I quit the tech industry / fuzzy notepad
I stay up hours later than I mean to, not even doing anything, just trying to put off sleeping — because the next thing I experience will be waking up and going back to work.
23 days ago
codersnotes / A Constructive Look At TempleOS
If GNU is the cathedral, and Linux is the bazaar, perhaps there is a place for the temple somewhere too.

templeos  losethos 
23 days ago
Eulogy for youth
That first taste of euphoria—those indefinable transcendent moments that begin on the cusp of adulthood and chase us into our twenties—is a drug of its own. An elusive, essentially transient glimpse at what could anchor our world—the promise of fantastic possibility with no instruction of how to make that real, no map for the grunt work to follow.
24 days ago
I didn't like shooting games. Then I fell in love with Splatoon - Boing Boing
The premise is as simple as it is weird: You're a kid, but you're also a squid
splatoon  via:Ibutsu 
27 days ago
Ursula K. Le Guin Calls On Sci Fi and Fantasy Writers to Envision Alternatives to Capitalism by Araz Hachadourian — YES! Magazine
“We live in capitalism,” said Le Guin, “Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.” It’s up to authors, she explains in the video below, to spark the imagination of their readers and to help them envision alternatives to how we live.
toread  ursulaleguin  CAPITALISM 
28 days ago
Magic Saved My Life
Happiness is about relationships, and relationships are about accomplishing things with other people. I was once too broken to have real relationships, but Magic fixed me. The whole idea is reductive, but there's a lot of truth to the sentiment.
mtg  suicide  mentalhealth  via:Ibutsu 
28 days ago
I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free - xoJane
In the past, excuse me was usually a whisper that left my body while I prepared to make myself smaller. In the new excuse me, there is no grinding my teeth while juggling four bags, no passive discomfort while dreaming of the alternate universe where I advocate for the space I deserve.
4 weeks ago
Juggernaut Kog’Maw: Baiting with the ADC
An in-depth look at one of the most popular strategies of Season 5. With lots of cute pictures.

The presentation of this article is amazing.
4 weeks ago
Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion / Headscratchers - TV Tropes
Yes, what she did was wrong, but what was the alternative? Letting Kyubey and his people eventually control the Law of Cycles and bring back the Witches, thus enslaving or destroying Madoka and consuming the souls of countless others until someone else manages to find a way to change the rules, which won't matter because the Incubators will already have the means and knowledge to control God. Yes, Madoka is in a gilded cage and that is Homura's fault, but that's why it's called Rebellion and not For the Evulz.
6 weeks ago
Don't play the victim blame game with family violence
There have been 36 women who have been killed violently in Australia since the start of this year. We are counting.
theage  violence  women  dv 
7 weeks ago
On the Clock, Part 2 : How to Play Faster, by Zvi Mowshowitz at StarCityGames.com!
Don't forget lunch. It's good to eat lunch, and the faster you play the more likely you'll have at least one round where you have enough time to go get some. Let's hear it for lunch.
8 weeks ago
Installing PHP Mailparse - Cerb Wiki
sudo apt-get install php5-gd php5-imap php-pear php5-dev make php5-mcrypt
php  mailparse 
9 weeks ago
Kate Heddleston
In other words, the most marginalized groups have the most weapons that can be used against them in a combative environment.
aggression  feminism  tech  techculture  broculture 
10 weeks ago
These 10 ‘Acceptable’ Trans Narratives Are Actually Holding Us Back — Everyday Feminism
In the end, it’s ironic that many transgender people spend their lives pursuing an authentic existence, only to dive right back into new closets.
transgender  narrative 
11 weeks ago
Rurutia - Sanctuary
lyrics  rurutia 
11 weeks ago
It’s OK for your open source library to be a bit shitty | David R. MacIver
There is no obligation to free labour. Every hour you put in working on your project for free is a gift to the world. If the world comes back to you and says “You are a bad person for not supporting this thing I need you to support” then fuck them.
opensource  via:mistydemeo 
12 weeks ago
Hidden backdoor API to root privileges in Apple OS X |
TL;DR The Admin framework in Apple OS X contains a hidden backdoor API to root privileges. It’s been there for several years (at least since 2011), I found it in October 2014 and it can be exploited to escalate privileges to root from any user account in the system. The intention was probably to serve…
osx  security 
12 weeks ago
Ultimate Chickpea Noodle Soup Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
4 cups water or a mild vegetable stock
2 cups pre-soaked ceci beans (also known as chickpeas or garbanzo beans)
6 ounces fresh or dried pappardelle

