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9/11, in the mirror
"I don’t know why. It’s not that I want to forget. I can’t and won’t. It’s not that it’s too painful. It was more painful then, though I will say that all this 9/11 talk is giving me a renewed if slight sense of dread. It’s not even that I think media have been too exploitive. In fact, I’m shocked they haven’t been far more exploitive.

I guess it’s that life isn’t defined by a day, no matter how momentous."
JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  terrorism  NewYorker 
september 2011 by andrewspittle
Social is for sharing, not hiding
"Politicians and media companies are coming at these questions at the wrong starting line: as if we go to the internet to take a piece of private information and squirrel it away there. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re sharing."
privacy  BuzzMachine  social  Twitter  JeffJarvis  from instapaper
july 2011 by andrewspittle
The article and the future of print
Smart words from Jeff Jarvis about what The Guardian could do to survive.
JeffJarvis  TheGuardian  journalism  business 
june 2011 by andrewspittle
One identity or more?
"The best solution is to be yourself. If that makes you uneasy, talk with your shrink. Better yet, blog about it."
BuzzMachine  JeffJarvis  identity  Facebook 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
The distraction trope
"Wonderful possibilities await—if you believe that the person next to you isn’t a distractable dolt but instead someone with unmet potential. There’s the real argument, my friends. And you are my friends, for remember that I’m the one who respects you."
JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  information 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Gutenberg of Arabia
"In the midst of the Egyptian revolution, I realized that many of us in the West—and I include myself squarely in this—act under the assumption that progress in digital democracy would come here first, because our technology and our democracies are more advanced. Then it became clear to me that such advances would come instead where they are most needed: in the Middle East."
JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  Egypt  Tunisia  revolution  world 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
The progression of the public
"We find the publics we wish to join based not merely on gross labels, generalizations, and borders drawn about us—red v. blue, black v. white, nation v. nation—but instead on our ideas, interests, and needs: cancer survivors, libertarians, Deadheads, vegetarians, single moms, geeks, even privacy advocates. We finally tear down the elite of the public few and each become public people in our own right. . . ."
JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  journalism  privacy  publishing  Facebook 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
What should Google do?
Jeff Jarvis' thoughts on what Google should do about businesses that purposefully game search rankings by accumulating negative reviews that link to their site.
JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  Google  software 
december 2010 by andrewspittle
NPR: Love ya, but you’re wrong
Jeff Jarvis nails the issue with NPR forbidding its staff from attending the Stewart and Colbert rallies in D.C. at the end of October.
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  journalism  NPR  JonStewart  StephenColbert 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
The benefits of publicness
"Here I’m interested in hearing why you are public when you are and what you get out of it. I’d like to hear what else you would like people, companies, and governments to make public and how that would bring benefit."
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  public  society 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
Germany’s N word
"It is in this very context that I raise the spectre of police stopping citizens on the street to demand identification for reasons that cannot always be predicted and protected against. It has happened before."
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  Germany  Google  world 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
Oh, those Germans
"At the start of the evening, Künast says that “freedom can comprise anonymity.” Yes, but freedom also comprises publicness. Publicness may be our highest right of freedom — to stand up and say what we think and be who we are and join together and act without fear of oppression."
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  Google  Germany 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
Content I will pay for: farts
"Do it, Howard. Leave old technology. Build the next medium, our medium. To hell with all the old media companies that have screwed you and us all these years. This is real freedom."
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  HowardStern  journalism  business 
september 2010 by andrewspittle
The price of privacy
"If you decide not to bother, if you opt out of using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al, then there’s now an opportunity cost: you miss making connections that have personal or economic value. That’s why people quite willingly give up what we used to think of as privacy: because it’s worth it to them. These are the new economics of privacy."
privacy  jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  economy 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Maybe Google isn't as well-meaning as we think.
JeffJarvis  buzzmachine  Google  journalism  Verizon  NYTimes 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Whither magazines?
Jeff Jarvis believes magazines are in deeper trouble than they may think. There are options though.
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  journalism  business  advertising 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Cookie Madness!
Jeff Jarvis critiques the recent Wall Street Journal article about cookies and news sites.
webapps  jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  privacy  security 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Advertising is next
"The problem is going to be that there is only more competition in content and so trying to suddenly charge more flies in the face of basic economics."
jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  journalism  business  advertising 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Privacy wingnuts
"But this is often the case with technology and privacy. Technology spawns fears — and worries these advocates — because it introduces change and it’s really change that they fear."
JeffJarvis  buzzmachine  privacy 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Google takes the FTC to school
Jeff Jarvis' thoughts on Google's letter to the FTC.
journalism  jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  google  business 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
The importance of provenance
"Provenance is no longer merely the nicety of artists, academics, and wine makers. It is an ethic we expect."
curation  trust  jeffjarvis  buzzmachine  journalism 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
Confusing *a* public with *the* public
There is a distinct difference between the publics you create for yourself and the mass, wide open public of everyone. Facebook needs to recognize this.
Facebook  JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  identity  privacy 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Finally, good news for Google
"That is to say, Google doesn’t touch — nor should it want or need to — the fourth and vital leg to sustainable business models for news: cost."
JeffJarvis  Google  journalism  business  BuzzMachine 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Facebook’s identity opportunity – or somebody’s
There's an opportunity for Facebook, or another startup, to seize the role of the clearinghouse for online identity.
Facebook  security  privacy  identity  JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine 
may 2010 by andrewspittle
TEDxNYed: This is bullshit
Jeff Jarvis' notes from his TEDxNYed talk on the irrelevancy of the current education model.
education  JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  hackedu 
may 2010 by andrewspittle
A Bill of Rights in Cyberspace
Jeff Jarvis' outline of a Bill of Rights for activity in cyberspace. A solid foundation that would provide for free and open future interactions.
JeffJarvis  Buzzmachine  software  design 
april 2010 by andrewspittle
Serendipity is unexpected relevance
What does serendipity mean for us on the web and how can it be measured so that a service can provide it?
business  webapps  JeffJarvis  BuzzMachine  Google 
april 2010 by andrewspittle

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