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Learning how to think
"Facebook isn’t about connecting; it’s about sharing. MySpace failed because it focused on the connections, not the interactions between those connections. Facebook had the Wall and the News Feed."
startups  thinking  DustinCurtis 
september 2013 by andrewspittle
Startup U
Anil Dash shares his views on creating a large research university in New York.
AnilDash  startups  NewYork  education  from instapaper
november 2011 by andrewspittle
Why Startup Hubs Work
"The antidote is people. It’s not the physical infrastructure of Silicon Valley that makes it work, or the weather, or anything like that. Those helped get it started, but now that the reaction is self-sustaining what drives it is the people."
PaulGraham  startups  from instapaper
november 2011 by andrewspittle
Why you should embrace opposing views at your startup
"So the next time you’re tempted to write off the latest hot company: Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, Spotify, AirBnB, or whatever – in stead of being envious or dismissive be “dissecting.” Find out what you think in their product is working and what you don’t think matters. Understand why they’re getting user adoption and what you could learn from that."
startups  ideas  business  from instapaper
november 2011 by andrewspittle
Crash Dev: The future of work: What happens when talent trumps capital?
What will happen to large, incumbent brands as they struggle with finding software engineers to solve their most critical problems.
software  work  business  startups  from instapaper
november 2011 by andrewspittle
Make things
"So, to hell with all that noise. It’s just a big mass of envy, chatter and FOMO. Let’s get excited and make things."
CaterinaFake  startups  from instapaper
september 2011 by andrewspittle
Let's Start a Learning Revolution
Skillshare raises a round of funding and sets its targets on the nation.
venturecapital  education  startups  Skillshare  from instapaper
september 2011 by andrewspittle
Startup Weekend pep talk: It ain’t the code
"Customers don’t patronize companies on the basis of the difficulty of the code or the unit test coverage percentage or whether you used Bodoni instead of Times New Roman on the home page. In fact I’ve made millions of dollars on companies with hideously ugly websites and buggy code. Those things are actually not the most important things. Real life is a startup contest too."
startups  code  business  from instapaper
august 2011 by andrewspittle
Ways to Acquire Users for Free
Cool tips on dif fer ent strate gies for attract ing users to your prod uct. The right data makes these deci sions easier.
startups  business  SpencerFry  marketing  from instapaper
july 2011 by andrewspittle
Like a Headless Chicken
Ben Brooks nails it in talking about what's going on at Twitter.
BenBrooks  Twitter  venturecapital  startups  software 
may 2011 by andrewspittle
Bootstrap Marketing
Spencer Fry writes about the various ways you can market your startup.
SpencerFry  startups  business  customerservice  from instapaper
may 2011 by andrewspittle
Funding a Startup Without VC
Anil Dash writes about the various options for funding your startup outside of venture capital money.
AnilDash  startups  business  venturecapital  from instapaper
may 2011 by andrewspittle
This Is Why Your Tumblr’s Down
What Tumblr's doing to scale their service and grow the business side of things.
Tumblr  software  startups  business  DavidKarp  from instapaper
may 2011 by andrewspittle
Left School, Joined a Startup
Alex, from ISO50, is leaving his MFA program and joining a Google Ventures funded startup.
startups  business  Google 
may 2011 by andrewspittle
The problem with the tech world’s “swing for the fences” approach
"But there are different kinds of risks. There’s the “1 in 10,000” or “1 in a 1,000,000 chance” of making something. And then there’s a “1 in 7 chance” or “1 in 14 chance.” I’m more in the “let’s take a 1 in 7 chance” rather than the “let’s take a 1 in 10,000 chance” category."
37Signals  strategy  startups 
april 2011 by andrewspittle
Titles and Promotions
"Another challenge is a phenomenon that I call The Law of Crappy People. The Law of Crappy People states:

For any title level in a large organization, the talent on that level will eventually converge to the crappiest person with the title."
business  management  BenHorowitz  startups 
april 2011 by andrewspittle
You Can’t Please Everyone
Daniel Jalkut responds to an earlier post by Alex Payne about what entrepreneurs should aim toward.
startups  AlexPayne  DanielJalkut 
april 2011 by andrewspittle
Startups: Not for the faint of heart
"If I hadn’t worked on my consulting projects last year, would have died. PERIOD. PG is often right, but he’s wrong on this one. I agree that startups require your undivided attention. But surviving isn’t a compromise — it’s a necessity. Do it however you possibly can."
business  startups  finance 
april 2011 by andrewspittle
What’s The Most Difficult CEO Skill? Managing Your Own Psychology
Sometimes managing your own psychology is the hardest part of running a company.
business  management  startups  BenHorowitz 
april 2011 by andrewspittle
Color’s Problem Is Black & White
"Color’s impressive technology for automatically grouping photos based on proximity may gain its founders and developers points at Silicon Valley cocktail mixers, but it won’t gain any engaged users."