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
recipes  italian 
12 weeks ago
Being transgender in a transphobic society leads to moments of sheer desperation | Meredith Talusan | Comment is free | The Guardian
[tw] When nearly half of trans people attempt suicide, addressing individual mental health concerns isn’t enough; we have to fix the transphobia that affects so many aspects of our daily lives. Blake Brockington, who had come out as trans and apparently killed himself last week, once carved the words “Hate Kills” into his arm in a moment of desperation as his sister and other family members tormented him for being trans, which he recalled in a documentary. “Fix society”, wrote transgender teen Leelah Alcorn last year, just before she ended her life.
suicide  trans  transphobia 
april 2015
What 'Passing' Says About Our Expectations of Women - And Why This Trans Woman's Getting It Wrong on Purpose — Everyday Feminism
I will never do woman right, so I’m getting it wrong on purpose.

I’m not covering up my garters anymore.

The gloves would come off if I ever wore gloves; you told me women like me didn’t belong in the nail salon so I learned to do them myself and they always look too nice to cover in scratchy wool bodybags.

You can jeer and sneer at the little black bands bracing my legs against the rolling tide of cisheteronormativity — but I’m not falling for it.
genderqueer  nonbinary  gender  binary  trans  passing 
april 2015
Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated
“You got it! Clever girl!” Accolades I would prefer to ‘clever girl’ include: ‘inexorable agent of destruction'; ‘unknowable one'; ‘king’s champion.’ Also acceptable: ‘Gov’nor’ pronounced in a Cockney accent.
sexism  humour 
april 2015
Why I am Against Autism Speaks (and you should be, too) | The Caffeinated Autistic
Edit 6/20/14 I have updated this and created a new and hopefully better sourced and easier to read document.  Please go here: https://thecaffeinatedautistic.wordpress.com/new-autism-speaks-masterpost-updated-62014/ (TW: Ableism) Autism Speaks is the most well-known autism charity.  They have the most media coverage and are endorsed by many celebrities, but this certainly does not make them a good organization.…
april 2015
Dan McKinley :: Choose Boring Technology
But somehow when we're talking about Python and Scala or MySQL and Redis people lose their minds, discard all constraints, and start raving about using the best tool for the job
technology  architecture  management 
april 2015
Thirteen Rules — Mammon Machine: ZEAL — Medium
Cults are supremely uninterested in the details of their belief systems. They’re engineered for market niche appeal mostly, kinda like social games. Nobody’s like, let’s start a friendly, personal cult. Nobody wants to start a cult like Bokononism or something and get everyone in on a utopian-aspirational joke. That is beautiful. Sometimes fiction is cooler than real life.

There’s a different kind of truth at stake. My parents have kinda been Well Whatever when it comes to what I believe in, as long as I am thinking about it. There’s a function provided by things that aren’t real but are still truer than the truth.

Rules are real even when they’re fake. It can be real if you write it deeply enough in your brain. I don’t mentally intone weird prayers, but I do recite my new name so that it will become more real. I’m living my life right now under rules I never thought I could dare to believe in two years ago. So that’s pretty cool. I am making my body and indentity real because folx showed me the way. It’s impossible to imagine being trans or whatever under the rules you learn as a kid in your not-technically-a-cult high school or laconic midwestern village. The physical laws of the universe aren’t different elsewhere, but the rules of the culture and the place are so different in Olympia it feels like another planet.
religion  worldbuilding  via:insomnius  trans 
march 2015
Israel must end its 50-year occupation of Palestine, the White House says - Middle East - World - The Independent
In a speech on Monday, the White House chief of staff Denis McDonough called into question the Israeli government’s commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict.

“Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,” he told a meeting of liberal American pro-Israel lobbyists, J-Street. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”
israel  palestine  usa 
march 2015
Back From Nature: I Gave My Child Autism
I am one of many people who, today, would likely be diagnosed with autism, although during the 1990s, the diagnosis was almost exclusively reserved for children who were nonverbal. Children like me were given other diagnoses. Sometimes they fit; sometimes they didn’t. But the pattern that set me apart from the norm was there-- and was undoubtedly similar to my daughter's.
march 2015
Masa Vukotic had the right to be in a park alone. Victoria police must apologise for saying she didn't | Melissa Davey | Comment is free | The Guardian
“And no, it isn’t the victim’s fault they were killed – of course it wasn’t. But in reality these crimes do take place and women are predominantly the victims of these crimes.”

No Fontana. The reality is the perpetrators of these crimes are overwhelmingly men. The reality is women are killed every day, in their own homes, in the streets, by their family members, partners, ex-partners and total strangers.
women  violence 
march 2015
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