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Ties That Bind
Logan blinks like he always does when Alec lets slip some sign that he's more than just a pretty face and a smokin' hot body.
slash  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:first_time  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:flirting  Genre:pastTrauma  genre:jealousy  Genre:misunderstanding  fandom:darkangel  character:loganCale  character:alec  pairing:alec/logencale 
august 2012 by angsty_lia
Darkness Into Day
Ray visits Brad in Britain. Brad really should have known better than to introduce him to some Royal Marines.

Ray frowned. "Your country is way too fucking complicated, and you should do something about that," he said. "Also, you need to stop sweating the semantics, because it makes you sound like a petty-minded little bitch. I'm getting the next round."

A moment of silence passed before Jimmy said, "I'm not sure whether to punch him in the face or pat him on the back."

"Yeah," Brad said, "he has that effect."
slash  rating:nc-17  fandom:generationkill  character:ray  character:brad  pairing:bradcolbert/rayperson  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:jealousy 
june 2012 by angsty_lia
Phil Coulson, Office Heartthrob
Every office has a 'cute guy from Marketing with a great ass' that everyone wants to sleep with. Among the junior agents at SHIELD, that person is Phil Coulson. Clint would find it hilarious, but he just wants people to stop throwing themselves at his boyfriend
slash  author:noelia_g  fandom:avengers  character:ClintBarton  character:PhilCoulson  pairing:clintbarton/philcoulson  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:jealousy  clueless!phil 
may 2012 by angsty_lia
17 Muscles
Written for this prompt, and now here in full! Dustin and Mark bet each other that they can make Eduardo smile more in a month, which leads to jealousy, drunken shenanigans, and far too much fluff.
slash  fandom:thesocialnetwork  tsn:harvard  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:cute  genre:flirting  pairing:mark/eduardo  character:mark  character:eduardo  genre:jealousy 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
extrait: 1
Planning the budget for a fucking dinosaur park is a nightmare. Eduardo spends weeks alternately poring over lists and list and spreadsheets and memos and order sheets, and then dramatically groaning and screaming into his hands, breaking only to continue noting down outrageous figures in his scratchy handwriting. It’s never “two bales of hay”, oh no, it’s always “12000”, or fucking “1000000” next to listings like “herbivore feed” and “hormone replacement for carnivorous embryos” and what the fuck, Chris?

extrait 2:
“Do you prefer the compy?” Mark asks, incongruously. “They were good starters, but I’ve programmed a number of superior species since their initial synthesis. There should be a few good hatchlings today.”

“Uh, I’ve never actually met any of the others,” Eduardo admits. “Dustin would come and tell me about them, and I saw the progress reports, but I never...” He trails off, uncomfortable under Mark’s incredulous stare.

“I thought you liked dinosaurs.” Mark says.

“I do! I mean, I really liked the idea of dinosaurs.” Eduardo says defensively. Myrtle chirps, done with her cricket. Eduardo absently rests his free hand over her, and she nuzzles it, settling into the loose folds of his sleeve.

“The idea of dinosaurs,” Mark repeats.

Eduardo wishes he could kick himself without waking Myrtle. “What I mean is...your idea was amazing. I believed in it. I believed in you.”
fandom:thesocialnetwork  slash  character:mark  character:eduardo  pairing:mark/eduardo  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:pinning  genre:jealousy  kid!fic  clueless!eduardo  rating:nc-17  genre:first_time  character:chris  character:seanparker  character:dustin 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
It's not a Bug - it's a Feature
“If my name were Vista – would let me crash at your place tonight?” Somewhere in the midst of Twizzlers, coding sprees, smoking weed, non-disclosure agreements and surviving life after the depositions Mark and Dustin start to become friends with more than benefits. No strings attached of course, because Mark doesn't do relationships. But when Wardo comes back into his life, things start to get complicated ... and seriously? There are too many feelings.

