Welcome to the Westminster apocalypse. Have you thought about theocracy instead? | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian
After May’s flame-out, Tories are claiming this all-systems clusterfuck is an ‘opportunity’, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde
uk  news  brexit  comment  article 
17 hours ago
Nerding Out With Bezier Curves – freeCodeCamp.org
Since the past few days I have been trying to write my own little JavaScript animation library. I know I know no one really cares about a new animation library but hey, the point is, in the process I…
maths  article  curves  bezier 
2 days ago
Logic Magazine
We are a print magazine about technology that publishes three times per year, with a small digital footprint. Want to know more? Read our manifesto.
article  magazine  technology 
2 days ago
Bringing together a human-directed selection of information and opinion from across the culture sector's increasingly algorithmically-determined channels, NEW MODELS is part AGGREGATOR, part independent JOURNAL.
experimental  culture  aggregator  article 
2 days ago
Inspirational Alarm Clock UI Designs – Inspiration Supply – Medium
A selection of lovely UI concepts for alarm clock apps. “Inspirational Alarm Clock UI Designs” is published by Emma Drews in Inspiration Supply
design  alarm  clock  inspiration  ui  digital 
2 days ago
Schutzklick – einfach online versichern!
Jetzt dein Smartphone oder Tablet einfach online versichern. Aber auch Fahrräder, Kameras uvm. kannst du gegen Diebstahl oder Beschädigung versichern.
ipad  insurance 
2 days ago
iPad Insurance - From 2.92 Monthly | simplesurance
Insure your iPad now and protect yourself against high repair costs - Be on the safe side when it comes to Damage, Theft and Loss - Worldwide protection!
ipad  insurance 
2 days ago
Visual Studio IntelliCode - Preview - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - AI assisted developer productivity
machine  learning  code  completion  vscode  tool 
2 days ago
Independent creative agency - Design & Innovation and Architectural Visualisation.
We are an independent creative agency specialising in Design & Innovation and Architectural Visualisation.
design  fiction  agency  project  privacy  data 
2 days ago
The Book of Shaders
Gentle step-by-step guide through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders.
webgl  shaders  book  3d 
2 days ago
(1) Amazing Max Stuff - YouTube
Cycling74's Max/MSP tutorials and artworks
maxmsp  tutorials  video 
5 days ago
Media Artist, Max/MSP Teacher, Media Technologist
audiovisual  art  media  portfolio  artist  maxmsp 
5 days ago
A command line tool for your organisation | Lyst Engineering Blog
Use browser's custom seach implementation and custom web service to create a "CLI" to various services your organisation uses.
search  productivity  hack 
6 days ago
Trash talk: the Orinoco garbage collector · V8
Orinoco, V8’s garbage collector, evolved from a sequential stop-the-world implementation into a mostly parallel and concurrent collector with incremental fallback.
js  v8  garbage  collection  article 
7 days ago
joelgriffith/browserless: Chrome as a service in docker. Bring your own cloud or hardware.
Chrome as a service in docker. Bring your own cloud or hardware. - joelgriffith/browserless
docker  chrome  headless 
7 days ago
queue - npm
asynchronous function queue with adjustable concurrency
npm  js  lib  async  queue 
7 days ago
Phantom pain: the first year running headless Chrome in production · browserless docs
Step back with me, almost two years ago, when Google announced that Chrome would support a first-class headless mode. Even though it was only April it felt like Christmas had arrived early! After years of personally dealing with projects that attempted to automate and scale a web-browser (Selenium, phantom and so on), the timing couldn't have been better as I was in desperate need of a performant solution. As much as I wanted to believe that headless Chrome would solve all of our col...
chrome  headless  learnings  article 
7 days ago
Ian Brill - Home
Ian Brill. Performative Installation and Sound Artist
artist  installation  digital 
7 days ago
Chickpea and Red Pepper Paprika - Closet Cooking
Too spicy with recommended amount of paprika
8 days ago
Courier Prime | Quote-Unquote Apps
Makers of apps for iOS and OS X including Highland, Bronson Watermarker PDF and Weekend Read.
typography  font  free  monospace 
8 days ago
Babylon Berlin: The German Capital at a Crossroads - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International
Babylon Berlin The German Capital at a Crossroads Berlin is changing. That's nothing new, of course, but even as integration challenges have resulted in crime…
from instapaper
10 days ago
Ambient Canvas Backgrounds | Codrops
Five ambient webpage backgrounds created using the HTML5 Canvas API and jwagner's Simplex Noise library.
canvas  graphics  animation  background  tutorial 
15 days ago
A call for Rust 2019 Roadmap blog posts | Rust Blog
Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
community  feedback  ideas 
15 days ago
Buy Formcard meltable bio-plastic online at Modulor
Shop Formcard meltable bio-plastic online at Modulor. ✓ High Quality Products
plastic  making  hadrware 
18 days ago
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