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Kirk and Spock don’t realize that they’ve bonded right away. The rest of the crew is a different story.
fandom:star_trek  character:spock  Character:JimKirk  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:humour  clueless!kirk  clueless!spock  genre:clueless  genre:outsiderpov  theme:bond!fic 
october 2017 by angsty_lia
Star Trek thematic list: Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan
This is a thematic list (i.e. not recs) for stories about Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan, i.e. stories featuring a Vulcan society without their emotional control. This can be either real Vulcan in the past at any point before Surak's Reforms (whether set then, or with time travel from the canon time period), some kind of alternate universe in which Vulcan devolped differently (mirror universes, parallel universes etc.) or a society of Vulcanoid people who are living on another planet (e.g. were seeded by the Preservers or a faction of Vulcans who colonized the planet in the past, with the exception of the Romulans, who are not counted for this trope). Not included are stories that focus on individual Vulcans loosing emotional control, or just feature some tradition or rituals that date back to ancient Vulcan. These are not recs, but a thematic list. I'll link gen stories as well as all kinds of pairings. Also, while I label for pairings and include the author's summary, I don't list detailed warnings, and due to the nature of this theme stories frequently may feature violence, slavery, dub-con, and non-con among other things, so readers following links should take care and check out the full story headers. It is split in TOS and Reboot for now, but if anyone has TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT stories featuring this, I'd add those as well. If you want a story added, your own or others, please send me the title, author, pairings (if any), summary, a public link (i.e. no f-locked or community member locked LJ entries and the like), and whether it's a WIP or finished. Last updated: June 8, 2011
fandom:star_trek  reclist 
april 2015 by angsty_lia
A Time Traveler's Guide to 21st Century New York
When Reed Richards leaves a few interdimensional rifts laying around NEW YORK CITY, Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy find themselves trapped in a strange world of superheroes and magic. Will Kirk be able to get back to his beloved Enterprise in the face of such obstacles as Captain America's perfect ass and Tony Stark's gigantic, um, tower? Find out in A Time Traveler's Guide to 21st Century New York!
fandom:avengers  fandom:star_trek  xo:avengers/startrek  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  character:leonardMccoy  character:TonyStark  character:steveRogers  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  pairing:SteveRogers/TonyStark  pairing:leonardMccoy/TonyStark  pairing:JimKirk/SteveRoger  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:crossover  slash 
july 2014 by angsty_lia
In Three Words
Pike used George Kirk’s legacy to dare his son into Starfleet. It was John Grimm who taught Jim about living outside of his father’s shadow.
fandom:star_trek  st_xi  character:leonardMccoy  Character:JimKirk  pairing:JimKirk/Spock/Mccoy  xo:doom/startrek  au:alpha/beta!dynamic  genre:humour  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:violence  genre:crossover  theme:HiddenIdentity  theme:HiddenPast 
july 2014 by angsty_lia
Daemon I-Chaya
Five ways in which Spock recognised Kirk in another universe, and one way he didn't. Or the one where I-Chaya is a daemon, because Spock is secretly a gentle soul with claws and big teeth.
slash  st_xi  fandom:star_trek  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  character:leonardMccoy  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:first_time  genre:hurt-comfort  Genre:misunderstanding  au:hisdarkmaterial 
august 2012 by angsty_lia
A Gentleman Will Walk But Never Run
"I don't care if you wrote a fuckin' book on it, that doesn't mean I have to like it." McCoy--Bones--is scowling impressively, a sharp line drawn between his eyebrows. Kirk sighs, and smiles apologetically at Eames before turning back to McCoy. "And your alternative is--?" McCoy's scowl somehow intensifies, and he turns his head to glare at Eames. "You step out of line once," he points a finger to emphasize his point, "and the next time you go under, I'll make sure you never wake up. Understood?"
