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Beyond the “smart city”
Incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring essay about our future data-rich cities.
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july 2011 by andrewspittle
Gurgaon, a tale of India's development
Interesting piece on the development in India and how it proceeds despite the government and public services.
NYTimes  India  world  cities  urban  from instapaper
july 2011 by andrewspittle
A Physicist Turns the City Into an Equation
Really cool feature story on Geoffrey West who is looking for the underlying rules that govern the growth of cities.
urban  NYTimes  GeoffreyWest  research  science 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Urban Legends
"The human world is fast becoming an urban world -- and according to many, the faster that happens and the bigger the cities get, the better off we all will be. The old suburban model, with families enjoying their own space in detached houses, is increasingly behind us; we're heading toward heavier reliance on public transit, greater density, and far less personal space. Global cities, even colossal ones like Mumbai and Mexico City, represent our cosmopolitan future, we're now told; they will be nerve centers of international commerce and technological innovation just like the great metropolises of the past -- only with the Internet and smart phones."
world  urban  ForeignPolicy 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
How Mobile Devices Could Lead to More City Living
"That first hour of the day, Apple and Google employees are banging out emails and getting ready for the day, not sitting in traffic carrying out a set of repetitive, low-level, and occasionally dangerous tasks to maneuver their exoskeletons southward."
theatlantic  urban  lifestyle 
august 2010 by andrewspittle

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