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Designing the Perfect Elasticsearch Cluster: the (almost) Definitive Guide
"Cluster design is an overlooked part of running Elasticsearch. Offical documentation and blog posts focus on the magic of deploying a cluster in a giffy, while the first problem people face when deploying in production is memory management issues, aka garbage collection madness. This guide answers most questions I was asked, and summarises everything you should know about designing the perfect Elasticsearch cluster."
elasticsearch  cluster 
august 2018 by anl
GitHub - joyent/manatee-state-machine: design ideas for manatee
"Manatee is a component of Joyent's SmartDataCenter and Manta projects.

This repo contains design docs and implementation pieces for the state machine guts of Manatee version 2."
postgres  joyent  manatee  manta  replication  cluster  distributed  zookeeper 
july 2017 by anl
manatee/ at master · joyent/manatee · GitHub
"Welcome to the Manatee guide. This guide is intended to give you a quick introduction to Manatee, and to help you setup your own instance of Manatee."
postgres  joyent  manatee  manta  replication  cluster  distributed  zookeeper 
july 2017 by anl
GitHub - sorintlab/stolon: PostgreSQL cloud native High Availability and more.
stolon is a cloud native PostgreSQL manager for PostgreSQL high availability. It's cloud native because it'll let you keep an high available PostgreSQL inside your containers (kubernetes integration) but also on every other kind of infrastructure (cloud IaaS, old style infrastructures etc...)
postgres  postgresql  ha  cluster  replication  kubernetes  container  etcd  consul 
june 2017 by anl
Nomad by HashiCorp
"A Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler"
nomad  hashicorp  scheduler  deployment  cluster 
october 2015 by anl
Configuring Redis High Availability | Symantec Connect
"This article describes how to configure active-passive high availability(HA) for a group of Redis instances."
redis  sentinel  ha  cluster 
august 2014 by anl
GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes · GitHub
"Kubernetes is an open source implementation of container cluster management."
cloud  cluster  docker  google  container  containers  kubernetes 
august 2014 by anl
Norbert | LinkedIn Data Team
"Norbert is a library that provides easy cluster management and workload distribution. With Norbert, you can quickly distribute a simple client/server architecture to create a highly scalable architecture capable of handling heavy traffic."
cluster  norbert  zookeeper  netty 
may 2013 by anl
Accord: A high-performance coordination service for write-intensive workloads
"Accord is a high-performance coordination service like Apache ZooKeeper that uses Corosync Cluster Engine as a total-order messaging infrastructure. It features:

Accord is a distributed, transactional, and fully-replicated (No SPoF) Key-Value Store with strong consistency.
Accord can be scale-out up to tens of nodes.
Accord servers can handle tens of thousands of clients.
Any clients can issue I/O requests, and any servers can accept and process I/O requests.
The changes for a write request from a client can be notified to the other clients.
Accord detects events of client's joining/leaving, and notifies joined/left client information to the other clients.
The difference between Accord and ZooKeeper is:

Accord focuses on write-intensive workloads unlike ZooKeeper. ZooKeeper forwards all write requests to a master server. It can be bottleneck in write-intensive workloads. The below benchmark demonstrates that the write-operation throughput of Accord is much higher than one of ZooKeeper (up to 18 times better throughput at persistent mode, and up to 20 times better throughput at in-memory mode).
More flexible transactions are supported. Not only write, del operations, cmp, copy, but also read operations are supported in transaction operations.
In-memory mode and persistent mode supported.
Message size is unbounded, and partial update is supported."
accord  zookeeper  synchronization  cluster  naming  coordination 
april 2013 by anl
Spark | Lightning-Fast Cluster Computing
"Spark is an open source cluster computing system that aims to make data analytics fast — both fast to run and fast to write.

To run programs faster, Spark provides primitives for in-memory cluster computing: your job can load data into memory and query it repeatedly much quicker than with disk-based systems like Hadoop MapReduce.

To make programming faster, Spark provides clean, concise APIs in Scala, Java and Python. You can also use Spark interactively from the Scala and Python shells to rapidly query big datasets."
spark  cluster  hadoop  scala  java  python 
march 2013 by anl
"Pallet is platform for agile and programmatic automation of infrastructure in the cloud, on server racks or directly on virtual machines. Pallet provides cloud provider and operating system independence, and allows for an unprecedented level of customization."
cluster  provisioning  cloud  devops  sysadmin 
february 2013 by anl

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