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VMware Communities: Interpreting esxtop Statistics
@jtroyer a lot of VMTN content like this could be much more consumable as a community wiki - same for VIOPS
Bookmarks  vmware  esx  performance  troubleshooting  esxtop  tools  howto 
february 2009 by andyhky
Linux P2V - ConShell
@rick_vmwaretips P2V? I've done a RHEL 4 box. Followed pretty closely, Did you build new initrd?
Bookmarks  vmware  virtualization  linux  p2v  sysadmin  howto  tutorial 
august 2008 by andyhky
Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 iTunes Smart Playlists
My pick is not listened in the last week or skip count = 0.
Bookmarks  music  itunes  playlists  ipod  tips  howto  smartplaylists 
february 2008 by andyhky
How To Measure Any Distance With The Pythagorean Theorem | BetterExplained
And using the theorem, we can see how “different” people are: * Tough Guy to Average Joe: (10 - 5, 1 - 5, 3 - 5) = (5, -4, -2) = 6.7 * Tough Guy to Sensitive Guy: (10 - 1, 1 - 10, 3 - 7) = (9, -9, -4) = 13.34
Bookmarks  algorithms  interesting  howto  math  mathematics  pythagorean  distance  programming  algorithm 
november 2007 by andyhky
So You Want to Create a Font. Part 1 | i love typography
what a process to go through something that's so taken for granted
Bookmarks  design  fonts  typography  tutorial  font  howto  tools 
october 2007 by andyhky
How-To: Automatically back up your computer - Engadget
maybe if I start putting enough of these types of links in I'll actually start backing my system up.. =/
Bookmarks  backup  rsync  howto  linux  ssh  windows  tutorial 
march 2007 by andyhky | study | nix | commands | find
i almost always forget how xargs works. this is good.
Bookmarks  linux  unix  bash  find  howto  commands  tips 
march 2007 by andyhky
Subversion Cheat Sheet
this whole version control stuff is very cool =)
Bookmarks  subversion  svn  cheatsheet  reference  howto  programming  development 
march 2007 by andyhky
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