note: Or " Mark doesn't realize the obvious aka he's in relationship with Dustin."
slash  author:rei  character:chris  character:eduardo  character:mark  character:dustin  pairing:dustin/mark  clueless!mark  fandom:thesocialnetwork  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:first_time  genre:jealousy  genre:hurt-comfort  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:friendship 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
Whatever our souls are made of
Rory huffs. “Okay, fine. Since you’re going to have me committed to a psych ward anyway, I might as well just tell you: Edward Cullen showed up out of nowhere, and wrestled the deer away.” “He wrestled the deer,” Paris repeats flatly, after about ten seconds of silence. “He was a regular deer wrestler,” Rory confirms, grave. “And that’s not the weirdest part.” “Oh?” “Oh. He was also – sparkling.” “With virile enthusiasm?” “No, with sparkles. All over his skin. We are talking an I-just-showered-in-the-world’s-most-powerful-body-glitter situation.”
author:dollsome  character:edwardcullen  fandom:GilmoreGirls  fandom:twilight  xo:gilmoregirls/twilight  genre:crossover  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  character:Paris  character:rorygilmore  crack!fic  creature:vampire  pairing:rorygilmore/paris  pre-slash 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
perfect situation
Written for this prompt at the kink meme, wherein Mark and Dustin are both virgins and they make an ill-advised bet about who can change that first. Eduardo wants to help, okay, really Mark, he can help you out with that, but Mark’s decided to start a sexual revolution of some sort, and Chris just thinks it’s really funny.

note: ...poor wardo x3
author:oflights  slash  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:pinning  genre:jealousy  character:chris  character:dustin  character:mark  character:eduardo  pairing:mark/eduardo  kink:virgin  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  clueless!mark  au:canon  tsn:harvard  rating:nc-17  fandom:thesocialnetwork 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
Futuristic Mermaids and Other Model Behavior
A local photographer puts up a picture of Derek, Jackson, and Scott half naked on a billboard by the school for an ad. The 3 teens are instantly thrust into celebrity status with their peers. Too bad no one asked Derek, because he's pissed, and he'd do something about it if he could get a break from the chicks stalking him. So are Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Danny, who have put up enough with Scott and Jackson's annoying attitude. Don't worry, they get revenge.
slash  fandom:teenWolf  genre:pinning  genre:jealousy  character:StilesStilinski  theme:fangirls  character:dereckHale  pairing:DerekHale/StilesStilinski 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
The Mating Misadventures of Alpha-Wolf and Hyperactive Boy
"Sorry. It's just...Derek" Scott winced. He sat down on the bed, shoulders slumped. "Look. There's something going on. Uh. With him." Stiles leaned in, conspiratorial. "What?" he asked. "Did he do something? IS HE THE KILLER? No wait, we found the killer. Oh man, is he like, the killer's brother? Oh wait--" "Stiles," Scott said, cutting him off. "No. He's in heat."
slash  kink:underage  Kink:knotting  Kink:rimming  kink:watersport  kink:virgin  kink:biting  kink:marking  creature:Werewolf  creature:mate  pairing:DerekHale/StilesStilinski  character:dereckHale  character:StilesStilinski  kink:heat  fandom:teenWolf  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:smut  warning:dub-con  possessive!derekhale  genre:jealousy  rating:nc-17 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
No Big Deal
Mark is not jealous of Wardo's boyfriends, okay? He's happy for Wardo and he would never try to undermine his relationships. He has no idea how Ethan ended up on a No Fly list. Or why the FBI decided to interrogate Jake about his suspicious emails. Or who hijacked the computers at Sam's place of work so that all the screens featured a nude Sam during a frat hazing. No idea. (or: the one where denial ain't just a river in Egypt.)
slash  clueless!mark  clueless!eduardo  character:eduardo  character:mark  pairing:mark/eduardo  fandom:thesocialnetwork  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:jealousy  genre:clueless  tsn:post-deposition  theme:fix-it 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
You're A Mean One, Mr. Eames
Arthur knows something is wrong when none of his Forger friends are willing to work with him. Eames, as always, is the cause of all his headache.
clueless!arthur  fandom:inception  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  character:arthur  character:eames 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
No Vacation Goes Unpunished
Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity. Arthur plans to spend time with his sister. His sister's name? Pepper Potts. When Eames finds out where Arthur’s gone off to, he becomes highly jealous how well Arthur is getting along with none other than Tony Stark.
slash  fandom:inception  fandom:IronMan  character:TonyStark  character:arthur  character:eames  character:pepperPotts  pairing:TonyStark/PepperPotts  pairing:arthur/eames  genre:humour  genre:crossover  genre:flirting  genre:jealousy  xo:inception/ironman 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
My Normal Approach is Useless Here
Tony finds Bucky frozen in the Alps and brings him back, thinking it'll help Steve adjust to modern life if he's not alone. Unfortunately, he finds it has the side-effect of him becoming irrationally jealous.
slash  rating:nc-17  fandom:avengers  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers  character:bucky  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  pairing:steverogers/tonystarks/bucky  kink:threesome  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:jealousy 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed
tealing the contents of the Matrix from Gallifrey’s capitol is easy! And so is a desperate, naïve Theta Sigma. Depending on where you are in your personal time-line.
slash  rating:nc-17  clueless!Master  clueless!Doctor  Pairing:TheDoctor/TheMaster  theme:timetravel  kink:virgin  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  genre:pinning  genre:jealousy  fandom:doctorwho  character:thedoctor  character:theMaster 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
Untitled Rdj!holmes/BBC!John
RDJ!Holmes and BBC!John.

