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A blog post about obligation and doing what you love and being wrong:
"Fulfilling a sense of obligation isn’t a substitute for actual unqualified happiness, and it’s certainly not a recipe for good work."
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june 2011 by andrewspittle
The Customer Service Happiness Manifesto
John O’Nolan writes about how to approach cus tomer ser vice. Some ter rific advice and details on how to com mu ni cate and cul ti vate happy users.
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may 2011 by andrewspittle
Making It Personal
"It’s easy to forget that underneath this fragile layer of markup, HTTP requests, IMAP, and avatars are people, and it’s those people that make my workplace, the web, fantastic."
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april 2011 by andrewspittle
A look at Smiley by the numbers
37signals gives some insight into how Smiley is working and what the data look like.
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february 2011 by andrewspittle
What we talk about when we talk about happiness
"Whether as creators or consumers, whether you ascribe to happiness theory or the set point theory of happiness, as another year begins, don’t forget to plan a vacation, take time off — even just a day or an afternoon. You may only remember the peak-end."
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january 2011 by andrewspittle
Blog Archive Burns and happiness
"Lets be clear — I am not advocating burning people who are not very happy with their lives and letting them struggle with the pain and agony of burns, the slow recovery, and the comparison to other less fortunate individuals — but I do think that ironically such negative experiences can actually improve the outlook people have on life and their motivation for living."
DanAriely  happiness  research 
january 2011 by andrewspittle

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