OWIN Startup Class Detection | Microsoft Docs
This tutorial shows how to configure which OWIN startup class is loaded.
asp.net  OWIN  authentication 
7 hours ago
'Calm' Became Top Meditation App After Apple's 2017 App of the Year Award, 'A Touchy Subject' at Rival Headspace - MacRumors
One year ago, Apple awarded the meditation app "Calm" as the iPhone app of the year, and since then the company has dethroned the previous #1 meditation app on the iOS App Store, "Headspace." In a new report by The Wall Street Journal out today, the two companies talk about how they are in a "mindful competition" with one another, and about the merits of Apple's best of the year awards system.
ios  meditation 
smallstep - Everything you should know about certificates and PKI but are too afraid to ask
Certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) are hard. No shit, right? I know a lot of smart people who’ve avoided this particular rabbit hole. Personally, I avoided it for a long time and felt some shame for not knowing more. The obvious result was a vicious cycle: I was too embarrassed to ask questions so I never learned.
Investors Have Nowhere to Hide as Stocks, Bonds and Commodities All Tumble - The New York Times
Stocks? Messy. Bonds? Meh. Commodities? Not pretty.
Most years, financial markets are a mixed bag. A bad year for risky investments, like stocks, might be a great one for safe bets like government bonds. Or, if worries about inflation are hurting bond investments, commodities like gold tend to do well.
Not this year.
Code Syntax Highlighting in Gutenberg – mkaz.blog
I’ve developed a WordPress plugin which extends the core Gutenberg code block adding color syntax highlighting. If you are using Gutenberg to display code and want some color, install and check it out. It is available at github.com/mkaz/code-syntax-block.
wordpress  programming 
4 days ago
Enforcing MFA for partner AAD tenant in CSP | Jeff's Blog
Follow these steps to enable MFA on a partner AAD tenant and enforce it when managing a customer’s AAD subscription.
microsoft  CSP  MFA  azure 
4 days ago
Why Can't Programmers.. Program?
So I set out to develop questions that can identify this kind of developer and came up with a class of questions I call "FizzBuzz Questions" named after a game children often play (or are made to play) in schools in the UK. An example of a Fizz-Buzz question is the following:

Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print "Fizz" instead of the number and for the multiples of five print "Buzz". For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print "FizzBuzz".

Most good programmers should be able to write out on paper a program which does this in a under a couple of minutes. Want to know something scary? The majority of comp sci graduates can't. I've also seen self-proclaimed senior programmers take more than 10-15 minutes to write a solution.
4 days ago
Fizz Buzz Test
The "Fizz-Buzz test" is an interview question designed to help filter out the 99.5% of programming job candidates who can't seem to program their way out of a wet paper bag. The text of the programming assignment is as follows:

"Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”."
4 days ago
Engineering Gift Guide - INSPIRE - Purdue University
The 2018 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University is filled with fun toys, games, books, and applications to engage girls and boys ages 3-18 in engineering thinking and design. Items included in the guide go through an extensive review process. Researchers looked for toys that would promote engineering practices ranging from coding and spatial reasoning to problem solving and critical thinking.
toys  games 
5 days ago
c# - How can I Dump() a Newtonsoft JObject in LinqPad? - Stack Overflow
I'd like to figure out a method that will Dump out a Newtonsoft JObject, just like other objects, showing property names, values, etc.
dotnet  linq  JSON 
5 days ago
Customizing Dump Output
From LINQPad 5.09.04, you can customize how objects are dumped by writing a single method called ToDump. You can write this method either on the type itself or in LINQPad's My Extensions query (so you don't need to make any changes to the type whose output you wish to customize). ToDump also simple to write: it's just two lines of code to make all boolean values display in a different color, for instance.
dotnet  programming  linq 
5 days ago
Using Fiddler to acquire a JWT ( JSON Web Token ) for use with the Graph API – Azure Active Directory Developer Support for MS Graph and AAD Graph
One of the things that our developer support team has been trying to figure out over the past few weeks is just how we can play with the new Windows Azure Active Directory Graph API without the overhead of visual studio or a console application. We were already using Fiddler as a HTTP traffic sniffer and were able to take an existing successful Graph request, modify it in the Composer feature of fiddler, and test different Graph APIs. The drawback was that we needed an initial set of requests to work from. This lead us to investigate just how we could request a JSON Web Token ( JWT ) from the Windows Azure Access Control service.
azure  authentication  rest 
5 days ago
Pete Shelley obituary | Music | The Guardian
Lead singer of the 70s punk band Buzzcocks whose subtle, witty songs still sound fresh and inventive
6 days ago
Mafia Bags | Welcome to the Family
Bags and backpacks made from upcycled sails
shopping  bags 
6 days ago
Art in the Age of Automation | Portico Quartet
Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet has always been an impossible band to pin down. Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group have created their own singular, cinematic sound. Now rebooted as a quartet after a brief spell as the three-piece Portico, the group release their powerful new album Art In The Age Of Automation on August 25th.
6 days ago
Cloud Management & Optimization | CloudHealth Technologies
Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and performance in one place through the CloudHealth Cloud Management Platform.
azure  AWS  cloud 
6 days ago
Coffee Hack: The Best Blade Grinder Results - YouTube
Three little hacks that go together to turn the grounds from a blade grinder from disappointing to impressive.
coffee  video 
6 days ago
LinqPad driver for LiteDB
LiteDbPad is a Dynamic driver for LinqPad. I've tested it in LinqPad 4.x but should work with version 5 just fine.

