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vSphere Is Not the Performance Problem, Your Storage Is « Pivot Point
Despite the explosion of VMware into the data center we remain the new kid on the block. As soon as performance suffers the first reaction is to blame the new kid. But next time you see a performance problem in your production environment, I urge you to look at the issue as a consolidation challenge, and not a virtualization problem. Follow the best practices you have been using for years and you can correct this problem without needing to call me and my colleagues to town.
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january 2010 by andyhky
Virtual Geek: Real World Experiences Using Storage VMotion
Even though we're a NetApp customer, the EMC blog is excellent
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december 2008 by andyhky
Physical Database Storage Design
interesting msft whitepaper about storage requirements/recommendations for migration to SQL Server 2005
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november 2007 by andyhky
DOM:Storage - MDC
it will be nice when MS implements this in IE
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january 2007 by andyhky

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