I keep imagining bohemian, charming RDJ!Holmes going about seducing an overwhelmed BBC!John, and eventually having his very wicked way with him.
slash  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:jealousy  genre:pinning  Genre:au!xover  theme:dimensiontravel  fandom:sherlock  Character:JohnWatson  character:sherlockholmes  Pairing:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  genre:romance 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
Once Upon a Time
In a universe with no Federation, where First Contact never happened, Jim Kirk is your average popular guy. On Christmas Eve, thanks to a series of strange events, Jim finds himself in a parallel universe where the Milky Way is under the control of an alien race and ends up as a servant in the residence of the Royal House of Vulcan. As he starts adapting to his new life, Jim's curiosity fucks everything up—but hey, Vulcans shouldn't have told him that he isn't allowed to enter this wing of the palace; Jim has never been good at following rules.

Summary 2: This is the story of how Jim Kirk became a Princess ("Prince Consort, Bones!") of the United Planets of Vulcan Kingdom.
author:littlebirdtold  slash  st_xi  genre:fantastic  genre:FairyTale  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  theme:dimensiontravel  Character:JimKirk  character:leonardMccoy  character:spock  genre:culturaldifference  prince!Spock  insecure!jimkirk  smart!jimkirk  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek  genre:infidelity 
november 2011 by angsty_lia
Two's Company; Three's a Headache of Epic Proportions
AU. Jared and Jeff are business rivals who compete in everything, including trying to win the affection of Jensen, a high class escort. Unfortunately, the only thing they're really succeeding at is driving Jensen bonkers.
slash  rating:r  kink:threesome  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  genre:hooker  au:hooker  job:ceo  job:hooker  character:jensenackles  character:JaredPadalecki  character:JeffreyDeanMorgan  pairing:jensenackles/jaredpadalecki/jeffreydeanmorgan  fandom:rps 
november 2011 by angsty_lia
The Road Less Traveled
Sherlock realises that John's dating habits involve an unacceptable level of risk... what if he meets an unusually tolerant woman and ends up getting married?
author:verityburns  fandom:sherlock  character:sherlockholmes  Character:JohnWatson  Pairing:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  rating:nc-17  genre:first_time  genre:romance  genre:pinning  genre:jealousy  genre:courtship  manipulative!sherlock  clueless!johnwatson 
october 2011 by angsty_lia
The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
In which Arthur attempts to teach his knights, his knights attempt to woo Merlin and Arthur is definitely not jealous....
fandom:merlin  character:Merlin  pairing:ArthurPendragon/Merlin  character:arthurpendragon  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  genre:romance  rating:r  theme:matchmaker 
october 2011 by angsty_lia
Having a stalker is not actually supposed to be fun. Well, maybe a little bit, because at least having one is an acknowledgement that someone out there knows that Jensen exists and cares. It's sort of flattering to have someone interested in him enough to get a little obsessive.
slash  shy!jaredpadalecki  stalker!jaredpadalecki  character:jensenackles  character:JaredPadalecki  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  fandom:rps  rating:nc-17  kink:dirtytalk  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  genre:stalker  genre:smut  genre:hot 
