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"Biggest Vintage Vector Ornaments pack (free pack + full version)"
design  typography  vector  fonts 
july 2011 by andyford
A plugin for inflating web type
webdesign  typography  jquery  plugin  fonts 
june 2011 by andyford
"Lightweight, easy to use jQuery plugin for radical Web Typography."
typography  jquery  plugin  javascript  design  webdesign 
september 2010 by andyford
Fundamentals: Combining Type With Helvetica
Suggestions of typefaces to combine with Helvetica.
typography  design 
april 2010 by andyford
Antique Typewriters - The Martin Howard Collection
Comprised of typewriters from the very beginning of the typewriter industry (1880s & 1890s), it is the
largest of its kind in Canada. The collection contains many rare and historically important typewriters,
showing the remarkable diversity and beauty of the world's first typing machines.
vintage  antique  technology  history  typography  design 
march 2010 by andyford
History of the Book
A Flickr photo collection of historic books & specimens.
typography  books  history  design 
january 2010 by andyford
Font Squirrel | Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts
"Download hundreds of prepackaged @font-face kits which include four font formats, CSS and HTML code"
typography  @font-face  fonts  webdesign  free 
november 2009 by andyford
The League of Moveable Type
"only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts"
typography  fonts  opensource  design 
november 2009 by andyford
Web Fonts: Custom fonts using @font-face
Custom typography on the web using @font-face. No subscriptions. No JavaScript. Win!
webdesign  typography  @font-face 
october 2009 by andyford
Create a font from your own handwriting
fonts  typography 
august 2009 by andyford

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