Color  photography  social  software  startups 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
The Implicit Social Graph
Fred Wilson writes about why Color represents an important step for the future of social graphs.
FredWilson  Color  startups  social 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Startup vs. Company
"Your startup will eventually need to make the jump into company land and then, damn, things do get tough. If you're not ready to face that reality from the beginning, it may be too daunting when the time comes."
business  SpencerFry  startups 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Join Forces like Voltron
You can learn a lot by being part of an awesome team.
startups  work  inspiration 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Exit Interview: Ask Jeeves' acquisition of Bloglines
37signals talks with Mark Fletcher about the Bloglines exit and eventual demise.
management  startups  37Signals  Bloglines 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Dispatch from SXSW: Have Startups Become a Fetish?
Interesting article asking whether startups have become too fetishized.
GigaOM  startups  SXSW 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
A letter on credit card security and Square
Jack Dorsey responds to Verifone's ridiculous security claims over Square's card reader.
money  JackDorsey  startups  Square 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Advising Simperium
Alex Payne is advising Simperium which is working to build the synching solution to rule them all.
AlexPayne  startups 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
When you want to quit because it’s just not worth it
Fear, enterprise software, and the need to never give up in a startup.
startups  business  strategy 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Hiring for a Boostrapped Company
When you're running a bootstrapped company you should hire for the moment and look in your network for great people.
SpencerFry  startups  business  hiring  work 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
Cloud Government
Scott Adams should be our president with a startup government.
government  politics  ScottAdams  startups 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
Why Startups Fail: An Analysis of Post-Mortems
"Many of you read those post-mortems and asked, what are the most common reasons why these startups failed? After a thorough analysis of those 32 start-up post-mortems, we compiled this list of the top 20 causes of startup failure."
business  startups  strategy 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
Lived Fast, Died Young, Left a Tired Corpse
"Yes, you will have incredibly lucrative job offers in this bubble. That's the easy part. As and Code Rush illustrate, the hard part is figuring out why you are working all those long hours. Consider carefully, lest the arc of your career mirror that of so many failed tech bubble companies: lived fast, died young, left a tired corpse."
economy  history  software  JeffAtwood  CodingHorror  code  startups 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
Readability's new service
Marco Arment details his partnering with Readability and their new micropayment service.
MarcoArment  Readability  Instapaper  business  startups 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
What if Flickr fails?
Doc Searls writes about what would happen if Flickr were to fail.
business  DocSearls  photography  Flickr  startups  opensource 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Delegate or die: the self-employed trap.
Or, how to stay sane and manage a startup effectively without having to make every decision.
business  inspiration  management  DerekSivers  startups 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Carbonmade: 2010 in Review
Spencer Fry recaps 2010 and what happened with Carbonmade in the process. Sounds like a stellar year.
SpencerFry  Carbonmade  startups  business 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Mom and Pop, At Web Scale
"Lifestyle businesses" on the web no longer need to feel limited in how many users they can scale to.
AnilDash  startups  webapps  software 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Should You Sell Your Company?
Ben Horowitz covers the questions you should ask when thinking about selling your company.
BenHorowitz  startups  business  venturecapital 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
On Focus
Focus is a key to making your startup work long term.
SpencerFry  strategy  startups 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Building the Trunk, First
To build a strong business you need to focus on the trunk first.
business  strategy  startups  SpencerFry 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Why I’m Stopping Out Of Stanford and Applying For The Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellowship
Max Marmer explains why he is leaving Stanford to pursue a fellowship with Peter Thiel.
MaxMarmer  inspiration  education  startups 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Delivery As A Service
Anil Dash sees opportunity for a startup that provides delivery services for other companies. Urban Airship is a prime example.
webapps  software  code  AnilDash  startups 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
New Look for Kommons
Cody and Kate push out some design updates to Kommons.
Kommons  CodyBrown  KateRay  design  startups 
december 2010 by andrewspittle
What's A Non-Programmer To Do? (Advanced)
How Spencer Fry keeps himself busy as CEO now that Carbonmade is growing.
SpencerFry  business  startups  strategy 
december 2010 by andrewspittle
Does Price Matter?
