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Ways to Acquire Users for Free
Cool tips on dif fer ent strate gies for attract ing users to your prod uct. The right data makes these deci sions easier.
startups  business  SpencerFry  marketing  from instapaper
july 2011 by andrewspittle
Bootstrap Marketing
Spencer Fry writes about the various ways you can market your startup.
SpencerFry  startups  business  customerservice  from instapaper
may 2011 by andrewspittle
Startup vs. Company
"Your startup will eventually need to make the jump into company land and then, damn, things do get tough. If you're not ready to face that reality from the beginning, it may be too daunting when the time comes."
business  SpencerFry  startups 
march 2011 by andrewspittle
Hiring for a Boostrapped Company
When you're running a bootstrapped company you should hire for the moment and look in your network for great people.
SpencerFry  startups  business  hiring  work 
february 2011 by andrewspittle
Carbonmade: 2010 in Review
Spencer Fry recaps 2010 and what happened with Carbonmade in the process. Sounds like a stellar year.
SpencerFry  Carbonmade  startups  business 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
On Focus
Focus is a key to making your startup work long term.
SpencerFry  strategy  startups 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
Building the Trunk, First
To build a strong business you need to focus on the trunk first.
business  strategy  startups  SpencerFry 
january 2011 by andrewspittle
What's A Non-Programmer To Do? (Advanced)
How Spencer Fry keeps himself busy as CEO now that Carbonmade is growing.
SpencerFry  business  startups  strategy 
december 2010 by andrewspittle
So Long, Carbonmade
Ideas for reducing churn in your startup.
startups  strategy  business  spencerfry 
october 2010 by andrewspittle
Down With Social
Spencer Fry's hesitation with social media gurus.
business  spencerfry  society  Twitter  Facebook 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
Idea Shaping
One idea at a time. Preferably one you love.
spencerfry  webapps  startups  business 
august 2010 by andrewspittle
On Writing
Why Spencer Fry writes essays and believes in blogging as a necessary exercise.
blogging  writing  spencerfry 
july 2010 by andrewspittle
Freemium Model
Spencer Fry discusses his opinions and strategies behind a freemium model.
startups  business  strategy  spencerfry 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Platforms are for Suckers
"There's nothing wrong with building on top of another platform for a hobby project. You want to build something quickly, you want to take advantage of a large pool of users, and you want make something fun. If you're successful, you'll gain some reputation, make people happy, and have something neat to share. Just don't do it at a business."
business  software  startups  SpencerFry  Twitter  Facebook 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
Under the Radar
Why it is sometimes better to not have impressive tech coverage.
SpencerFry  webapps  software  startups 
june 2010 by andrewspittle
How to Bootstrap
Spencer Fry gives some tips from his experience bootstrapping 4 companies.
startups  strategy  business  SpencerFry 
may 2010 by andrewspittle

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