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Building a Well-Polished Ruby Gem - via @codeship
A gem is a package for Ruby to distribute code in a maintained unit. But that
gem  ruby  gems 
december 2016 by andycroll
Handling Errors in an API Application the Rails Way
read So you decided that you want use your Rails application as an API, huh? Great! But have you thought of the strategy for error handling? No? That
ruby  api  rails  errors 
november 2016 by andycroll
How to speed up Ruby on Rails updates using PostgreSQL
While working with Ruby on Rails, I sometimes need to update a set of fields very quickly. Here are four different ways to speed up your updates. #1 The simple update Let's assume that you are
postgresql  ruby  rails  Postgres 
february 2016 by andycroll
How RSpec helped me with resolving random spec failures
Photo available thanks to the courtesy of Robert Kash. CC BY 2.0 Recently we started experiencing random spec failures in one of our customer
ruby  testing  rails 
february 2016 by andycroll
Preload, Eagerload, Includes and Joins | BigBinary Blog
Rails provides four different ways to load association data. In this blog we are going to look at each of those. Preload Preload loads the association data in a separate query.
rails  performance  ruby  programming  rubyonrails 
january 2016 by andycroll
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