A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny
"What makes for a good portfolio? In a sentence, a portfolio that has the highest likelihood of landing a job indicates you already have the skills to do what you’ll be hired to do."
design  work 
10 days ago
The crane who fell in love with a human
Fascinating story about a crane and how it imprinted on her human caretaker.
nature  animals 
6 weeks ago
Dying Alone in Japan: The Industry Devoted to What’s Left Behind
“As the country’s population ages and shrinks, there’s increasing demand for services that clean out and dispose of the property of the dead.”
aging  Japan 
7 weeks ago
“Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?”
“Too often, however, the observation, "Developers are only building luxury housing," reflects a lack of understanding of the situation it describes. Why are developers in your community primarily building for the high end of the market?”
cities  housing 
8 weeks ago
Portugal Dared to Cast Aside Austerity. It’s Having a Major Revival.
“What happened in Portugal shows that too much austerity deepens a recession, and creates a vicious circle,” Prime Minister António Costa said in an interview.
via:popular  Portugal  economy 
8 weeks ago
"Growing Tualatin" housing presentation for Tualatin BAC
“So this two-story garden apartment scenario I’m going to talk about for a few minutes… it’s part of an idea from the last few years called “missing middle”. If we think of housing on a spectrum, from detached single family housing you see in cities everywhere to mid-rise housing, like four to six stories you might see in the central area. You’ve also got duplexes triplexes, fourplexes, courtyard apartments, townhomes, a whole array of things that have been common historically in cities everywhere, but aren’t really provided for in very many locations in modern zoning.”
housing  Portland  cities 
8 weeks ago
How McKinsey Lost Its Way in South Africa
“When the godfather of management consulting landed its biggest contract ever in Africa, it made the worst mistake in its storied nine-decade history.”
energy  business 
12 weeks ago
Separating Migrant Families Is Barbaric. It’s Also What the U.S. Has Been Doing to People of Color for Hundreds of Years.
“What’s happening right now is awful. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. It didn’t come out of nowhere, though. It came right from the American playbook.”
june 2018
The Scooter Economy
“That everything will be available as a service means a massive increase in efficiency for society broadly — more products will be available to more people for lower overall costs — even as the difficulty in digging moats means most of that efficiency becomes consumer surplus. And, as long as venture capitalists are willing to foot the bill, cities like San Francisco should take advantage.”
june 2018
Just when you thought the end of malls couldn't get any worse...
“By taking all the standard business activity in a city — shopping for clothes and household products, getting a haircut, etc. — and moving them to the edge of town in areas built for and only accessible by car, we have robbed our communities of wealth.”
june 2018
A Futurist Predicts the Death of Higher Education
“Why is the dip in enrollment such a big deal? Well, quite plainly, the business model for a lot of colleges is dependent on enrollment.”
college  education  school 
june 2018
A focused family business
2007 LA Times article about SmugMug.
june 2018
How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing
“Addiction to paid marketing can get you into a local maximum. It’s much harder to fix the underlying issues – creating real moats, product differentiation, doing deeper adtech integrations. Easier to just spend more and push the LTV window from 9 months to 12 to 18.”
marketing  tech 
june 2018
How Steph Curry ignites the Golden State Warriors
“It was a revelation that came early in Kerr's first season as Warriors coach. And so mere months into his tenure in Oakland, Kerr decided the dream culture he desired would embody the star player at the very center of it. They would strive to make one of Curry's defining traits their cornerstone.”
sports  basketball 
june 2018
Here’s everything wrong with the government’s confusing new GMO labeling law
“I’m not sure we needed a GMO labeling program, but if we’re going to have one, surely we deserve something better than this.”
may 2018
Where the House-Price-to-Income Ratio Is Most Out of Whack
“My colleague Charlotta Mellander and I looked at the number of years of median income it would take to buy a home in U.S. metropolitan areas. This metric helps us better understand the relative cost of housing compared to incomes.”
housing  cities 
may 2018
It’s the iPhones Isn’t It?
“It’s not the iPhones, it’s the mode of production that called them into being.”
tech  balance 
may 2018
Why Do Americans Stay When Their Town Has No Future?
“The American dream is kind of to stay close to your family, do well, and let your kids grow up around your parents,” he says. It was a striking comment: Not that long ago, the American dream more often meant something quite different, about achieving mobility—about moving up, even if that meant moving out.
towns  energy  via:popular 
may 2018
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude
Federico Viticci writes about his recovery from cancer and how he’s changed his life with the assistance of Apple Health technology.
health  via:popular 
may 2018
Preparing Organizations to Become Design-Infused
“Knowing that, somewhere along the way, the influencers will render a decision that affects the user experience, the team needs to prepare those influencers to make that decision in the best way to create a great experience.”
may 2018
Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You
“What we can learn from reading about the schedules of people we admire is not what time to set our alarms or how many cups of coffee to drink, but that different types of work require different types of schedules.”
may 2018
The Generalized Specialist: How Shakespeare, Da Vinci, and Kepler Excelled
“Specialize most of the time, but spend time understanding the broader ideas of the world.”
may 2018
Why the idea that the world is in terminal decline is so dangerous
“declinists confuse the growing pains of change with signs of the end of entire systems. Declinism misses the possibility that behind the downsizing old ways there might be new ones poking through.”
may 2018
I quit my iPhone for a basic Nokia and it was hard but worth it
“But I knew it wasn’t my iPhone I wanted. It was noise I wanted. Distractions from silence and distractions from my own self.”
distraction  balance 
may 2018
How To Build Your Own Index of Notes and Ideas When Reading Books
Shawn Blanc’s tips for building alternate indexes and keeping track of what you read.
may 2018
Albina Rising
“This plan, called the Albina Vision, is a long-term project that addresses how to redevelop the Rose Quarter.”
housing  cities 
may 2018
Divine Discontent: Disruption’s Antidote
“What is amazing today is table stakes tomorrow, and, perhaps surprisingly, that makes for a tremendous business opportunity: if your company is predicated on delivering the best possible experience for consumers, then your company will never achieve its goal.”
Amazon  Apple  tech 
may 2018
The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism
The fourteen precepts from Thich Nhat Hanh’s order of Buddhism, which originated in the 1960s.
balance  buddhism  mindfulness 
may 2018
End of Cycle?
“today we are seeing a shift to a boom in the variety and type of companies being funded as tech investors pursue other areas that I would characterize as "software aware" versus "software driven"”
may 2018
Curtis McHale’s resources
A set of quotes, book recommendations, and more from Curtis McHale.
resources  from instapaper
april 2018
This Is What Happens When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town
Cheap power in Eastern Washington and its role in the Bitcoin boom.
tech  energy  from instapaper
march 2018
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