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Cloak VPN :: Sign Up
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july 2012 by andriak
How to: video on iphone
Requires 3GS or higher phone.
tools  iphone  video  howto 
june 2011 by andriak
Poynter Online - E-Media Tidbits
another list of iphone apps for journalists.
iphone  apps  journalism  tools  mobile  poynter  resources  free  apple 
january 2010 by andriak
How to tether your iPhone running OS 3.0 without jailbreaking, for free
Is it simple? Yes. Risky? A bit. Legal? We'll leave that to the lawyers
tethering  iphone  Mac  internet  2009 
june 2009 by andriak
Doc Searls Weblog · How do you make a U.S. iPhone work in E.U.?
One reason I got the iPhone was that it’s GSM. Meaning it should work outside the U.S. I also thought I had a plan with AT&T that allowed that. Well, now I’m in Europe and my iPhone just says “Searching…”. Did it in Frankfurt, and does it in London.

Anybody have any clues for a fix on this?

[Later...] Fixed. See comments
iphone  europe  gsm  at&t 
november 2008 by andriak
A Blog Around The Clock : There is no need for a 'Creepy Treehouse' in using the Web in the classroom
Thoughtful look at using IPods in school, and social networking boundaries between teachers and students (and by extension, managers and employees?).
Bonus: Tips on how to cheat in class with an IPod.
socialnetworks  ipod  iphone  cheating  class  education 
august 2008 by andriak

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