CSS-Only Carousel
A Javascript-free carousel.
css  webdev  carousels 
2 days ago
Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers.
tools  webdev  css  converters 
2 days ago
Matomo: #1 Secure Open Web Analytics Platform
Web analytics platform with free self-hosted version, alternative to Google Analytics.
analytics  free  opensource  webdev 
2 days ago
NASA - The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation
Essay on the rocket equation and the difficulty of attaining escape velocity.
space-travel  rocketry  physics  rocket-equation 
4 days ago
Open source formats, protocols, and software for modeling, storing, searching, sharing and synchronizing data in the post-PC era.
formats  backup  opensource  cloud 
10 days ago
Top 10 Python libraries of 2019 you should know about
A set of useful Python libraries, including HTTPX, FastAPI and Starlette.
apis  http  python  libraries  programming 
11 days ago
DDD/Clean Architecture inspired boilerplate for Node web APIs. Uses Express, Sequelize, pm2
boilerplate  nodejs  apis  webdev 
11 days ago
Free videos and resources for 3D.
resources  videos  tutorials  3dgraphics  blender 
12 days ago
Python Tips and Trick, You Haven't Already Seen
A few handy Python snippets, including recipes for making objects that support 'with'
tips  python  programming 
22 days ago
Go Reading List
A useful reading list for Go developers.
golang  resources  books  programming 
22 days ago
How to Overlap Images in CSS
Tips on how to overlap images without using absolute positioning.
css  images  overlaps  cssgrid  howtos  webdev 
4 weeks ago
Beautiful Scrolling Experiences – Without Libraries
Examples of scrolling control without the need to use Javascript libraries.
css  animation  scrolling  webdev  examples 
5 weeks ago
7 Uses for CSS Custom Properties
Some useful examples of CSS properties in use.
css  properties  webdev  examples 
5 weeks ago
HEAD - A guide to <head> elements
Detailed list of elements that can appear in the head of a document.
head  html  webdev  metadata 
6 weeks ago
Generate diagrams based on a simple text language.
flowcharts  graphs  graphics  diagrams  visualization  tools 
6 weeks ago
CSS Layout
Extensive collection of CSS layout patterns.
css  webdev  libraries  layouts  examples  patterns 
6 weeks ago
30 Seconds of Code
A curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
javascript  snippets  examples  webdev 
6 weeks ago
Form Validation with Vuetify in a Vue App
Article on how to do form validation using Vuetify
validation  vuetify  vuejs  webdev  articles  tutorials 
6 weeks ago
Is Net Zero Emissions an Impossible Goal?
Article about the difficulty of reaching net-zero carbon emissions.
carbon  environment  climatechange 
6 weeks ago
webhook is a lightweight incoming webhook server to run shell commands.
golang  webhooks  webdev  servers 
6 weeks ago
Cropping Images to a specific Aspect Ratio with JavaScript
Sample code showing how to crop an image to a specific aspect ratio using Javascript.
javascript  examples  tutorials  images  cropping  webdev  canvas 
7 weeks ago
Print To CSS
Examples of creating print-based layouts to the web.
layouts  webdesign  webdev  cssgrid  grids  css  examples 
7 weeks ago
Take Five | Gymnasium
5-minute video tutorials on assorted skills related to web development and design.
webdev  webdesign  tutorials  videos 
7 weeks ago
Blending Modes in CSS
Introduction to blending modes in CSS.
css  blending  blendingmodes  webdesign  webdev 
7 weeks ago
Cube.js | Open Source Analytics Framework
A complete open source analytics solution: visualization agnostic frontend SDKs and API backed by analytical server infrastructure.
analytics  dashboards  webdev 
7 weeks ago
Cube.js Templates
Template system for creating analytics dashboards using the cube.js back-end.
analytics  dashboards  templates  webdev  data  cubejs 
7 weeks ago
Design System Playground
Interactive tool for playing around with fonts and colors.
webdesign  generators  tools  fonts  colors  palettes 
7 weeks ago
Python Learning Playlist
Playlist of resources for learning Python.
python  learning  programming 
7 weeks ago
My travel habits
Some useful (?) travel tips.
travel  tips 
7 weeks ago
Tool for finding broken links on a website.
tools  webdev  links 
9 weeks ago
Designing accessible color systems
Detailed blogpost on designing color systems that meet accessibility guidelines.
color  palettes  webdesign  accessibility  wcag  contrast 
9 weeks ago
How to GraphQL
A fullstack tutorial for GraphQL.
graphql  tutorials  webdev 
9 weeks ago
ER Inspector
ProPublica's guide to closest/best hospitals.
hospitals  emergency  medical  er 
10 weeks ago
Scroll Snap in CSS Instead of JavaScript
Video tutorial explaining how to use CSS scroll-snap.
scrolling  css  webdev  tips  scrollsnap 
10 weeks ago
Do This to Improve Image Loading on Your Website
Tutorial by Jen Simmons on how to avoid jank using image height and width attributes.
videos  tutorials  webdev  images  tips  bestpractices 
10 weeks ago
Become a Front-End Master in 2020 With These 10 Project Ideas
Exercises for gaining familiarity with front-end technologies
frontend  projects  webdev  css  javascript 
10 weeks ago
Lightweight, CMS-less blogging platform
blot  blogging  webdev 
10 weeks ago
CodyHouse Web Design Nuggets
A front-end framework and library of accessible HTML, CSS and Javascript components.
css  webdev  examples  libraries  resources  javascript  html 
10 weeks ago
Color Hash - Generate colors from strings
Generate a color from a string. For any given string, the color will always be the same.
colors  hashes 
10 weeks ago
Javascript framework for building interactive space visualizations.
space  javascript  astronomy  libraries  webdev 
11 weeks ago
Center for Cuban Studies
Group arranging trips to Cuba.
cuba  tourism  travel 
12 weeks ago
Implementing Dark Mode For My Website
Another description of how to implement dark mode.
darkmode  dark  css  webdev  tutorials 
12 weeks ago
USB Accelerator | Coral
Google's USB ML/AI product, can work with a Raspberry Pi.
raspberrypi  ai  tensorflow  hardware  ml 
12 weeks ago
Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS
Tips for making tables responsive using only small amounts of CSS.
css  webdev  tables  responsivewebdesign 
october 2019
How to design delightful dark themes
Guidelines for producing good dark themes for websites.
webdev  dark  webdesign  tips  darkmode 
october 2019
1 element card background patterns
Codepen demonstrating elaborate CSS-only background patterns for card elements.
cards  examples  css  patterns  webdev  webdesign 
october 2019
Finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's frontend JavaScript libraries
security  javascript  webdev 
october 2019
The Many Ways to Link Up Shapes and Images with HTML and CSS
Tools to handle clicks on oddly-shaped regions on web pages.
webdev  clicks  svg  tips  imagemaps 
october 2019
Toucaan—Rethinking CSS Frameworks
Discussion of the principles behind the toucaan CSS framework.
toucaan  css  frameworks  webdev 
october 2019
Dark mode
Discussion of implementing dark mode for a website.
darkmode  css  webdesign  howtos  examples 
october 2019
Simple Scroll Snapping Carousel (Flexbox Layout / Grid Layout)
Two carousel layouts that snap to the grid, using either CSS Grid or Flexbox.
carousels  css  cssgrid  flexbox  webdev  examples 
october 2019
How to read a Web Page Test waterfall chart
Introduction to reading a waterfall chart in browser tools.
performance  webdev  browsers 
october 2019
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