august 2011 by angsty_lia
Trinity verse
Dean and Castiel were neighbors since they were five years old. They went to the same schools and even spent much of their free time together. And if anyone asked who their best friend was, they both answered immediately that it’s Gabriel.
slash  fandom:supernatural  character:DeanWinchester  character:Castiel  character:Gabriel  pairing:gabriel/castiel/deanwinchester  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:jealousy  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  kid!fic  protective!Gabriel 
july 2011 by angsty_lia
Drive Me Crazy or Not Another Teen Movie Slash Fic
High School AU. Jensen loves Jared. They were each other’s whole world as kids but now Jared plays football and dates a cheerleader, while Jensen plays the guitar and dyes his hair black. Jensen loves Jared and Jared loves Jensen right back. This is the story of what happens when you fall in love with the boy next door.
Disclaimer: This never
Genre:misunderstanding  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:pinning  genre:au  emo!jensenackles  job:student  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  character:jensenackles  character:JaredPadalecki  fandom:rps  rating:nc-17  genre:first_time  kink:virgin  genre:jealousy  genre:angst  au:school/university 
june 2011 by angsty_lia
A Job for an Angel
It's time to send in an expert. Because Raphael may not be a human, but he knows exactly how they think.
Author's Notes: This story was written as part of deancastiel's Renegade Angels fic exchange for moonlettuce. The prompts used were: 1. Dean getting jealous when someone else pays attention to Castiel, and realising it's because he has feelings for him 2. Dean/Castiel from someone else's point of view and 3. Angels / Demons made them do it. Also, thisfishflies is awesome and helpful. *nods*
slash  fandom:supernatural  character:Castiel  rating:r  character:DeanWinchester  character:Raphael  creature:angel  genre:flirting  genre:jealousy  genre:romance  Pairing:Castiel/DeanWinchester  theme:matchmaker 
may 2011 by angsty_lia
 When Jared was abandoned in the woods as a baby, the local werewolf pack found and adopted him after Jensen stumbles upon him.  Although Jared wants to fit in, Jared has always been too scared to be turned as changing into a werewolf is a painful process. But when Jared finds himself attracted to the rising Alpha Jensen, Jared has a choice to make and Jensen is anything but patient.
slash  rating:nc-17  kink:biting  kink:dirtytalk  genre:au  genre:romance  creature:Werewolf  genre:supernatural  genre:jealousy  fandom:rps  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  character:JaredPadalecki  character:jensenackles  kink:d/s  au:alpha/beta!dynamic  warning:mpreg 
april 2011 by angsty_lia
Lips like Liquorish, Tongue like Candy
Summary: It wasn’t the first time that Sam wished he possessed superpowers like the X-Men Dean was so obsessed with during his comic book phase, such as the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes at annoying roommates.
slash  genre:au  fandom:supernatural  character:samWinchester  character:Castiel  character:Gabriel  pairing:SamWinchester/Gabriel  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:courtship  genre:jealousy  genre:romance  genre:clueless  au:school/university 
april 2011 by angsty_lia
deancastiel: [FIC] All Along (for ratherastory)
Dean drunk-dials Cas sometime after 5.10. Miscommunications ensue.

