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Identity Thieves Hijack Cellphone Accounts to Go After Virtual Currency - The New York Times
"Within minutes of getting control of Mr. Burniske’s phone, his attackers had changed the password on his virtual currency wallet and drained the contents — some $150,000 at today’s values."
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october 2017 by andrewsavikas
Stock Market 101: Teaching the Wrong Lessons? | Jason Zweig
“This game allows you to buy risky stocks and survive,” Ms. Izlar says. “In real life you probably should not invest this way.”
september 2017 by andrewsavikas
How CRE Fundraising Is Changing and Why
We are at a level no one has seen before as it relates to competition and amounts of capital waiting to be deployed. Over the next few years, we will either see a drop off with those who are focused on real estate as an asset class or we will see everyone finding a portion of market share to support the continued success being sourced from this asset class.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
AlphaFlow Raises $4.1 Million Seed Round Backed by Resolute Ventures
Sturm said the funding would enable AlphaFlow to grow even faster and continue to reinvent real estate investing to match client demands: a highly diversified, passive experience that is transparent, aligned with their best interests, and focused on identifying the most favorable risk-return opportunities.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
Survivorship Bias – Ignoring Hard to Find Data
Survivorship bias also rears its ugly head in finance and business. Because of the nature of data, it’s easier to find records of things that exist than no longer exist. You need to be vigilant and watch out for situations where survivorship bias skews the data.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
My Adventure in Crowdfunding: Funding Portals and Food Trucks | Bloomberg BNA
Investors should view crowdfunding as a chance to promote businesses in which they believe, or companies that just sound fun, rather than as an opportunity to reap a bonanza of rewards.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
Tokens at the Gate. What Happens After the ICOs? – Hacker Noon
Let’s put aside the hype, the overnight millionaires, and dazzling numbers for a second. There’s a few very important (and troubling things) happening here.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
RealtyShares Partners With Lima One Capital
Going forward, Lima One will become our preferred lender for residential debt. Our partnership will allow us to continue to provide borrowers with a reliable capital source for their projects.
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september 2017 by andrewsavikas
Can We All Participate in The Next Unicorn? | AllAboutAlpha: Alternative Investing Trends and Analysis | A finance blog about private equity, commodities, and other alternative asset classes.
By examining the performance of the 144 unicorns listed in The Wall Street Journal, they show why non-accredited investors will be interested in investing in startup firms. They examine unicorn investors to determine who has been the most successful in picking unicorns and from those results they infer how non-accredited investors might fare as they invest in startups.
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
Indiegogo's Slava Rubin: Equity Crowdfunding Will Live Up Promise |
Rubin admits it’s been a slow start to equity crowdfunding in general. “It’s so new that so few people know about this,” he says. “There’s going to be the early adopters who are willing to rake risks and those things will go well or they’ll learn from them ,and then they’ll be able to tell their neighbors or their friends.”
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
Startwise, a New Crowdfunding Platform using Reg CF Goes Live with Revenue Sharing Offerings - Crowdfund Insider
Today, Startwise, the newest FINRA approved Reg CF platform, has officially launched a marketplace where you can invest in companies you care about for as little as $100. The newest entrant into the crowdfunding sector joins a growing list of regulated platforms for a market that is quite small.
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
REAL Announces Ethereum-Based Crowdfunding Platform For Real Estate Investment
Singapore-based Real Estate Asset Ledger (REAL) is set to launch its real estate investment platform in November. Built on Ethereum, the platform aims to provide investors with greater access to global real estate investment opportunity, lower barriers to entry and increase market liquidity.
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
Interact with FactRight’s Reg A+ Database | News, Information and References for CrowdfundingCrowdFund Beat
According to FactRight’s tracking, the SEC qualified 21 Reg A+ Tier 2 offerings in the second quarter of 2017, maintaining a brisk pace by the standards of Reg A+’s relatively short history. Approximately 45% of the 96 Tier 2 offerings qualified since late 2015 (not later withdrawn or used for merger purposes) have been qualified in just the first half of this year.
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
Evolving our investment strategy | THE EQUITY KICKER
The other interesting point to come out is that investing in deep tech at the very earliest stages is difficult. One of the key drivers of success for us as a fund is backing companies that make rapid progress and are able to raise up rounds a year or so after we invest. To do that they must pass valuation milestones.
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august 2017 by andrewsavikas
Data Proves Regulation Crowdfunding is a Revenue, Income Generator AND a Jobs Engine: What is our Government
When comparing financial data from companies before vs. after crowdfunding campaigns, it is very clear that companies experienced increases in revenue, net income, and jobs, following a funding campaign.
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july 2017 by andrewsavikas
Fintech 'Lingo' Explained - The New York Times
The world of financial technology - also known as "fintech" –involves lots of buzzwords, jargon and often obscure terminology.

Here's a list of some of the industry's main "lingo."
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july 2017 by andrewsavikas

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