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Eid Ul Fitr ki Sunnate Aur Ahkam | ईद उल फ़ित्र की सुन्नतें और अहकाम
If you are looking for Sunnah of Eid Ul Fitr mean Ramzan then this video is for you. People want to know Eid Ul Fitr ki Sunnatain and sometimes they get confused. We have created Ramzan ki Sunnate video which will help you to follow Eid Ul Fitr Namaz process. While going to Namaz you should chant Eid Ul Takbeer which is Takbeer before Namaz.
Eid  Ul  Fitr  ईद  उल  फ़ित्र  की  सुन्नतें  और  अहकाम  ki  Sunnate 
june 2019 by aniskhan

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