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comScore’s U.S. Total Video Report Available for Download - comScore, Inc
More than 50% of viewers cite schedule flexibility & convenience as main reasons for watching TV content :
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november 2014 by andriak
MOOCS: Drawbacks, advantages etc.
“We need a MOOCE — massive open online course evaluation.” Cathy Davidson of Duke
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january 2013 by andriak
How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
: Worried about ? Why you should be and how to muddy your tracks on the Internet:
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may 2012 by andriak
Free map tools: Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius
Draw a radius, find zip codes inside a radius, measure distance, etc.
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august 2010 by andriak
Campus Overload - Campus newspaper goals for 2010
tips from andrew dunn for school web sites, translatable to many other places
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january 2010 by andriak
News: Sign of the Times - Inside Higher Ed
The New York Times Company will soon be stamping its name not only on newspaper headers, but on online-education certificates.

Two years ago, with revenue from its celebrated print product in a nosedive, the New York Times Company starting poking its nose into the lucrative market of distance education, providing technology, marketing, and archival resources for non-credit courses taught by professors at colleges around the country through Epsilen, its online course delivery and networking platform.
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january 2010 by andriak
UNESCO online journalism training program out of Uruguay.
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january 2010 by andriak
The New West FAQ for Online Community Journalism Entrepreneurs | Jonathan Weber | NewWest.Net
Jonathan Weber, New West founder: But now that we’re more than two years in and doing pretty well, and interest in this kind of venture only seems to be growing, I thought I’d offer some public answers to the proverbial Frequently Asked Questions.
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january 2010 by andriak
Video : Online Journalism (and online syllabi)
Collection of syllabi for teaching online journalism, from arizona state professor.
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december 2009 by andriak
For-Profit Colleges See Department's Proposed Rule Changes as 'Aggressive' - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Doesn't answer these ?: So when does a forprofit "college" come under Department of Education rules? And is a forprofit class regulated?
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december 2009 by andriak
Should I Try Direct Ad Sales On My Website? : isocket
This is part 4 of a 4 post series about direct sales and web display ads. Many website owners are benefiting from or considering selling ads on their sites directly. But direct sales can be confusing and it isn’t right for everyone.
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december 2009 by andriak
It's time to retire newspaper circulation data in favor of Web analytics - But which ones?
Unlike with circulation, there is no way to accurately measure markets against each other or newspapers against each other online. There are two problems: the fuzziness of the Web numbers themselves and the unique variations and development on each website that make it important to customize analytics to that particular newspaper.
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november 2009 by andriak
About us | Edit Owl
Bloggers and online journalists are getting better at their craft every day. But they have to publish so rapidly that grammatical mistakes and choppy sentences inevitably creep in.

Edit Owl fixes this. We provide fast, reliable editing services for news websites and blogs, making sure their posts have a clear message, a crisp style, and flawless grammar.

We tend to come into the picture after a blog or news website is up and running and has found an audience and defined its voice. Our clients are publishers of major news websites and blogs on current affairs, the Internet, arts and entertainment, and business. We give them as much or as little help as they need with their content, which usually means fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, style, and HTML formatting.
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november 2009 by andriak
Swivel | Make your business smarter
Imagine our delight at a Web site that not only lets you play with other people's data but also helps you make your own charts!
visualization  data  collaboration  online  statistics  information  web2.0  analytics  multimedia  charts  webapp 
november 2009 by andriak
OpenGoo: An Open Source Web Office
OpenGoo is an easy to use Open Source Web Office.

It is a complete online solution focused on improving productivity, collaboration, communication and management of your teams.