slash  rating:nc-17  xo:inception/startrek  fandom:star_trek  fandom:inception  Character:JimKirk  character:leonardMccoy  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  pairing:eames/jimkirk/leonardmccoy  kink:threesome  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:crossover  genre:mission 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me
Arthur is actually Nilor Premak, an alien Cardassian spy in the 24th century sent on a mission to infiltrate a rebel group on Earth. En route, he gets thrown through a temporal anomaly and ends up in the 21st century. He's lucky enough to be rescued by a couple who take him in and give him a sense of purpose, but he still struggles with his homesickness, his need for love, and the mounting evidence against his belief that humans are somehow inferior to his traditionally nationalistic, xenophobic people, a people who pride themselves on their ruthlessness, cunning, and discipline. On top of that, he finds himself unwillingly attracted to a human who may be able to give him everything a Cardassian lover could give him, and possibly more.
slash  rating:nc-17  Kink:rimming  genre:AlienTradition  genre:culturaldifference  alien!body  alien!arthur  pairing:arthur/eames  character:arthur  character:eames  xo:inception/startrek  fandom:inception  fandom:star_trek  genre:romance  genre:crossover  genre:angst  wip!fic 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Laws of Ownership
Jim isn’t sure what exactly he was expecting when he blasted the lock on the cargo bay door of the Orion Raider Ship they’d just boarded but a room full of small mewling balls of fur certainly wasn’t it. He’d hoped for the best and prepared himself for the worst but somehow this had never entered his thoughts as a possibility.

“Did we just save a ship full of kittens?” Jim asks in disbelief.
slash  fandom:star_trek  character:spock  Character:JimKirk  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:cute  genre:first_time 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
Papers in the Roadside
Non-Starfleet AU. Jim owns a small bar in Chicago, keeps on picking up strays and taking care of everyone no matter how hard it makes his own life. Spock is a journalist writing feature articles for the Chicago Tribune; he depicts the world with uncanny skill, but hides more than one personal drama and is possibly under surveillance from the Vulcan royal family. They meet by accident just before their lives start to spin out of control.
slash  st_xi  fandom:star_trek  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:au  job:bartender  job:journalist  smart!jimkirk  insecure!jimkirk  author:kianspo 
december 2011 by angsty_lia
Still Life
Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr. Reboot AU.
slash  rating:r  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:romance  theme:tarsusIV  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  fandom:star_trek  st_xi  Genre:pastTrauma 
december 2011 by angsty_lia
The Once & Future Captain
The crew of the Enterprise is tasked with a classified mission to find a translation device that was developed by Hoshi Sato before her death. The mission takes the Enterprise to the mysterious Tarsus IV, a dead planet that once supported a thriving colony. Concerned about Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Riley’s alarming behavior, the crew delves into Kirk’s old life on Tarsus IV, uncovering the hidden horrors in the planet’s past and finally understanding their Captain in a way they’d never though possible.

Author's Note:
pre-slash  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  Character:JimKirk  character:riley  character:leonardMccoy  character:spock  character:uhura  fandom:star_trek  genre:angst  Genre:pastTrauma  theme:tarsusIV  smart!jimkirk  protective!jimkirk 
november 2011 by angsty_lia
Once Upon a Time
In a universe with no Federation, where First Contact never happened, Jim Kirk is your average popular guy. On Christmas Eve, thanks to a series of strange events, Jim finds himself in a parallel universe where the Milky Way is under the control of an alien race and ends up as a servant in the residence of the Royal House of Vulcan. As he starts adapting to his new life, Jim's curiosity fucks everything up—but hey, Vulcans shouldn't have told him that he isn't allowed to enter this wing of the palace; Jim has never been good at following rules.

Summary 2: This is the story of how Jim Kirk became a Princess ("Prince Consort, Bones!") of the United Planets of Vulcan Kingdom.
author:littlebirdtold  slash  st_xi  genre:fantastic  genre:FairyTale  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:jealousy  theme:dimensiontravel  Character:JimKirk  character:leonardMccoy  character:spock  genre:culturaldifference  prince!Spock  insecure!jimkirk  smart!jimkirk  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek  genre:infidelity 
november 2011 by angsty_lia
Eye of the Storm
Three months into their five-year mission, Spock is still with Uhura, and Spock and Jim are at each other's throats when the Enterprise is sent to investigate another lightning storm in space. They encounter a Vulcan ship, commanded by Captain Spock and his very illogical First Officer Jim Kirk who, to everyone's shock, are happily married and in love with each other. The other Kirk disapproves of the fact that his counterpart is letting Uhura have what should be 'rightfully his' and is determined to 'set things right,' but the problem is, no one appreciates his meddling.