 "No, Cas, I do. Love you. Really. You... You and Sammy and Bobby—you're all I've got now. Jo and Ellen are gone and... I don't want to lose any of you guys, too. Cas, I love you and once the end of the world is over, we're gonna get a house together and live like normal people—the way Sammy always wanted to. Isn't that right, Sammy?" Sam could only gape like a fish when Dean turned his head around for a quick second to flash him a blinding grin. "We could get a dog, too, and you could take care of it and it'd be great." Dean's eyes were beginning to glaze over. It looked like the scotch was finally taking effect. "So, yeah, I love you." he announced, like Castiel—and Sam, for that matter—hadn't heard him the first two times. "
slash  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:jealousy  genre:cute  genre:romance  genre:humour  character:samWinchester  character:Castiel  character:DeanWinchester  Pairing:Castiel/DeanWinchester  fandom:supernatural  genre:au  genre:clueless 
april 2011 by angsty_lia
Four Arrests and a Wedding
: Written for the LOM Ficathon 2009 for my prompter the fabulous draycevixen. The prompts were: "Sam/Gene, Ray's wedding, anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Hope this is close enough to the mark, hon!
slash  pairing:SamTyler/GeneHunt  character:SamTyler  character:GeneHunt  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  genre:romance  fandom:lifeOnMars  author:nepthys_uk 
march 2011 by angsty_lia
Just Another Monday Morning
When a handsome and ambitious new DCI arrives Gene thinks he may have designs on Sam – will the threat of Sam leaving finally force Gene’s hand?
slash  fandom:lifeOnMars  genre:humour  genre:romance  genre:flirting  genre:jealousy  genre:first_time  genre:mission  Genre:misunderstanding  character:oc  character:GeneHunt  character:SamTyler  pairing:SamTyler/GeneHunt  rating:r 
march 2011 by angsty_lia
Lost and Found
This is set after LoM 2.08; and in 2006 for Jack Harkness, although it is set firmly in the LoM 1973 universe. I have taken minor liberties with Jack’s gadgets which may not fit exactly into the Torchwood/DW universe.
slash  Character:JackHarkness  character:GeneHunt  character:SamTyler  pairing:SamTyler/GeneHunt  fandom:torchwood  fandom:lifeOnMars  genre:romance  genre:jealousy  genre:flirting  genre:crossover  xo:torchwood/lifeOnMars  genre:humour  rating:r  theme:timetravel 
march 2011 by angsty_lia
Mirror!Spock comes to seduce and kidnap Kirk because the Kirk in his universe who was his bondmate has died. But Spock, who is not in a relationship with his Kirk, is not about to let that happen. Written for this prompt on the kink meme.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  mirror!verse  Pairing:mirror!Spock/mirror!JimKirk  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:jealousy  rating:r  fandom:star_trek  theme:mind-meld 
june 2010 by angsty_lia
Full Count
Still on Starbase 4, Spock tries to deal with the loneliness of losing Vulcan. Luckily, he's got Jim to help.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  protective!spock  vulcan!attitude  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:cute  genre:AlienTradition  genre:hot  genre:abuse  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
[ drifters ] -
Post apocalypse, mirror world. Featuring pirate/bandit/bounty hunter with dubious morals Kirk and serene/beautiful/cruel bottom!Spock who kills with his brain.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Bride Price
Written for this prompt on the Valentine's Day Kink Meme over at [info]issenterprise . It's time to make his intentions crystal clear, and so on this romantic occasion Sarek brings Amanda a gift--perhaps the head of the patheitc human who has also been trying to court her. Amanda just really wants to be claimed by the scary Ambassador.
genre:romance  gen!fic  genre:angst  genre:AlienTradition  genre:hot  genre:jealousy  genre:courtship  rating:nc-17  mirror!verse  pairing:Sarek/AmandaGrayson  non-slash!fic 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Spock does not consider himself a jealous man, except when it comes to himself.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  character:spockPrime  possessive!spock  genre:romance  genre:hot  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
- What Friends Are For 1A/?
: The Enterprise is due for its first ever inspection. Everyone is nervous until Kirk discovers that the inspector is an old pal of his. But the man appears to have his own agenda where Kirk's first officer is concerned.
Notes: Written for this prompt on [info]st_xi_kink .
slash  genre:angst  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Lawfully Wedded Husband
In which Jim gets married to a lot of people, to the increasing frustration of his first officer.
note: XD uhura qui veut ses affaires quand il sera mort *fufufu*