LiteDbPad can open LiteDB 4.0+ files and let you specify some connection string properties like Password etc.
dotnet  linq  database 
7 days ago
This article describes how a computer can play the classic video game Tetris by getting information about the board, determining good actions, and performing those actions.
games  history 
7 days ago
Classic Minesweeper mini-game for Dynamics AX 2012
As you might already know, there are a few minigames in Microsoft Dynamics AX to be found, like tutorial_Tetris and tutorial_Memory but there is no minesweeper and that is a shame.
dynamics_ax  games  funny 
7 days ago
The Humble Brilliance of Italy's Moka Coffee Pot - Gastro Obscura
In the era of pods, the iconic item has become an endangered species.
8 days ago
Apple Airplay on Raspberry Pi in 7 Easy Steps - App Code Labs
Do you have an existing hifi system that’s too old to support Apple Airplay? Don’t want to replace it with lower-quality wireless speakers, but want to stream music? It’s a common problem. The good news is, for the cost of a Raspberry Pi you can build an Airplay server so you can stream music directly from an iPhone or iPad to your hifi system.
raspberrypi  apple  music 
8 days ago
ADAL 3 didn’t return refresh tokens for ~5 months… and nobody noticed | CloudIdentity
As you know, ADAL is not meant to be a protocol library. You tell us about your client app and the resource you want to access; we get the proper tokens for you from Azure AD, via few simple primitives and without burdening with nitty-gritty protocol details.

That said… that arrangement is not 100% air tight. We do occasionally leak the abstraction: for example, we use OAuth specific terminology here and there (redirect uri…); we accept protocol parameters in extraqueryparameters; and so on. When we do so, we like to think it’s never an oversight, but a deliberate decision. We usually weigh whether the convenience of providing access to lower level constructs outperforms the complexity we’d burden you with for preserving a façade… if the convenience comes out a winner, we go for it: after all ADAL is not a science experiment, it’s something meant to make your life easier.
dotnet  activedirectory  programming 
8 days ago
The Best Books of 2018
2018 was the year that tsundoku entered our cultural vocabulary. It’s a Japanese word that doesn’t translate cleanly into English but it basically means you buy books and let them pile up unread. The end-of-the-year book lists coming out right now won’t help any of us with our tsundoku problems, but there are worse things in life than having too many books around. I took at look at a bunch of these lists and picked out some of the best book recommendations for 2018 from book editors, voracious readers, and retailers. Let’s dig in.
8 days ago
On Making Friends – nadreck.me
This topic has been coming up a lot in a variety of locations for me (blog posts, tweets and toots, articles, videos): it seems like it’s pretty universally agreed upon that making friends (and really, relationships in general) as an adult is hard. It definitely feels pretty true, and there’s all sorts of reasons why it’s true (and while it’s easy to point at technology or society or all sorts of external reasons, those make up only a fraction of the reality).

I’ve got no easy answers, and it’s certainly something I continue to struggle with. The answers I’ve heard really boil down to one thing: Do The Work™.

What spawned this post is that I really appreciated John Green’s video about this (I find myself deeply empathizing with and appreciating a lot of his videos, seems like the sort of person I’d enjoy knowing):
interesting  video 
9 days ago
The 10 Best RSS Reader Apps in 2018
When you want to follow specific writers, publications, and channels—to see every piece of content they publish—nothing beats an RSS reader app. RSS apps access web feeds published by websites, letting you aggregate and curate content you care about. Instead of visiting multiple sites, just open your favorite RSS app to see all new content in a central source.