This is the story of how Jim, Spock and Uhura fought 'destiny' and the other Kirk.

A/N: While this is a stand-alone sto
author:littlebirdtold  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:pinning  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  character:leonardMccoy  character:uhura  Genre:au!xover  fandom:star_trek  st_xi  clueless!kirk  clueless!spock  indenial!spock  theme:dimensiontravel 
november 2011 by angsty_lia
Sure Thing
Because of his reputation (which initally came from nowhere) men have always assumed Kirk is a sure thing and have never tried to seduced Kirk... just used the old wham, bam thank you ma'am (or sir in this case)and have rarely bothed about his pleasure. (...)

(...)So suddenly Kirk finds himself being courted by Spock... at first Kirk thinks it is Spock trying to mess with his mind because Spock is still pissed about the 'cheating' incident but is soon disabused of that notion and he finds himself in his first loving, committed relationship in his life.
slash  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  genre:romance  genre:courtship  Genre:misunderstanding  fandom:star_trek  st_xi  rating:nc-17  genre:first_time  insecure!jimkirk  character:leonardMccoy  theme:matchmaker 
october 2011 by angsty_lia
Vulcan didn't take the teachings of Surak to their maximum extent. They still own slaves. They never started the Federation of Planets. They strongly believe humans need to be cared for...for their own good, of course.
fandom:star_trek  Character:JimKirk  character:oc  character:spock  slash  pre-slash  kink:enema  genre:angst  Genre:pastTrauma  genre:au  genre:first_time  insecure!jimkirk  smart!jimkirk  rating:r  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:culturaldifference  st_xi  vulcan!attitude  kink:d/s  warning:dub-con  theme:slave!fic 
september 2011 by angsty_lia
A Gentle Nudge
A transporter malfunction takes Kirk and Spock to a parallel dimension in which their alternate selves act very oddly indeed.
slash  st_xi  st_tos  xo:st:xi/st:tos  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:au  genre:first_time  fandom:star_trek  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:au!xover  theme:matchmaker  theme:dimensiontravel 
september 2011 by angsty_lia
Grasp The Thorn
While accompanying his parents on a routine visit to Earth, a teenaged Spock meets a fascinating young boy named Jim.

A/N: This was t
pre-slash  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  fandom:star_trek  genre:au  genre:humour  kid!fic  kid!kirk  kid!spock 
september 2011 by angsty_lia
Tangled Destinies
Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk.
slash  genre:romance  genre:au  kid!fic  rating:r  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  fandom:star_trek  st_xi  Genre:pastTrauma  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  genre:AlienTradition  genre:culturaldifference  theme:bond!fic  theme:mind-meld 
august 2011 by angsty_lia
A devil help me get things right
It was in moments like this that Jensen knew that they would be together forever. Nothing would or could break them apart. Jensen was wrong. At 19 he was in love with Jared, full of plans and hopes for their future. He didn’t count on dropping out of college and driving Jared away with cheating and drinking being part of them. At 30 Jensen wakes up with retrograde amnesia, his last memories of being 19 and happy. As he struggles to regain his memory and find out who he is, Jensen has to face the harsh truths of who he became and how he treated Jared. Determined not to make the same mistakes again, Jensen starts to get his life back on track and try to win an engaged and angry Jared back.
slash  rating:nc-17  jerk!jensenackles  character:jensenackles  character:JaredPadalecki  genre:romance  genre:pinning  genre:au  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  fandom:star_trek  theme:amnesia 
august 2011 by angsty_lia
Kirk's Kids
Cadet Kirk, Pike finds, keeps skipping class. But what he finds when he starts to find out what Kirk is up to is something he never could have imagined. Just because Starfleet could never find JT, doesn't mean that JT's not still looking after his kids. (Tarsus fic).
st_xi  fandom:star_trek  Character:JimKirk  Character:ChristopherPike  gen!fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:romance  Genre:pastTrauma  genre:hurt-comfort  character:leonardMccoy  protective!jimkirk  non-slash!fic  theme:tarsusIV 
july 2011 by angsty_lia
hort: Kirk married a Romulan aristocrat warrior, everybody is "WTF?!"

