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The Many Ways to Link Up Shapes and Images with HTML and CSS
Tools to handle clicks on oddly-shaped regions on web pages.
webdev  clicks  svg  tips  imagemaps 
5 hours ago by angusm
Toucaan—Rethinking CSS Frameworks
Discussion of the principles behind the toucaan CSS framework.
toucaan  css  frameworks  webdev 
5 days ago by angusm
Simple Scroll Snapping Carousel (Flexbox Layout / Grid Layout)
Two carousel layouts that snap to the grid, using either CSS Grid or Flexbox.
carousels  css  cssgrid  flexbox  webdev  examples 
5 days ago by angusm
How to read a Web Page Test waterfall chart
Introduction to reading a waterfall chart in browser tools.
performance  webdev  browsers 
5 days ago by angusm
How To Code in JavaScript
Digital Ocean tutorial on Javascript.
javascript  webdev  tutorials 
5 days ago by angusm
Eloquent JavaScript
Online ebook about Javascript, readable online or for sale as an ebook.
ebooks  books  javascript  programming  webdev 
5 days ago by angusm
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
Introduction to modern Javascript features.
javascript  tutorials  programming  webdev  intros 
5 days ago by angusm
Using GitHub Template Repos to Jump-Start Static Site Projects | CSS-Tricks
How to use Github template repositories for project initialization.
github  templates  webdev 
12 days ago by angusm
Building a Scrapbook Layout with CSS Grid
Example of building a scrapbook-style layout using CSS Grid.
scrapbooks  layouts  webdev  css  cssgrid  tutorials  examples 
12 days ago by angusm
Adaptive Photo Layout with Flexbox
An ingenious masonry-style layout using Flexbox.
flexbox  sss  galleries  webdev  examples  masonry 
12 days ago by angusm
A Modern CSS Reset
A useful modern CSS Reset stylesheet.
css  reset  bestpractices  webdev 
12 days ago by angusm
From Facebook, images and Sketch files of popular devices.
icons  webdev  sketch  graphics  webdesign 
12 days ago by angusm
Designing a focus style
Tips and examples for designing a focus style for web pages.
focus  css  webdev  bestpractices  tips  accessibility 
12 days ago by angusm
The perfect responsive menu
An accessible responsive menu using CSS and Javascript.
css  webdev  menus  hamburger  responsive  aria 
19 days ago by angusm
CSS Grid: illustrated introduction
An illustrated introduction to CSS Grid.
css  cssgrid  webdev  intros 
19 days ago by angusm
QRCode generator written in Javascript, with no dependencies.
qrcode  javascript  webdev  libraries  utilities 
19 days ago by angusm
Using the DOM like a Pro
Tips and examples for manipulating the DOM without jQuery.
jquery  dom  javascript  tutorials  webdev 
26 days ago by angusm
So, What the Heck is GraphQL?
An introduction to using GraphQL.
graphql  intros  webdev 
27 days ago by angusm
GitHub - taniarascia/webpack-boilerplate: A sensible Webpack 4 boilerplate.
Minimal Webpack 4 boilerplate with Babel, Sass, ESLint, Hot Module Replacement, and development/production optimization
webpack  boilerplate  sass  webdev 
5 weeks ago by angusm
Offline listings
Using a PWA to show a list of available visited pages when offline.
pwas  offline  webdev 
5 weeks ago by angusm
Gradient Magic
A gallery of CSS gradients.
gradients  webdev  css 
6 weeks ago by angusm
Accessible Components
A collection of components that meet the requirements of accessibility.
accessibility  webdev  components  bestpractices 
6 weeks ago by angusm
Online image-compression tool.
compression  images  webdev  tools 
6 weeks ago by angusm
Fast static-site generator written in C++.
nift  staticsitegenerators  webdev 
7 weeks ago by angusm
jQuery-vanilla cheatsheet
Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript
cheatsheets  jquery  javascript  webdev 
8 weeks ago by angusm
Tool that claims to 'turn any website into an API'.
apis  webdev 
8 weeks ago by angusm
Introduction to Svelte
An introduction to the Svelte Javascript library
svelte  javascript  intros  tutorials  webdev 
9 weeks ago by angusm
Use Animations
A micro-animations library
animations  icons  webdev  free 
10 weeks ago by angusm
How to add Flexbox fallback to CSS Grid
Tips and example of writing a Flexbox fallback for a CSS Grid layout.
