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Investigative Reporters and Editors | Data Reporter
Wow, eight gigs on job board. Other reporter positions for folks w/data skills.
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march 2014 by andriak
N.C. charter schools applications and rules
2013-2014 apps. are downloadable. Only a list, so far, of 2014-2015 schools is available.
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february 2013 by andriak
WRAL's ncga economic conflicts database
Looking @ #ncga economic disclosures: Also, a new toy for exploring SEIs: #ncpol
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february 2013 by andriak
Google data tools
@danielsircar IBM many eyes is pretty nice and free as are Google' chart tools
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february 2013 by andriak
State tax climates
Tax Foundation index for state business tax climates:
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january 2013 by andriak
Scraper wiki
@underoak Have you seen ? Really good tool if you become desperate and need to convert a PDF to spreadsheet.
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december 2012 by andriak
Open databases (Poynter list)
Go-to research databases journalists can use to improve their reporting | @Poynter.
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november 2012 by andriak
RT : Just added Datawrapper to my training session toolkit
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november 2012 by andriak
2008 election results by county, from NYT
@blairblends It was 57% O in '08, says this, which is overloaded or down now or I'm getting TW throttled: )
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october 2012 by andriak
InnoCentive - Challenge Overview
The Economist is running a data visualization challenge in partnership with Nielsen: .
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september 2012 by andriak

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