Shane Parrish: Make it a little less about luck every day
"It used to be that you would see your neighbor get a new car or go on a vacation. These events would happen once or twice a year and you’d still feel generally happy about your life. But now there is someone online that you follow getting a new car, a new job, a vacation, every single day."
from instapaper
6 days ago
Shane Parrish: Make it a little less about luck every day
"I want to spend time doing things that are first order negative and second order positive"
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6 days ago
Where the Small-Town American Dream Lives On
"of white people who still lived in their childhood home town, nearly sixty per cent supported Trump; of those who lived within a two-hour drive of their home town, fifty per cent supported him; of those who had moved more than two hours from where they grew up, forty per cent."
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13 days ago
What the idea of civilisational ‘collapse’ says about history – Guy Middleton | Aeon Essays
"Very often, it’s suggested that civilisations collapse, but this isn’t quite right. It is more accurate to say that states collapse."
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5 weeks ago
Against guilty pleasures: Adorno on the crimes of pop culture
“In this release, popular culture really does meet our needs; but it ties them back into the process of profit-making, and disperses the energies we might have needed to make genuine change.”
from instapaper
7 weeks ago
How to Give Feedback People Can Actually Use
Good concise set of tips from Jennifer Porter in Harvard Business Review.
work  feedback  from instapaper
8 weeks ago
We Don’t Sell Saddles Here
Great post from Slack's founder about what their business and product mean.
work  software  ideas 
july 2014
The Diving Save
"If you’re the guy at the company who is great at Diving Saves, you’re also the guy who is working at a company where folks apparently need to resign in order to have a real conversation about their roles."
management  Rands  work 
june 2014
A Simple Guide to Better Coaching and Feedback in Your Company
How Buffer approaches ongoing feedback, coaching, and improvement within the company.
Buffer  work  management 
march 2014
Text editor color schemes
Great collection of color schemes for text editors.
february 2014
Neat watch concept that tells time with one hand in 15-minute increments.
january 2014
Do’s and Don’ts of Icon Fonts
Tips from Joen on how to use icon fonts, particularly Genericons, properly.
design  typography 
september 2013
Exit Interviews
Fred Wilson's brief case for why you should always do exit interviews.
work  ideas  FredWilson 
september 2013
How Experts Think
"Less thinking led to better solutions. More thinking led to worse solutions. Were grandmasters making their moves by inspiration?

No. Experts do not think less. They think more efficiently. The practiced brain eliminates poor solutions before they reach the conscious mind."
ideas  thinking 
september 2013
An astronomer’s vision for an energy revolution
Roger Angel is one of the world's most brilliant and audacious engineers. Could he design the next energy revolution?
science  energy  Aeon 
september 2013
Content as Medium
"The industry seemed to assume that it was the very physicality of books, newspapers and magazines that we craved – or that we required in order to comprehend the idea of a digital equivalent. The industry was wrong."
content  publishing  MattGemmell 
september 2013
Learning how to think
"Facebook isn’t about connecting; it’s about sharing. MySpace failed because it focused on the connections, not the interactions between those connections. Facebook had the Wall and the News Feed."
startups  thinking  DustinCurtis 
september 2013
The Great Discontent: Frank Chimero
A wonderful interview about work, design, and what it all means. I dig this quote:

"If people do other things, then the likelihood of them understanding your process or woes is pretty small. The important thing is to help them understand the results of what you do. As long as I’ve framed my work in those terms, people have been very understanding of what I do. You explain what you do by saying what you help them to do."
design  interview  FrankChimero 
september 2013
Infinite State
It's three years before your brain's mental model of your job starts to become boring. Sometimes all it takes is a long vacation to reset it and keep things interesting.
work  Rands 
september 2013
On Thingpunk
Thingpunk is a deep bias in design thinking that sees physical products and the built environment as the most important venues for design and innovation even as we enter a world that’s increasingly digital.
design  future 
may 2013
&what; -- Discover Your Character
Neat tool for discovering the HTML entity of various characters.
reference  code 
may 2013
Deer Isle Hostel
Cool hostel with self-sustaining farm in upstate Maine.
march 2013
On the Virtues of Preexisting Material
Fantastic piece about the value of cultural creations and why the remix is worthwhile.
culture  ContentsMagazine  from instapaper
february 2013
Pixels don't care
Great post about working on the web.
work  design  software  from instapaper
february 2013
tomato sauce with onion and butter
Delicious pasta sauce recipe from Albert via Daniel.
january 2013
Just My Type
Great resource or viewing type combinations.
january 2013
A more connected world means there are fewer places that really feel foreign, different. Not that that is a bad thing.
China  NYTimes  world  business  from instapaper
january 2013
The vanishing groves
Fascinating feature story about bristlecone pines in Southern California.
environment  California  travel 
january 2013
A Peace Corps For Programmers | Matthew Burton
A Peace Corps For Programmers: A recently discovered old gem from @matthewburton, even more true today.
from instapaper
december 2012
Why aren’t you doing what really makes you happy? | Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Good article on continuous improvement & its relationship with happiness…
from instapaper
december 2012
UN Agency's Leaked Playbook: Panic, Chaos over Anti-Internet Treaty - Forbes
Excellent piece. "The only things broken on the Web have been broken by governments." #ITU #WCIT
from instapaper
december 2012
Frank Chimero - The Anthologists
☆ The Anthologists: Fighting against the crush of the stream, and balancing “What’s new?” with “What’s meaningful?”…
from instapaper
december 2012
Atari Teenage Riot: The Inside Story Of Pong And The Video Game Industry's Big Bang
Longreads: "Atari Teenage Riot: The Inside Story Of Pong And The Video Game Industry's Big Bang." @stokel, @BuzzFeed #longreads
from instapaper
december 2012
“The user experience of news” - Martin Belam at news:rewired
RT @yurivictor: The UX of news:… Software before content. Simplicity before features. Mobile before desktop.
from instapaper
december 2012
Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes
Started speed reading ala @tferriss . Went from 142 wpm to 426 wpm in one session. Goal: 1,000 wpm
from instapaper
december 2012
A Warning for Airbnb Hosts, Who May Be Breaking the Law -
Airbnb is "in some kind of fight with the cities, and the users are paying the price.”
from instapaper
december 2012
Why I'm not a founder —
I had this exact conversation with @koop the other night. "Why I'm Not a Founder" by @bleikamp #blogception
from instapaper
november 2012
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