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Unscripted (Three Times . . .)
1. They're kids, and it's the first serious decision they've ever had to make, and they're not making it well. 2. In college they have crazy roommates and maybe it's not second thoughts, for all Kurt knows Blaine's having eighteenth thoughts. 3. Maybe Kurt's a better actor than Blaine ever knew. 4. Why fight the inevitable?
fandom:glee  rating:r  pairing:kurt/blaine  author:rainjoys  trope:angst  trope:proposal/wedding  *****  wordcount:20k-50k  character:glee:blaineanderson  character:glee:finnhudson  character:glee:kurthummel  trope:sweet  genre:five-things  setting:future!fic  relationship:established 
september 2011 by anka_kay

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