css  cssgrid  flexbox  webdev  mediaqueries  supports 
10 weeks ago by angusm
Understand the JavaScript SEO basics
Notes with video on how Googlebot indexes Javascript sites.
seo  googlebot  webdev  javascript 
11 weeks ago by angusm
Full-featured Javascript lightbox gallery. Free for non-commercial use. No dependencies.
javascript  gallery  lightbox  plugins  webdev 
11 weeks ago by angusm
Form design: from zero to hero
Blog post summarizing form design best practices.
forms  webdev  bestpractices  tips 
11 weeks ago by angusm
Gradient Generator
Tool for simply generating gradients
gradients  css  webdev  tools 
july 2019 by angusm
Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS
How to optimize semantic tables using CSS, so as to avoid creating tables using divs.
tables  css  responsivewebdesign  tutorials  howtos  webdev 
july 2019 by angusm
Internet Explorer + CSS Grid
Video by Jen Simmons on using CSS Grid with IE11
ie11  css  cssgrid  videos  compatibility  fallbacks  webdev 
july 2019 by angusm
Free Charting Library
A charting library for financial charting from Trading View
libraries  charts  webdev  graphs  charting  free 
july 2019 by angusm
The Front-End Checklist
Detailed front-end checklist for web developers
webdev  checklists  bestpractices 
july 2019 by angusm
Description of a 'now' page, a page on a website that gives an update on what the owner is doing now.
webdev  bestpractices  nowpages  aboutpages 
june 2019 by angusm
An Introduction to D3.js
An introduction to the D3.js library.
d3js  tutorials  intros  webdev  howtos  visualization 
june 2019 by angusm
Intro to VuePress 1.x
An introduction to the VueJS-based static website generator VuePress.
vuepress  staticsitegenerators  intros  webdev  vuejs 
june 2019 by angusm
Micro Frontends
Extensive article about micro-frontends
microservices  frontends  microfrontends  webdev  components 
june 2019 by angusm
Every Layout
Through a series of simple, composable layouts, Every Layout will teach you how to better harness the built-in algorithms that power browsers and CSS.
css  layouts  webdev  resources  webdesign  bestpractices 
june 2019 by angusm
Hylia Starter Kit
A simple starter kit for Eleventy
eleventy  blogs  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Simpler static site generator.
staticsitegenerators  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Handy dark mode implementation in vanilla Javascript.
darkmode  javascript  webdev  libraries  css 
june 2019 by angusm
How to Use the Web Share API
Introduction to the Web Share API.
webdev  apis  sharing 
june 2019 by angusm
TIL (Today I learned)
A collection of useful design tips
css  tips  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Gatsby site search with Lunr.js
An example of using the Lunr.js search engine to add search to a static site built with Gatsby.
lunrjs  search  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Lightweight in-browser search engine. Solr replacement for small applications.
lunr  search  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Vue.js And SEO:
Tips on how to optimize reactive websites for search engines and bots
seo  vuejs  tips  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Highly performant, light ~1kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies
lazyloading  webdev  javascript 
june 2019 by angusm
Easy-to-use open-source charting library.
webdev  charts  visualization  javascript  libraries  opensource 
june 2019 by angusm
Frappe Charts
Simple and modern SVG charts for the web with zero dependencies.
charts  webdev  svg  libraries 
june 2019 by angusm
Orion Icon Library
Free SVG icons for websites
icons  libraries  webdev  svg 
june 2019 by angusm
A blazingly fast, crazy small, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, dependency free, native scrolling list with paging controls!
sliders  carousels  webdev  libraries 
june 2019 by angusm
Swup - complete, flexible, extensible and easy to use page transition library.
Complete, flexible, extensible and easy to use page transition library for your web.
animation  webdev  libraries  transitions 
june 2019 by angusm
Easy File Uploading With JavaScript
filepond  uploads  javascript  tools  libraries  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
Sapper is a framework for building web applications of all sizes, with flexible filesystem-based routing.
webapps  scaffolding  opensource  sapper  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
CSS framework for a hand-drawn, paper-like look.
papercss  css  frameworks  webdev 
june 2019 by angusm
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