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The Death Throes of Print? | Jason Santa Maria
Money quote: Most publishers seem content to blindly dump their prized content into a lifeless shell of a site. Why should we give a damn about your site when you clearly don’t?
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december 2008 by andyhky
Beware of future creep - (37signals)
At best, your “foresight” can result in wasted time, where you spun your wheels for a few hours (or days!) playing “what if” and “let’s pretend”, trying with too little information to think of how best to architect your code to accommodate that future feature.
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october 2008 by andyhky
About the indirect adjacent combinator (~) in CSS
aaaaaaaaaand, I'm way behind on web. It's been almost a year. Makes sense.
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june 2008 by andyhky
We’ve done a cool $50 million of R & D on the Apple Human Interface. ... two pertinent facts: Test subjects consistently report that keyboarding is faster than mousing. The stopwatch consistently proves mousing is faster than keyboarding.
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may 2008 by andyhky
STATEMENT | Issue No.4, 2007
Best Magazine / Print Newspaper UI I've ever seen
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april 2008 by andyhky
Don Norman's / Why is 37signals so arrogant?
Park concludes his article by saying "Call it arrogance or idealism, but they would rather fail than adapt. 'I'm not designing software for other people, 'Hansson says. 'I'm designing it for me.' "
Bookmarks  37signals  design  simplicity  business  usability  arrogance  marketing 
march 2008 by andyhky
Subtraction: The Story So Far
not enough Web standards-minded designers are thinking narratively in the way that our Flash-fluent colleagues are. ...majority of practitioners of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript are almost exclusively dedicated to behavioral work — interfaces and templates.
Bookmarks  design  web  webdesign  flash  narrative  css  storytelling 
january 2008 by andyhky
Feltron Eight
unreal... is it bad i'm way more concerned with the gathering of information than the report?
Bookmarks  2007  amusing  art  data  design  visualization  typography  inspiration  information  graphics  annualreport 
january 2008 by andyhky
Physical Database Storage Design
interesting msft whitepaper about storage requirements/recommendations for migration to SQL Server 2005
Bookmarks  dba  sqlserver  hardware  performance  sql  storage  database  design  sqlserver2005 
november 2007 by andyhky
Passive Voice Is Redeemed For Web Headings (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Selecting the first 2 words for your page titles is probably the highest-impact ROI-boosting design decision you make in a Web project. Front-loading important keywords trumps most other design considerations. -- holy crap
Bookmarks  useit  jakob  usability  writing  seo  web  webdesign  design  copywriting 
october 2007 by andyhky
So You Want to Create a Font. Part 1 | i love typography
what a process to go through something that's so taken for granted
Bookmarks  design  fonts  typography  tutorial  font  howto  tools 
october 2007 by andyhky
i liked homepage if google SEO'd it for google
Bookmarks  google  seo  design  funny  humor  parody  web 
october 2007 by andyhky
Groupware Bad
So I said, narrow the focus. Your "use case" should be, there's a 22 year old college student living in the dorms. How will this software get him laid?
Bookmarks  jwz  development  groupware  software  programming  social  design 
august 2007 by andyhky
Beyond Standards
You should preferably know your way around XML and SOAP or at least be able to lie very convincingly and learn exceedingly quickly when caught out.
Bookmarks  funny  design  css  blog  inspiration  webdesign  standards  webdev 
july 2007 by andyhky
Should Designers and Developers Do Usability? (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
If you test your own design, however, you might be less willing to admit its deficiencies. Designers can be too willing to dismiss user complaints or problems as minor or unrepresentative, when in fact the test indicates the need for a deep redesign.
Bookmarks  testing  usability  nielsen  design  webdesign  webdev  ux 
june 2007 by andyhky
Coding Horror: Don't Ask -- Observe
But, when they were asked to use the digital device, so-called "feature fatigue" set in. They became frustrated with the plethora of options they had created, and ended up happier with a simpler product.
Bookmarks  blog  google  design  ui  complexity  usability  psychology  testing 
june 2007 by andyhky
Squidfingers / Patterns
never know when these will come in handy...
Bookmarks  patterns  webdesign  design  graphics  free  images  pattern 
june 2007 by andyhky
Subtraction: Oh Yeeaahh!
amazing, download the presentation for enlightenment
Bookmarks  css  layout  grid  design  webdesign  grids  web 
may 2007 by andyhky
Myth of the Genius Designer (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Several decades' experience with quality assurance says that the best results come from following a systematic quality process, including reality checks every step of the way, rather than simply hoping that you got it right. - Grandpa Jacob owns them all.
Bookmarks  usability  design  testing  webdesign  nielsen  web  alertbox 
may 2007 by andyhky
MeasureIt | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
MeasureIt rocks, "Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage."
Bookmarks  firefox  Extensions  webdev  extension  webdesign  mozilla  design  tools 
january 2007 by andyhky
The Palm Jumeirah - Experience the Extraordinary
Largest Man Made Island, visible from space. Unbelievable. Watch Palm TV.
Bookmarks  dubai  travel  archet  architecture  landscape  engineering  design  island  palm 
january 2007 by andyhky
Usability News - 6.2 2004 -- Reading Online Text: A Comparison of Four White Space Layouts
Results revealed a significant main effect of Margins on satisfaction. Users favored the Margin condition, reporting lower levels of physical fatigue during reading and greater satisfaction with the layout for the presentation of textbook, leisure, and ne
Bookmarks  Usability  typography  design  layout  webdesign  css  web 
january 2007 by andyhky
Digital Web Magazine - Web Design Contracts: Why Bother
or, why i refuse to do side work without a contract. no more good ol' boy agreements. ever.
Bookmarks  business  contract  legal  web  webdesign  freelance  design  work 
january 2007 by andyhky
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