Long (warning this is insane) : Romulans are the first who landed on Tarsus IV to rescue the survivors. The Romulan leader COMPLETELY falls in love with much younger!kirk ......
slash  st_xi  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  genre:romance  genre:courtship  genre:angst  Character:JimKirk  character:oc  Pairing:JimKirk/OC  fandom:star_trek  theme:tarsusIV 
january 2011 by angsty_lia
The Road Goes Ever On... for shinealightonme
A shuttle accident leaves Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy and Mr. Scott stranded in the 21st century. Now they have to find their way back into their own time, and on the way, they make some new friends.
xo:st:xi/warehouse13/stargate/leverage  fandom:star_trek  fandom:stargate  fandom:warehouse13  fandom:leverage  genre:humour  genre:crossover  genre:adventure  crack!fic  gen!fic  non-slash!fic 
november 2010 by angsty_lia
Two For The Price Of One
John "Reaper" Grimm encounters his doppelganger in Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. And when he realizes the other man's feelings for Captain James T. Kirk, he might just nudge things in the right direction. One that involves him. Hey, he's not a saint.
st_xi  xo:doom/startrek  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:angst  genre:smut  slash  rating:nc-17  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  character:leonardmccoy  fandom:star_trek 
november 2010 by angsty_lia
Vulcan Catnip
Jim’s mind is most dynamic – and as the Vulcan debate team finds out, it is most pleasurable to meld with him. Too bad for them, Spock is not anywhere near willing to share (Jim is his, even if the human does not know it yet).
fandom:star_trek  st_xi  slash  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  vulcan!attitude  kink:vulcan!hand  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:AlienTradition  possessive!spock  protective!spock  rating:r 
august 2010 by angsty_lia
No Prince Charming
He was supposed to marry Prince Charming and have the happy ending he so desperately craved. But Spock was no Prince
slash  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  genre:crétin!kirk  genre:courtship  kink:Ponfarr  cretin!kirk  fandom:star_trek  theme:bond!fic  theme:ponfarr 
july 2010 by angsty_lia
Oasis (WIP, 1/5)
Kirk accidentally lands himself in an alternate reality, one where Surak's reformation of Vulcan never happened.
slash  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  possessive!spock  protective!spock  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  fandom:star_trek 
july 2010 by angsty_lia
Ties That Bind
A multi chaptered story that explores the question; would the XI universe be able to survive the presence of two Kirk's? A story involving Kirk Prime and K/S both Prime and new, pon farr, first and not so first times and the inevitably of love.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Pairing:JimKirkPrime/SpockPrime  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  fandom:star_trek  theme:bond!fic  theme:tarsusIV 
june 2010 by angsty_lia
Fighting Gravity
When Spock left Starfleet after the encounter with Nero, Jim thought he'd lost his chance at their supposedly destined friendship. Upon returning to Earth after the Enterprise's first five-year mission, he discovers that Spock lost far more. Jim's willing to fight for the bright future they were promised, but the one thing standing in its way is Spock himself.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  author:mullenkamp  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  genre:humour  fandom:star_trek 
june 2010 by angsty_lia
Mirror!Spock comes to seduce and kidnap Kirk because the Kirk in his universe who was his bondmate has died. But Spock, who is not in a relationship with his Kirk, is not about to let that happen. Written for this prompt on the kink meme.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  mirror!verse  Pairing:mirror!Spock/mirror!JimKirk  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:jealousy  rating:r  fandom:star_trek  theme:mind-meld 
june 2010 by angsty_lia
Tangled Destinies
Spock convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted son, James Tiberius Kirk.
