East - World - The Independent
In a speech on Monday, the White House chief of staff Denis McDonough called into question the Israeli government’s commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict.

“Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,” he told a meeting of liberal American pro-Israel lobbyists, J-Street. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”
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6 days ago
Back From Nature: I Gave My Child Autism
I am one of many people who, today, would likely be diagnosed with autism, although during the 1990s, the diagnosis was almost exclusively reserved for children who were nonverbal. Children like me were given other diagnoses. Sometimes they fit; sometimes they didn’t. But the pattern that set me apart from the norm was there-- and was undoubtedly similar to my daughter's.
9 days ago
Masa Vukotic had the right to be in a park alone. Victoria police must apologise for saying she didn't | Melissa Davey | Comment is free | The Guardian
“And no, it isn’t the victim’s fault they were killed – of course it wasn’t. But in reality these crimes do take place and women are predominantly the victims of these crimes.”

No Fontana. The reality is the perpetrators of these crimes are overwhelmingly men. The reality is women are killed every day, in their own homes, in the streets, by their family members, partners, ex-partners and total strangers.
women  violence 
9 days ago
Anime Lyrics dot Com - Fallen Angel - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Anime
You're so close, so close
And it's you that I believe in, I believe in
So close, but faraway, I seek for your light
I'll hold on
'Cuz for you my heart keeps beating
When the wind, the fire, and all is gone
Caress me with your sweet lullaby...

Will you be my light
Will you be my strength
Promise you won't let me go...
p&s  lyrics 
11 days ago
Parks not safe for women, says homicide squad boss
"I suggest to people, particularly females, they shouldn't be alone in parks," Inspector Hughes said.

"I'm sorry to say that is the case."
12 days ago
What it means to "hold space" for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well - Heather Plett
Some of my best lessons in what it means to hold space for people came from a palliative care nurse.
holdingspace  trauma  depression  grief 
15 days ago
5 Secret Feminist Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice in 'Portal' | Cracked.com
So you've got a brilliant, successful, ambitious man in Cave, guiding the younger, female Caroline through a large chunk of her life -- at which point he uses his position of power to do something unforgivable. It is a textbook abusive relationship. Hell, you literally help her climb out of it by freeing GLaDOS and ascending through Aperture's laboratory.
feminism  portal 
21 days ago
How To Create Custom Post Meta Boxes In WordPress
Creating custom meta boxes in WordPress is simple once you've created your first one. Let's discuss what you need to know about meta boxes.
5 weeks ago
The Complete Guide To Custom Post Types
Learn how to create custom types of content easily with this complete guide to WordPress custom post types.
5 weeks ago
Home · jordansissel/fpm Wiki
fpm - Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.
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6 weeks ago
Study Shows Men Lie About Liking Hot Sauce to Appear Manlier | The Mary Sue
So in simple terms, the data showed that women generally eat things because they like them while men treat the Scoville scale as their own personal masculinity meter.
7 weeks ago
How To Install Puppet To Manage Your Server Infrastructure | DigitalOcean
Puppet, from Puppet Labs, is a configuration management tool helps system administrators automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of a server infrastructure. Planning ahead and using config management tools like Puppet can cut down on
toread  puppet 
7 weeks ago
Only One LGBTQ Person Allowed Per Team In League Of Legends Tournament
Garena, operator of League of Legends in places like Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, is hosting an all-women eSports competition. Hurrah! There's just one problem: they've put a limit on the number of LGBTQ people allowed per team because they might offer an "unfair advantage."
leagueoflegends  lgbt  wtf 
7 weeks ago
Ashe Vernon | Words Dance Publishing
So when you go looking to make a plaything
of a sunburst,
you better look for someone with less fire
than me.
Because softness or no,
I will eat you alive
before I let you make a meal of me.
9 weeks ago
tim | Holding our heroes accountable
Our analyses need to be complex enough for us to condemn the misogynist terror campaign that targets every woman who dares to speak in public, without making the victims of these campaigns into unimpeachable heroes, beyond criticism.