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:AlienTradition  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
In Any Universe
It's almost the end of the five-year mission, and Spock has lost his way and is thinking of returning to Vulcan. A mishap lands him in the Mirror Universe anda facing an alternate Kirk. In trying to return Spock to the right universe, both he and Kirk learn that their love is meant to be, in any universe.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_tos  mirror!verse  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
The Possessive Pronoun
Or "That Which Belongs To Me". One, simple word, burning bright in his mind as though someone had carved it there with a hot poker, wouldn't let him think about anything else. It echoed loudly in his head… not yours… "Don't touch him." He snarled.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_xi  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:cute  genre:jealousy  possessive!kirk  fandom:star_trek 
january 2010 by angsty_lia
Parted From Me And Never Parted, Touching and Never Touched
: He felt his carefully maintained control beginning to be breached by each thought that came to mind at his current predicament.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  rating:nc-17  kink:Ponfarr  possessive!spock  st_xi  genre:first_time  genre:smut  genre:jealousy  kink:d/s  fandom:star_trek  theme:ponfarr 
january 2010 by angsty_lia
Medically Speaking, You're Adorable
Jim thought it was just a one night stand until McCranky turns out to be his Professor McCoy.
slash  st_xi  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:jealousy  genre:trahison  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  fandom:star_trek 
january 2010 by angsty_lia
Scent Marking
McCoy is cornered by a diplomat at a function and made very uncomfortable. Spock is jealous.
slash  st_tos  Pairing:Spock/Mccoy  genre:romance  genre:jealousy  genre:courtship  protective!spock  kink:vulcan!kiss  fandom:star_trek 
january 2010 by angsty_lia
Brother in blood
In the Mirror Universe, First Officer James T. Kirk is trapped in an abusive relationship with Captain Christopher Pike. With the help of the new Vulcan science officer Spock, he assassinates Pike and takes his place as captain. But will he be willing to pay the price for Spock’s assistance?
slash  st_tos  mirror!verse  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  genre:crétin!kirk  genre:courtship  genre:jealousy  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Pairing:JimKirk/ChisPike  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  Character:ChristopherPike  vulcan!attitude  genre:AlienTradition  cretin!kirk  fandom:star_trek  theme:bond!fic  warning:non-con  theme:mind-meld 
january 2010 by angsty_lia
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
WARNING non-con. Something horrible happens to Jim and it would be expected that his First officer along with the rest of his crew would be there for him. So much for expectations.Hurt!Kirk guilty Spock&Crew.
slash  st_xi  genre:angst  genre:abuse  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:jealousy  genre:trahison  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  character:crew  fandom:star_trek  warning:non-con 
december 2009 by angsty_lia
I love soulbonding, especially when it is combined with telepathy. Now, lots of Kirk/Spock includes elements of both, but I'd love a fic that really focused on it. Linger lovingly on the details for me, anon!
note: OMG c'est trop CHOU débute avec un superbe abominable spock qui découvre son lien avec Jim et d'extase. roucoule littéralement autour du lien, l'adore le chéri c'est trop mignoooon j'adore *danse*
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  Pairing:Spock/Uhura  rating:nc-17  cretin!spock  clueless!spock  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:angst  genre:cute  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:jealousy  st_xi  fandom:star_trek  theme:bond!fic  theme:FuckOrDie 
december 2009 by angsty_lia
In the Eye of the Beholder
Jim challenges T'Pring (or another Vulcan mate for Spock) to fight over Spock. Spock doesn't know this and is surprised to find Jim in his bed later. What will happen?
Kirk has to face his feelings for Spock when he is confronted by Spock's lover.
genre:angst  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  slash  st_tos  genre:first_time  genre:romance  genre:AlienTradition  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
december 2009 by angsty_lia
Jealous Mistress
While on shoreleave on deneb Spock lets on that he has much deeper feelings for Kirk than just friendship.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  st_tos  slash  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  virgin!spock  genre:first_time  genre:jealousy  kink:virgin  fandom:star_trek  Character:JimKirk  character:spock 
december 2009 by angsty_lia

