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What Sarah Palin Is Saying - Anil Dash
Put simply, if Palin says "Barack Obama consorts with terrorists", she is making the assertion that he supports acts of violence against American citizens and the media will refute this obviously false assertion. If, instead, Palin says he "pals around with terrorists", she's used code-switching to mask the seriousness of the charge, obfuscating her meaning enough to get away with making an assertion that inevitably calls for the imprisonment or even assassination of a political opponent.
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october 2008 by andyhky
1-800-MAGIC: Back to Microsoft
Interesting perspective. Google : Cool and Fun / MSFT: Reliable.
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june 2008 by andyhky
The Non-Expert: Hipster by Andrew Womack - The Morning News
You talk bad about the city when you’re in the country and bad about the country when you’re in the city.
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may 2008 by andyhky
White Whine
This is new to me... and oh so funny.
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january 2008 by andyhky
The Working Dead ·
To me, the Working Dead are the class of people who waste their lives away one day at a time at jobs where they accomplish nothing. I was made aware of their existence in the summer of 1997.
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october 2007 by andyhky
The Art of Wikigroaning
For example, the article called "Knight." Then, find a somehow similar article that is longer, but at the same time, useless to a very large fraction of the population. In this case, we'll go with "Jedi Knight."
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june 2007 by andyhky
Creating Passionate Users: Don't ask employees to be passionate about the company!
"The company should behave just like a good user interface -- support people in doing what they're trying to do, and stay the hell out of their way." - of course...
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february 2007 by andyhky
Why I Don't Wear a Suit and Can't Figure Out Why Anyone Does ! - Blog Maverick
Gee, no suits would be the same as giving your employees a tax free raise. Think that might make them happy ? Or do employees consider having to spend money on suits a perk ?
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january 2007 by andyhky
Digg and YouTube Powering Atheism 2.0 — Business Logs
no joke i was thinking about this reading digg earlier today.
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january 2007 by andyhky
Comment is free: Big mistake
First, the age of the Earth. McIntosh thinks, on biblical authority alone, that it is less than 10,000 years. We establishment fuddyduddies think, using mutually corroborating evidence from many sources including several different radioactive isotopes in
Bookmarks  evolution  science  religion  dawkins  creationism  atheism  culture 
december 2006 by andyhky
Hillary vs. the Xbox: Game over
the more the government investigates it, the more appealing it will be to rebellious kids. :|
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july 2005 by andyhky

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