Because when you hold somebody up as a person who can do no wrong, you're dehumanizing them, just as much as those who cast feminist women as evil misandrist sluts do. Part of being human is the capacity to do wrong; to hurt other people; to hurt other people a lot. The part we get a choice about is how we deal with it when it happens.
9 weeks ago
Blumenkranz - Kill la Kill Wiki
Ich möchte stärker werden
weil unsere Welt sehr grausam ist
Es ist ratsam, welke blumen zu entfernen
lyrics  klk 
9 weeks ago
What it was like to co-found Model View Culture with Shanley Kane
I felt abused to the point where I left a company that I loved and had been my dream. Then she erased me from Model View Culture’s history, another classic abuser tactic. These were things that I experienced.
9 weeks ago
Internet freedom and the EFF’s anti-harassment statement | Geek Feminism Blog
The internet is designed by and for straight, white, cis dudes. If you look at any of the startups currently vying for your valuable time and attention, you will see numbers of far, far more men than women and almost every single one of them will be white. The higher up you go, the whiter and more male it gets. If you follow the money that’s funding these ventures, you’ll notice a lot of them bear a striking resemblance to each other and also to a tall glass of milk.
eff  harassment 
10 weeks ago
Actress Caitlin Stasey outs Herself
“I know it troubles people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner,” she accepts.

“I think they gather that it trivialises the plight of the LGBTQIA community, and although that couldn’t be further from the truth at this point in my life I’m trying to steer as far from labelling as possible.

“Compartmentalising myself only leads to condemnation and contradiction. I’m happier being fluid and I’m happier being honest.”
lesbianism  queer 
10 weeks ago
On Nerd Entitlement
till punished every day by men who believe that I do not deserve my work as a writer and scholar. Some escape it's turned out to be.
culture  feminism  toread 
december 2014
Overgrowth | George Monbiot
If we cannot bear to see what we eat, it’s not the seeing that’s wrong, it’s the eating.
via:Ibutsu  vegetarian 
december 2014
Christmas. — Brocklesnitch
And that’s what all of this is about. I want us to be able to talk about this, without shame or fear. I want to be able to share stories of the lives of people who brought so much to our lives, without how they died somehow making us hesitant to do that. I don’t want the memory of them to be hidden away because of how they died. I don’t want the stigma of suicide to stop those who are still here, and despairing, asking for or receiving support. I don’t want us to hide from mental illness anymore; I want us to treat it like any other. I want us to look out for the symptoms, I want those suffering the symptoms to be able to tell us. I want people to be able to express that they are desperate, that they are thinking about the most extreme of options, to people who can help them.
suicide  remembrance 
december 2014
Stanford’s Women Won Just a Sliver of Silicon Valley - NYTimes.com
PayPal had a hard time hiring women, Max Levchin, another co-founder, later told a class at Stanford, “because PayPal was just a bunch of nerds! They never talked to women. So how were they supposed to interact with and hire them?”

“The notion that diversity in an early team is important or good is completely wrong,” he added. “The more diverse the early group, the harder it is for people to find common ground.”
december 2014
An anarchist guide to Christmas | openDemocracy
It was important, nonetheless, to detach the ethic that Christmas supported from the singularity of its celebration. Having a party was just that: extending the principle of mutual aid and compassion into everyday life was something else. In capitalist society, Christmas provided a space for special good behaviours. While it might be possible to be a Christian once a year, anarchism was for life.
anarchism  christmas  via:Ibutsu 
december 2014
The Left Can Win | Jacobin
And when he said “bread and peace,” which is what everyone wanted — for the war to be over and to have enough to eat — many Russians who had no idea whether they were “left” or “right,” but did know that they were hungry, they said: “The bald guy is right.” And the bald guy did very well. He didn’t talk to the Russians about “dialectical materialism,” he talked to them about “bread and peace.” And that is one of the main lessons of the twentieth century.
leftism  activism 
december 2014
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