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au:alpha/beta!dynamic  au:canon  au:hooker  au:school/university  author:dollsome  author:kellifer  author:littlebirdtold  author:nepthys_uk  author:noelia_g  author:oflights  author:rei  author:scarlettblush  author:verityburns  character:alec  Character:AlecHardison  Character:AnthonyDinozzo  character:arthur  character:arthurpendragon  character:brad  character:bucky  character:castiel  character:charlesxavier  character:chris  Character:ChristopherPike  character:ClintBarton  character:cougar  character:crew  character:dannywilliams  character:DarcyLewis  character:DeanWinchester  character:dereckHale  character:DerekMorgan  character:dustin  character:eames  character:eduardo  character:edwardcullen  Character:EliotSpencer  character:ErikLehnsherr  character:Gabriel  character:GeneHunt  Character:JackHarkness  character:JakeJensen  character:JaredPadalecki  character:JeffreyDeanMorgan  character:jensenackles  Character:JimKirk  Character:JohnWatson  character:leonardmccoy  Character:logan  character:loganCale  character:mark  character:merlin  character:oc  character:Paris  character:pepperPotts  character:PhilCoulson  character:Raphael  character:ray  character:ReidSpencer  character:rorygilmore  character:SamTyler  character:samWinchester  character:seanparker  character:sherlockholmes  character:spock  character:spockPrime  character:SteveMcgarret  character:steveRogers  character:StilesStilinski  character:thedoctor  character:theMaster  character:TonyStark  clueless!arthur  clueless!charlesxavier  clueless!Doctor  clueless!eduardo  clueless!johnwatson  clueless!mark  clueless!Master  clueless!mccoy  clueless!merlin  clueless!phil  clueless!spock  crack!fic  creature:angel  creature:mate  creature:vampire  creature:veela  creature:Werewolf  cretin!kirk  cretin!spock  emo!jensenackles  fandom:avengers  fandom:criminalminds  fandom:darkangel  fandom:doctorwho  fandom:generationkill  fandom:GilmoreGirls  fandom:hawaii-five-0  fandom:inception  fandom:IronMan  fandom:leverage  fandom:lifeOnMars  fandom:merlin  fandom:ncis  fandom:rps  fandom:sherlock  fandom:star_trek  fandom:supernatural  fandom:teenWolf  fandom:thelosers  fandom:thesocialnetwork  fandom:torchwood  fandom:twilight  fandom:xmenfirstclass  gen!fic  genre:abuse  genre:aggression  genre:AlienTradition  genre:angst  genre:au  Genre:au!xover  genre:clueless  genre:courtship  genre:crossover  genre:crétin!kirk  genre:culturaldifference  genre:cute  genre:FairyTale  genre:fantastic  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  genre:friendship  genre:hooker  genre:hot  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:infidelity  genre:jealousy  genre:mission  Genre:misunderstanding  Genre:pastTrauma  genre:pinning  genre:romance  genre:smut  genre:stalker  genre:supernatural  genre:trahison  genre:undercover  insecure!jimkirk  job:ceo  job:hooker  job:librarian  job:student  kid!fic  kink:biting  kink:blowjob  kink:d/s  kink:dirtytalk  kink:handjob  kink:heat  Kink:knotting  kink:marking  kink:Ponfarr  Kink:rimming  kink:threesome  kink:underage  kink:virgin  kink:vulcan!kiss  kink:watersport  manipulative!sherlock  mirror!verse  non-slash!fic  pairing:alec/logencale  pairing:anthonydinozzo/spencerreid  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:ArthurPendragon/Merlin  pairing:bradcolbert/rayperson  Pairing:Castiel/DeanWinchester  pairing:charlesxavier/ErikLehnsherr  pairing:clintbarton/philcoulson  Pairing:Cougar/Jensen  pairing:dannywilliams/steveMcgarret  pairing:DerekHale/StilesStilinski  pairing:dustin/mark  Pairing:EliotSpencer/AlecHardison  pairing:gabriel/castiel/deanwinchester  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  pairing:jensenackles/jaredpadalecki/jeffreydeanmorgan  Pairing:JimKirk/ChisPike  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Pairing:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  pairing:mark/eduardo  Pairing:mirror!Spock/mirror!JimKirk  pairing:rorygilmore/paris  pairing:SamTyler/GeneHunt  pairing:SamWinchester/Gabriel  pairing:Sarek/AmandaGrayson  Pairing:Spock/Mccoy  Pairing:Spock/Uhura  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  pairing:steverogers/tonystarks/bucky  Pairing:TheDoctor/TheMaster  pairing:TonyStark/PepperPotts  possessive!arthurpendragon  possessive!derekhale  possessive!kirk  possessive!spock  possessive!stevemacgarett  pre-slash  prince!Spock  protective!Gabriel  protective!spock  protective:derekmorgan  rating:nc-17  rating:r  shy!charlesxavier  shy!jaredpadalecki  slash  smart!jimkirk  stalker!jaredpadalecki  st_tos  st_xi  theme:academy  theme:bond!fic  theme:christmas  theme:dimensiontravel  theme:drunk/underInfluence  theme:fangirls  theme:fix-it  theme:FuckOrDie  theme:matchmaker  theme:mind-meld  theme:ponfarr  theme:timetravel  theme:undercover  tsn:harvard  tsn:post-deposition  virgin!spock  vulcan!attitude  warning:dub-con  warning:mpreg  warning:non-con  xo:criminalminds/ncis  xo:gilmoregirls/twilight  xo:inception/ironman  xo:torchwood/lifeOnMars  xo:Torchwood/Supernatural 

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