If you're still looking for a replacement for Google Reader or Digg Reader, or you're just ready to start experiencing the web chronologically, check out the following 10 RSS reader apps that keep you up to date—for free.
RSS  software 
9 days ago
The FoxTrot Store
The FoxTrot Store is operated by FoxTrot Labs, LLC. It came to life in June 2015.

Our mission is to offer FoxTrot readers spiffy merchandise and awesome customer service, so if there are things we could be doing better, please let us know.
comics  shopping 
10 days ago
The Correspondent
News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed.
We’re building a movement for radically different news.
And we can’t do it without you.
11 days ago
Automate iOS using JavaScript
ios  javascript  programming  scripting 
11 days ago
Pete Shelley: the smart, sardonic punk bard of unrequited romance | Music | The Guardian
Packed with hooks and waspishly funny lines, the Buzzcocks frontman effortlessly created singles which became part of the musical landscape
11 days ago
Reading comics on the new iPad Pros - Six Colors
I love reading comics on my iPad Pro. The iPad is the best thing to happen to comics since four-color printing. Now that the new iPad Pro models are out, I thought it was worth revisiting the current state of the art in iPad comics to see where things stand.
ios  comics 
11 days ago
Music | worriedaboutsatan
We are a band from Yorkshire that makes spectral electronica.
music  ambient 
11 days ago
WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”
We’ve made some big upgrades to the editor. Our new block-based editor is the first step toward an exciting new future with a streamlined editing experience across your site. You’ll have more flexibility with how content is displayed, whether you are building your first site, revamping your blog, or write code for a living.
12 days ago
WordPress 5.0 Field Guide – Make WordPress Core
WordPress 5.0 is officially the best WordPress 2018 has seen! Users will be empowered with new and exciting tools to create to create truly unique sites while developers can to take advantage of 10 enhancements and features added. Let’s look at the many improvements coming in 5.0…
wordpress  documentation 
12 days ago
OWIN — Open Web Interface for .NET
OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The goal of the OWIN interface is to decouple server and application, encourage the development of simple modules for .NET web development, and, by being an open standard, stimulate the open source ecosystem of .NET web development tools.
dotnet  asp.net 
12 days ago
Visual Studio 2017 - Resolving SSL/TLS connections problems with IIS Express | Pluralsight
Building ASP.NET web projects that enable HTTPS helps ensure website authenticity, integrity of the data exchanged between the client and the website, and protections over users' interactions with the website from prying internet service providers and third-party snoopers.

Using HTTPS for production websites relies on trusted public key certificates that are issued by certificate authorities. These certificates are issued by specialist commercial enterprises or nonprofit organizations like CACert.org and Let's Encrypt.

Developers using Microsoft Visual Studio to build websites can create a local certificate to provide HTTPS functionality. Visual Studio includes IIS Express, a "lightweight" version of Internet Information Server designed for the needs of developers.
visualstudio  dotnet  iis  SSL 
13 days ago
Listen to My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields and Brian Eno’s New Song “The Weight of History” | Pitchfork
Last year, Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields shared a track called “Only Once Away My Son.” Then, on Record Store Day 2018, they released a double A-side vinyl 12" featuring “Only Once Away My Son,” as well as another new single called “The Weight of History.” They’ve now made “The Weight of History” available to stream. Listen below.
ambient  music 
13 days ago
Murder, Politics and Architecture: The Making of Madison Square Park - The New York Times
From 19th-Century circuses and swanky hotels to an art and foodie destination today, this
6.2-acre green space continues to represent a city that is constantly reinventing itself.

NYC  history 
14 days ago
Two Dots | Free puzzle game for iOS and Android
Two Dots is a puzzle game that's free to play and loved by millions.

