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Angels fucking wept and Stiles got nervous.

The only reason a guy who looked like this and drove a car like this would be picking up a scrawny underage hooker was because he wanted to do to Stiles the sorts of things you couldn't ask a girlfriend or boyfriend for, or even a stranger in a bar. Nasty-bad wrong things. Things that only money handed over could make better, silence bought and paid for.

Or maybe a dead hooker in a ditch who couldn't talk, no need to pay for the silence.

But Stiles had his own methods for making sure that didn't happen.

Stiles is a vampire. Derek's still the Alpha. And there's knotting.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  character:teenwolf:stilesstilinski  character:teenwolf:derekhale  rating:nc-17  wordcount:15k-20k  trope:kink  genre:au  genre:dark  kink:knotting  trope:vampires  trope:sexworkers 
july 2015 by anka_kay
Vampires, man. Not to be trusted
Stiles appreciates Derek worrying about him being overwhelmed but he really could have used a few overenthusiastic werewolves and impatient humans for his homecoming. He’s felt disconnected because of his forced isolation and would have at least liked to have had Scott on his doorstep when he got there.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  character:teenwolf:stilesstilinski  character:teenwolf:derekhale  character:teenwolf:scottmccall  character:teenwolf:sheriffstilinski  character:teenwolf:pack  rating:pg-13  wordcount:5k-10k  author:kellifer-fic  genre:humour  genre:romance  trope:vampires  trope:teenwolf:magic!Stiles  setting:future!fic  relationship:first-time  friendship:stiles+scott  ***** 
january 2014 by anka_kay
It would be awesome if there were some way to get her to lay off on the topic, to be able to say “hey, look Gran, I’m not a total failure at human contact!” Ha, the easiest thing to do would be to find someone for just the next few weeks, but it’s not like you can just walk up to someone and -


The one where Stiles's grandmother comes to town, Danny agrees to be Stiles's fake boyfriend, Scott is annoyingly insightful, and there are vampires.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:stiles/danny  character:teenwolf:stilesstilinski  character:teenwolf:derekhale  character:teenwolf:scottmccall  character:teenwolf:dannymahealani  character:teenwolf:sheriffstilinski  trope:vampires  rating:pg-13  wordcount:15k-20k  trope:pretend-relationship  genre:hurt/comfort  relationship:first-time  trope:banter  genre:humour 
december 2012 by anka_kay
The Healer
Kris is a demon/vampire-type character, hunted by slayers wherever he goes. Adam is a mystic who specializes in the art of healing. Kris abducts Adam and drags him all over the country, using him as a hostage to keep the slayers back. After several months he's fatally wounded(maybe by another demon/vampire or a random human, but not by the slayers) and Adam takes pity on him and uses his abilities to save his life. This contradicts everything Kris has come to know about humans (they're weak, cowardly, ect.) and forces him to rethink his entire life. You decide where to go from there.
pairing:adam/kris  fandom:adamlambert  rating:r  wordcount:5k-10k  character:rpf:adamlambert  character:rpf:krisallen  trope:vampires  genre:hurt/comfort  trope:kidnapping  relationship:first-time  genre:fantasy 
september 2011 by anka_kay

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