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Gutenberg of Arabia
"In the midst of the Egyptian revolution, I realized that many of us in the West—and I include myself squarely in this—act under the assumption that progress in digital democracy would come here first, because our technology and our democracies are more advanced. Then it became clear to me that such advances would come instead where they are most needed: in the Middle East."
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march 2011 by andrewspittle
Why Egypt’s popular rebellion is the greatest historical event in a decade, and how Barack Obama missed the boat.
"Obama has chosen cowardice and expediency over principles and honesty. And that choice undermines his stirring rhetoric much more than any sloppy choice of words could have."
politics  PresidentObama  Egypt  Tunisia  world  revolution 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
The Tunisia Twitter Revolution That Wasn't
"Cyber-skeptic Evgeny Morozov talks Tunisia, WikiLeaks, and why the US shouldn't promote internet freedom."
revolution  politics  Tunisia  world  Egypt  EvgenyMorozov  MotherJones 
february 2011 by andrewspittle

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