note: série gé-nia-le et amanda kick-ass *O*
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  kid!fic  pre-slash  slash  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  pairing:Sarek/AmandaGrayson  fandom:star_trek 
april 2010 by angsty_lia
The Quickest Way
Jim is infatuated with his first officer, but nothing gets past that Vulcan exterior. He has no choice but enlist the help of his crew.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:AlienTradition  genre:courtship  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Body and Soul
Spock keeps running out on Jim whenever things are getting steamy. Jim wants to find out why, and gets a surprise.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_xi  alien!body  genre:romance  genre:first_time  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Take Refuge in What You Know
"AU - Kirk has moved into a apartment/house and wants to get to know his neighbors. He meets his neighbor Spock, a loner who suffers from extreme agoraphobia. Kirk thinks he's beautiful enigma." This is my second attempt at an AU, although I hope to incorporate a lot of elements from canon into it.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  st_xi  slash  rating:r  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  genre:friendship  genre:illness  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Take Refuge in What You Know
"AU - Kirk has moved into a apartment/house and wants to get to know his neighbors. He meets his neighbor Spock, a loner who suffers from extreme agoraphobia. Kirk thinks he's beautiful enigma." This is my second attempt at an AU, although I hope to incorporate a lot of elements from canon into it.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  st_xi  slash  rating:r  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  genre:friendship  genre:illness  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Lucky Star
It all started with the day from hell and Jim's resolution that Spock really didn't want him as a friend. So why is the stubborn Vulcan now stalking him? And since life never did run smoothly for Jim, how long will it take for a certain Vulcan to break all his defences? Will love win out?
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:abuse  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
After a surprising night of passion on Argeelius, Kirk and Spock begin an erotic relationship. But the future is uncertain...
slash  st_tos  rating:nc-17  vulcan!attitude  kink:Ponfarr  cretin!spock  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:first_time  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:AlienTradition  genre:crétin!kirk  cretin!kirk  kink:d/s  fandom:star_trek  warning:dub-con  theme:ponfarr 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Five Times Spock found Jim with a Woman on Shore Leave + One Time Jim was with Spock the Whole Time
“Jim’s acts of remembrance were extremely important to him, and he was quite skilled in grieving rituals. This fact was in and of itself tragic.” Jim and Spock share their grief and eventually their love.
slash  st_xi  rating:nc-17  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
[info]st_xi_kink Prompt filled: here There needs to be a fic where KirkPrime beams aboard the Enterprise and the first thing he sees is SpockPrime and since it's been forever since he's last seen him (like he's been in the Nexus or however anon makes it so that KirkPrime is in the nu!universe), KirkPrime rushes over to SpockPrime and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Nu!Kirk and Nu!Spock just kind of stand in the doorway and tilt their heads like WTF?
slash  st_xi  st_tos  xo:st:xi/st:tos  Pairing:JimKirkPrime/SpockPrime  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:humour  fandom:star_trek  genre:au!xover  theme:dimensiontravel 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Full Count
Still on Starbase 4, Spock tries to deal with the loneliness of losing Vulcan. Luckily, he's got Jim to help.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  protective!spock  vulcan!attitude  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:cute  genre:AlienTradition  genre:hot  genre:abuse  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Alien Stars
While on a mission to deliver a sacred, powerful McGuffin artifact to Optimus, Bee and Sam are intercepted and attacked by Decepticons. Their only chance of survival is activating the artifact. Upon doing so, they find themselves in a whole new universe and on board the USS Enterprise. Making friends with Kirk and crew, the group try to figure a way to get the two back home. Bayformers meets TOS.
slash  st_xi  fandom:star_trek  fandom:transformers  pairing:JimKirk/Spock/Mccoy  pairing:Bumblebee/sam  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:crossover  kink:threesome  character:spock  Character:JimKirk  character:leonardMccoy 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Le Coeur de la Mer [1/?]
Titanic AU (minus the tears, minus the unhappy ending, and in space) in which Kirk (the poor, clever vagabond) meets Spock (the refined, repressed ambassador's son). A story of boy meets boy, boy draws naked picture of boy, boy falls in love with boy, with a splash of intrigue and adventure as the two star-crossed lovers search for their happy ending.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:AlienTradition  genre:au  genre:hot  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Like moths drawn irresistibly toward the light, there is something about James T Kirk that seems to attract Spocks. It's not his fault.