OpenGoo is now developed and serviced by Feng Office which introduces a professional service platform to satisfy community needs such as:
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november 2009 by andriak
Electronic Signature Solution | EchoSign
EchoSign: The #1 Online Electronic Signature Service

Just EchoSign It! Sign by e-signature or by fax — either way, you just send from EchoSign, and we take it from there.
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september 2009 by andriak
WordPress, Twitter, the Elks Club: 10 new routines at a news startup » Nieman Journalism Lab
In a business that’s always been oiled by routine — midnight press runs, 6 a.m. broadcasts, 11 a.m. news meetings, 6:30 deadlines — how will tomorrow’s hyperlocal news professionals structure their day? So, a few weeks after the Ann Arbor News folded, I spent a morning with its most established successor, the one-year-old, online-only Ann Arbor Chronicle, to get a sense for the future of the newsroom routine.
journalism  hyperlocal  online  media  local  AnnArbor  innovation 
september 2009 by andriak
Unit Structures – Teens Don’t Tweet, or, How to Read a Web Panel
I don’t have a guess regarding what is right, but my gut tells me that if Nielsen was more upfront regarding their sampling, and less misleading with their infographics, we’d have a different story. And that story would not be as catchy and headline-grabbing as “Teens Don’t Tweet.”
twitter  research  socialmedia  data  online  socialnetworking  socialnetworks  teens 
august 2009 by andriak
The content cascade: How content will flow in digital news enterprises » Nieman Journalism Lab
While software systems specifically designed to manage the content cascade may emerge and prove useful, it should be possible to begin operating and managing the content cascade by linking and adapting existing systems.

In any event, finding and implementing the right software will not be nearly as difficult as moving people and organizations through the needed organizational and cultural changes. The content cascade is not intuitive, nor is it automatic once begun; it must be actively taught, managed, encouraged, facilitated, conducted.
journalism  newspapers  news  web2.0  online  media  future  wiki  content 
july 2009 by andriak
Free speech in a small, small world « Global Vue
a recent personal experience brought home to me how quickly the world is adopting the new online tools, and how quickly the world is shrinking. And the experience reminded me how far we have to go in making sure everyone has freedom of speech and the information they need for informed decisions.
media  online  Honduras  freedomofspeech  journalism 
june 2009 by andriak
How to beat comment trolls — Eat Sleep Publish
Most newspapers are in fact encouraging anonymous comments. This is like leaving the shotgun cabinet unlocked.
internet  online  blogs  tools  newspapers  comments  media  community 
april 2009 by andriak
Interactive News Team The New York Times -- Reader Questions and Answers
Devigal: I consider projects based on several criteria. Can a unique presentation simplify a complex set of information? Can a multimedia presentation take you closer into the lives of the people or location that are the subject of the story? Can the development we put into certain packages scale? In other words, can the work of one project potentially apply to future projects?
How can we deepen our engagement with readers?
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january 2009 by andriak
MediaShift Idea Lab . Preview the Printcasting Local Ad Tool | PBS
It's about meeting local businesses where they're at. If we can do that more effectively, we will secure a much-needed revenue source that will continue to fund quality local journalism.

But making local self-serve advertising work with small local businesses is no cakewalk, and it will take us time to perfect it.
journalism  online  webapps  web  advertising  printcasting  webads 
january 2009 by andriak
Main site: pdf links.....Today’s youth may be coming of age and struggling for autonomy and identity as did their predecessors, but they are doing so amid new worlds for communication, friendship, play, and self-expression.

We include here the findings of three years of research on kids' informal learning with digital media.
digitalyouth  media  online 
november 2008 by andriak
Final Report: Media Ecologies | DIGITAL YOUTH RESEARCH
Young people in the United States today are growing up in a media ecology where digital and networked media are playing an increasingly central role. Even youth who do not possess computers and Internet access in the home are participants in a shared culture where new social media, digital media distribution, and digital media production are commonplace among their peers and in their everyday school contexts.
media  online  digital  digitalyouth 
november 2008 by andriak
MediaShift Idea Lab . The Five Biggest Barriers to Online Participation -- and What to Do About Them | PBS
While the list of barriers to participation is not complete and has not been prioritized, here is a first cut of reasons young adults don't comment on the and sites, along with some possible ways (not all actually feasible) to overcome these barriers to participation.
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october 2008 by andriak

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