Travel through gorgeous worlds, collect beautiful collectibles, and uncover fun new mechanics along the way. Solve challenging puzzles by connecting the dots and more.
games  ios 
14 days ago
Brian Eno To Reissue Four Seminal Ambient Albums on Vinyl | Music News | Consequence of Sound
On November 16th, Brian Eno will gift fans with deluxe vinyl reissues of four of his seminal ambient albums: Discreet Music (1975), Music For Films (1976), Music For Airports (1978), and On Land (1982).
music  ambient 
14 days ago
Robyn: Honey Album Review | Pitchfork
Robyn presents her first solo album in eight years subtly, with slight builds and light hands. But her masterful command of emotions on the dancefloor slowly reveals itself across another enthralling record.
14 days ago
Why I’m into meditation | Bill Gates
If you want to try meditation for yourself, one good way to ease into it—especially if you’re as skeptical as I was—is to pick up a copy of Andy’s book, The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness.
meditation  books 
14 days ago
The Day One Podcast
The Day One podcast brings you best practices, roadmap information, user and employee interviews, and how to get the most out of the app Day One. http://dayoneapp.com
podcast  ios  software 
15 days ago
Kikagaku Moyo Announce 'Masana Temples,' Share "Gatherings": Listen - Stereogum
In that sense, “Gatherings” is a logical thematic entry point to Masana Temples. It’s also a promising initial taste musically. Though it starts, and is periodically ruptured, by big swaggering fuzz riffs of the ’70s stoner-rock variety, it also wanders through transporting, spaced-out passages that almost recall Stereolab. If you’re amenable to different aspects of psychedelic music — whether the sunburnt guitar leads, the more aqueous key textures swirling beneath, or the vocals in reverie — chances are “Gatherings” may be appealing.
15 days ago
Vox Borders : Hong Kong - YouTube
Johnny Harris is back for a second season exploring Hong Kong for Vox Borders.
video  travel 
15 days ago
Apple's Joe Shelton tells about about Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - Business Insider
Inside 'the reality distortion field': An early Apple employee told us what it was like having Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as his bosses
apple  mac  history 
18 days ago
KeyCue - find, remember, and learn menu shortcuts
KeyCue helps you to use your macOS applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts.
mac  macos  software 
18 days ago
Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’ Is 50, but It Never Ages - The Ringer
What is it about ‘Astral Weeks’ that inspires this kind of hallowed tone? And even more puzzlingly, why does it keep regenerating its own fan base?
19 days ago
Internet History, Technology, and Security | Coursera
The impact of technology and networks on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase. The very fact that you can take this course from anywhere in the world requires a technological infrastructure that was designed, engineered, and built over the past sixty years. To function in an information-centric world, we need to understand the workings of network technology. This course will open up the Internet and show you how it was created, who created it and how it works. Along the way we will meet many of the innovators who developed the Internet and Web technologies that we use today.
computing  history  education 
19 days ago
Michigan Terminal System Archive
This is a Web site to collect, save, and share information about the Michigan Terminal System (MTS), the computer time-sharing operating system, and the organizations and people that developed and ran it. The documents, images, recollections, and comments that make up this Web site come from many sources. It is our hope that individuals will contribute many more.
computing  history  RPI 
19 days ago
security - Store sensitive information inside keepass database from c# - Stack Overflow
I thought about reading a KeyPass 2 database so I added a reference to KeyPass.exe in Linqpad and started to experiment. To my surprise and without any outside help (a testament to a good API), I was reading the database after only a few minutes.
dotnet  csharp  security 
19 days ago
GitHub - aws/aws-sdk-net
The official AWS SDK for .NET. For more information on the AWS SDK for .NET, see our web site: http://aws.amazon.com/sdkfornet/

The AWS SDK for .NET enables .NET developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services and build scalable solutions with Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, and more.
aws  dotnet  via:phatsharpie 
19 days ago
Advent of Code 2018
Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. People use them as a speed contest, interview prep, company training, university coursework, practice problems, or to challenge each other.
19 days ago
Amazon.com: AWS DeepRacer – Fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car for developers: Amazon Devices
AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way for developers to get rolling with machine learning, literally. Get hands-on with a fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, 3D racing simulator, and a global racing league.
hardware  funny 
19 days ago
9 Hidden iPhone Features That Make Your Life Easier
Yes, it's hard to make interface features on touchscreens obvious. (I wonder a bit about why Apple isn't more aggressive in using the built-in Tips app to teach people how to use features of its devices.) But it's a learning opportunity, too! And with that, I present nine other simple iPhone features that maybe escaped your attention.
iphone  ios  tips 
19 days ago
A .NET 4.5 daemon application that uses a certificate to authenticate with Azure AD and get OAuth 2.0 access tokens.
azure  authentication  programming  dotnet 
19 days ago
Announcing Free .blog Subdomains — The WordPress.com Blog
A great site deserves a great address on the web. Now you can use a free .blog subdomain on WordPress.com.
20 days ago
Warren Ellis on the Tender Vision of Dracula’s Curse in ‘Castlevania’ – Variety
Netflix’s animated adaptation of “Castlevania” is pure bloody brilliance, distilled into two seasons with just twelve episodes. It’s beautifully animated, brimming with stylish homage to the video game series, and it revels in the violent showdowns depicted between humans and demons.
20 days ago
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