A/N: Betad by [info]albion_lass (<333) Threesome fic that
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:hot  fandom:star_trek 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Pon Farr on a Bottle
So there really is a Pon Farr perfume (google it!). The prompt is:

Kirk gets sprayed with the Pon Farr perfume. (IDEK, maybe he's in the equivalent of a department store on some planet somewhere.)

He goes back to the Enterprise and meets up with Spock. The Pon Farr cologne kicks in and either:

A. The perfume activates a Pon Farr mindset in Spock, and he goes wild, throws Kirk down and f**ks his brains out; or
B. The perfume activates a Pon Farr mindset in Kirk, and he goes wild, throws Spock down and f**ks his brains out.

Your choice!

(I just want to see one of them top the shit out of the other.)"
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  kink:Ponfarr  genre:first_time  genre:hot  fandom:star_trek  theme:ponfarr 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
When the TARDIS is unhappy, the Doctor had better do something about it.
Warnings: crack!, bananas, TARDIS-personification, completely made up crap
genre:humour  gen!fic  fandom:star_trek  fandom:doctorwho  character:spock  genre:crossover  crack!fic  Character:TheDoctor  character:tardis  non-slash!fic 
march 2010 by angsty_lia
Eaves Get Dropped
fill for this request: OT3 prequel to Jim Kirk: Dropping Eaves, with Kirk not believing either of them wants him, let alone BOTH of them.
AN: This is the first time I've ever written a threesome sex scene (!). Written for [info]auryn_wren, who is writing me this yummy K/S fic in exchange. She mentioned that she loves bottom!Jim and OT3s where it's 1 bottom and 2 tops. I do aim to please.
Extra Credit: Inspiration taken from The Trouble with Tribbles, where Kirk confines Chekov, Scotty, et al to quarters for starting a fight with Klingons.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  pairing:JimKirk/Spock/Mccoy  slash  st_xi  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:cute  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:smut  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  kink:d/s  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Vulcan Pox, or Jim Kirk, Single Father Extraordinaire
A gift!fic for a most lovely, lovely Anonymous (Anon knows why!). Their prompt was: Even though Spock has a super-duper immune system, he somehow comes down with a human chicken pox and it hits him pretty hard. Feeling crappy and fighting the urge to scratch strain his Vulcan control, and he gets a bit cranky (more so than usual). Kirk to the rescue to stop him from scratching and to keep the crew from teasing his Vulcan.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_xi  pre-slash  genre:humour  genre:cute  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:illness  fandom:star_trek  protective!jimkirk 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
hearts and Minds
When the Enterprise encounters a ship caught in the Nexus, their rescue attempt beams aboard someone unexpected; Kirk Prime. Kirk and Spock are forced to confront what their counterpart's relationship might mean for their own.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  pre-slash  slash  st_xi  xo:st:xi/st:tos  genre:romance  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:crossover  character:spockPrime  character:kirkPrime  fandom:star_trek  pairing:JimKirk/LeonardMccoy  character:leonardMccoy  genre:au!xover  theme:bond!fic  theme:mind-meld  theme:dimensiontravel 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Out of the Cold
Kirk unwittingly rescues Spock from a work camp, they're hiding out in the wilderness and smut ensues.
slash  st_tos  vulcan!attitude  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:first_time  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  genre:hot  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
What Will Be, Will Be Chapter
Spock x Kirk A strange anomaly has somehow transported the older versions of Jim, Spock, and McCoy to the new time line where the young, new crew must now observe what could be their future.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  xo:st:xi/st:tos  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:humour  fandom:star_trek  genre:au!xover  theme:mind-meld  theme:dimensiontravel 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Kirk and Spock meet at the StarFleet Academy Costume Ball and are immediately drawn to each other. Prompt listed at the end of the story.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  genre:romance  st_tos  author:awarrington  genre:first_time  genre:au  genre:AlienTradition  rating:nc-17  fandom:star_trek  au:school/university  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  theme:academy 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
The Ending...