"Price matters, but my experience says that it often does not matter the most. In many of the venture deals we have done in the past few years, our transaction valuation was not the highest price offered to the entrepreneur. But the entrepreneur chose us as their partners anyway."
startups  business  fredwilson 
december 2010 by andrewspittle
Why Andreessen Horowitz Just Raised $650,000,000
Ben Horowitz writes about why $650,000,000 in one fund was the magic number.
venturecapital  startups  business  BenHorowitz 
november 2010 by andrewspittle
Employee Equity: Options
Fred Wilson writes about equity options for startups.
startups  business  FredWilson 
november 2010 by andrewspittle
The New Funding Landscape
Paul Graham writes about the changing funding landscape for startups.
paulgraham  strategy  startups  venturecapital 
november 2010 by andrewspittle
Why Wesabe Lost to Mint
The founder of Wesabe reflects on why his company ended up losing to Mint.
startups  business  finance 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
So Long, Carbonmade
Ideas for reducing churn in your startup.
startups  strategy  business  spencerfry 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
Silicon Valley's Disruption Deficit Disorder
"What the Valley might just need, I believe, isn't a host of new technologies. It first needs a host of new institutions, updated for 21st century economics (like those I wrote about last week). Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley are currently clusters of technological innovation — but what they might just have to become in the 21st century is clusters of innovation for our basic, fundamental economic institutions instead."
startups  venturecapital  umairhaque 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
The Origins of Good Ideas
"They are the building blocks that create—and limit—the space of possibility for a specific problem. The trick to having good ideas is not to sit around in glorious isolation and try to think big thoughts. The trick is to get more parts on the table."
innovation  business  startups  WSJ 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
Angelgate takes on a whole new meaning
Dave Winer's thoughts about "angel gate" now that Aol bought TechCrunch.
davewiner  scriptingnews  TecCrunch  Aol  startups  business  venturecapital 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
Staying Healthy and Sane At a Startup
Alex Payne's tips on productivity and health at a startup.
alexpayne  health  productivity  startups 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
The slow death of Dopplr
"Once the darlings of the UK startup scene, Dopplr has dwindled inexorably ever since it was bought by Nokia a year ago."
startups  theguardian  business  Nokia  Dopplr 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
The Startup Diet: How I Lost 35 Pounds
Paul Stamatiou's tips for staying healthy while working on a startup.
health  PaulStamatiou  startups 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
The bowling pin strategy
"Presumably certain groups are more likely to use Facebook check-ins than others, but with Facebook’s scale they can let the users figure this out instead of having to plan it deliberately. That said, history suggests that big companies who rely on this “carpet bombing strategy” are often upended by focused startups who take over one niche at a time."
strategy  business  facebook  chrisdixon  startups 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
The Future of Startup Funding
Paul Graham's ideas about the future of startup funding.
business  paulgraham  startups  venturecapital 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
What Happened to Yahoo
"But what Yahoo really needed to be was a technology company, and by trying to be something else, they ended up being something that was neither here nor there. That's why Yahoo as a company has never had a sharply defined identity."
paulgraham  startups  business  Google  Yahoo 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Idea Shaping
One idea at a time. Preferably one you love.
spencerfry  webapps  startups  business 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
The Top Idea in Your Mind
"I think most people have one top idea in their mind at any given time. That's the idea their thoughts will drift toward when they're allowed to drift freely."
business  paulgraham  productivity  startups  thinking 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
How to Lose Time and Money
"The solution is to develop new alarms. This can be a tricky business, because while the alarms that prevent you from overspending are so basic that they may even be in our DNA, the ones that prevent you from making bad investments have to be learned, and are sometimes fairly counterintuitive."
productivity  paulgraham  startups  business  venturecapital 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
CEOs Should Tell It Like It Is
"If you run a company, you will experience overwhelming psychological pressure to be overly positive. Stand up to the pressure, face your fear, and tell it like it is."
trust  startups  venturecapital  business  strategy 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs
Cameron Herold discusses why schools and society at large should be raising kids to think like entrepreneurs.
business  education  inspiration  TED  startups 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
Second Startup Syndrome
The case of second startup syndrome and how it can affect entrepreneurs.
startups  strategy  business 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Freemium Model
Spencer Fry discusses his opinions and strategies behind a freemium model.
startups  business  strategy  spencerfry 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
"Ask yourself: if you started over today, would you build the same product?  If not, consider significant changes to what you are building."
webapps  software  business  chrisdixon  strategy  startups 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
One on One: Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Nick Bilton interviews Fred Wilson about venture capital investing.
FredWilson  NYTimes  startups  business  venturecapital 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Web Services as Governments
A somewhat useful metaphor for thinking of web services as governments.
software  webapps  startups  venturecapital 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
The challenge of creating a new category
The challenges Chris Dixon has run into creating a startup in a new category.
startups  ChrisDixon  business  strategy 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
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