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About the indirect adjacent combinator (~) in CSS
aaaaaaaaaand, I'm way behind on web. It's been almost a year. Makes sense.
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june 2008 by andyhky
The B-List: Legacy.
five years ago, when IE’s dominance was largely taken for granted (and, ironically, right around the time that the above two events started to happen), Silverlight would have been Windows-only and IE-only.
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january 2008 by andyhky
Google can’t code ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto
Before she left Adobe to take the worst job at Google ... she stated outright that she didn’t see how H1 really is a higher-level heading than H2 through H6. That was open to debate. She actually said that. Then Google hired her to run accessibility.
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december 2007 by andyhky
Styled Checkboxes
great piece, but pretty sad it was on slashdot
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july 2005 by andyhky
xhtml as text/html considered bad
this is why i serve it to you as application-xml/xhtml if your browser supports it
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june 2005 by andyhky

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