"Everything is changing, my friends are leaving, and I'm feeling alone and left behind. So what I want is for this to happen to the Enterprise. Their mission is over, and they are *all* being reassigned. Everyone else should be sort of sad, but excited too, because they are going on to bigger, better, newer things. And one person isn't. Maybe at the end someone stays, and there is wonderful, I-love-you-and-cannot-leave-sex, or maybe (even better), there is sad, this-is-the-last-time sex."
This is the first of a series of pieces I'm planning. There will be at least one part after this, and currently I'm working out two. Also, I'm a giant nerd who stole the series and chapter titles from the Myst series.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  genre:angst  rating:r  kink:Ponfarr  st_xi  genre:romance  genre:crétin!spock  cretin!spock  fandom:star_trek  theme:bond!fic  theme:ponfarr 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
[ drifters ] -
Post apocalypse, mirror world. Featuring pirate/bandit/bounty hunter with dubious morals Kirk and serene/beautiful/cruel bottom!Spock who kills with his brain.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Curiosity killed the cat - So This Is How It Feels (To Breathe In the Summer Air)
“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” –Mahatma Ghandi
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  mirror!verse  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:abuse  kink:d/s  fandom:star_trek  warning:non-con 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Spock does not consider himself a jealous man, except when it comes to himself.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  character:spockPrime  possessive!spock  genre:romance  genre:hot  genre:jealousy  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Human Touchs
As captain and first officer explore new worlds, they also begin exploring their new friendship, which has a depth they they are just beginning to realize. Unfortunately, an unexpected event leads to unforeseen complications.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  character:spockPrime  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
I Will Captain Myself
AU. Spock x Kirk. Spock has been promoted to Captain and requests Kirk to be his First Officer, the only problem is that Kirk is still pissed that he wasn't promoted to Captain instead. Can the galactic duo find it in themselves to still be a team?
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:adventure  genre:angst  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered By His Crew (And...)
It says a lot about his life that Jim's no longer surprised to be waking up in sickbay with no idea of how he got there.
Character:JimKirk  character:crew  gen!fic  genre:family  genre:friendship  st_xi  fandom:star_trek  non-slash!fic 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
leave no soul behind
If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  slash  st_xi  genre:angst  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:au  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
tlakht - How to Drive a Vulcan Insane (Almost): Deleted Scenes
The deleted scene (aka: the porn) from How To Drive a Vulcan Insane (Almost). I originally wrote this as part of the fic, but I realised it took the focus away from the story, so I removed it.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:hot  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
How To Drive a Vulcan Insane (Almost)
Spock is trying to show his interest in Jim, but Jim just. can't. take. a hint.
Original Prompt: "Kirk doesn't see it coming.
Kirk's usually written as a guy who has sex all the time, different girl/boy/tentacled alien on every planet. What if he's aggressive when he sees someone he wants, but can't spot interest in him unless that person is straddling his lap with a hand down his pants? I'd prefer it ending up as K/S, or a 5x he didn't see it coming (or both). Pretty please?"
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:courtship  clueless!kirk  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
To Have and To Hold
The atmosphere and the alcohol is working its magic. There’s not a soul among them that hadn’t shed the stress and tension of their latest mission an hour into their foray into historic Las Vegas.
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  st_xi  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:first_time  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Cupid's Visit
Bones wants his two best friends happy, but the stubborn idiots aren't getting with the program so he calls in his Dad Cupid and asks for his aid.
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:crossover  fandom:xena  Character:JimKirk  character:leonardMccoy  fandom:star_trek  theme:HiddenIdentity 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Love Story
We were both young, when I first saw you
note: cest chou. ( c'est pas enfant et fin ado en fait)
Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  slash  rating:nc-17  character:sarek  genre:au  genre:romance  st_xi  character:jimkirk  character:spock  fandom:star_trek 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
Love, Actually
Everyone knows Spock loves Kirk, apart from Spock himself. With seven days till Valentine's, will a cranky doctor, a couple of Andorians, Spock's own older self from an alternate universe and his long-lost brother be able to convince him that Kirk's his one twue love?
slash  st_xi  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock  character:spockPrime  genre:romance  genre:first_time  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:crétin!spock  cretin!spock  fandom:star_trek  theme:valentine 
february 2010 by angsty_lia
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