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YouTube - SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes (HD)
Very cool development methodology. The charts are extremely useful.
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december 2008 by andyhky
Beware of future creep - (37signals)
At best, your “foresight” can result in wasted time, where you spun your wheels for a few hours (or days!) playing “what if” and “let’s pretend”, trying with too little information to think of how best to architect your code to accommodate that future feature.
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october 2008 by andyhky
CodeClimber: "All I need is a Programmer"
If I could get paid for these kind of conversations I wouldn't need a job.
Bookmarks  business  programming  software  development  article  blog  geek 
april 2008 by andyhky
sp_change_users_login (Transact-SQL)
This is a handy stored procedure dealing with Orphaned users.
Bookmarks  development  security  sqlserver  work  migration  login  sql  restore  tsql 
january 2008 by andyhky
Perl on Rails - Why the BBC Fails at the Internet | I Am Seb
If I'm ever having a bad day, I'll just look at this and realize it can always be worse.
Bookmarks  bbc  development  ridiculous  perl  technology  infrastructure  business  siemens  rails 
december 2007 by andyhky
Ext JS - JavaScript Library
wow, a rich UI that works with prototype/jQuery/YUI
Bookmarks  ajax  javascript  development  ext  framework  library  programming  web2.0 
october 2007 by andyhky
Groupware Bad
So I said, narrow the focus. Your "use case" should be, there's a 22 year old college student living in the dorms. How will this software get him laid?
Bookmarks  jwz  development  groupware  software  programming  social  design 
august 2007 by andyhky
The IDE Divide at Oliver Steele
new to me. cool article on language mavens (those of us that use text editors) versus tool mavens (those of us using IDEs)
Bookmarks  articles  coding  development  programming  ide  productivity  language  tools  editor 
june 2007 by andyhky
Wbox HTTP testing tool
Quite a hype - "Instead to make a single request it's possible to make multiple concurrent requests using the clients number option. Wbox will spawn the required number of processes, and every process will perform a query every second."
Bookmarks  apache  development  testing  http  tools  web  webdev  tool  performance 
june 2007 by andyhky
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