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Sony Very Nearly Had the Movie Rights to Almost Every Marvel Character Decades Ago
To be fair, unless they invested a bunch of money in them, and made the quality of movies Marvel produced, they wouldn't have been nearly as successful
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4 weeks ago by andrewducker
Star Wars fans defy church protests to attend first cinema showing on a Sunday in Isle of Lewis
Note that most of the population want to be able to do things on a Sunday, with a few religious leaders holding them back.
religion  StarWars  GoodNews  viaSwampers 
7 weeks ago by andrewducker
15% of people are sensitive to bread. But it's not gluten that's upsetting their stomach.
This is what happened to me. I assumed gluten-sensitive, but my IBS is FODMAPs-related, and discovering that helped me to finally get it under control.

I don't blame people who think they're gluten-sensitive. If you got an upset stomach every time you ate wheat then you'd probably start to think you had a gluten problem too...
food  health  gluten  viaSwampers 
november 2017 by andrewducker
How vanishing debt costs helped the UK forget about a never-ending deficit
a) We should be investing _heavily_ in better infrastructure right now. Heck, we should have been for a few years, considering how cheaply we can borrow.
b) Look at how worried people are about the stock market lining up for a crash. I wonder if a big-enough one could cause us to abort Brexit.
uk  economics  viaSwampers 
august 2017 by andrewducker
The Evolution of Trust (Totally worth spending ten minutes playing with)
Really highlights the importance of being willing to forgive people for occasional mistakes, without being a total walkover.
evolution  games  behaviour  viaSwampers 
august 2017 by andrewducker
One in eight young people in the UK have never seen a real cow - 18% have never left the city
I once talked to an Outward Bound instructor who worked with deprived kids, and they'd arrive in the Lake District with no real idea that there were places that *big*.
It's sad that there are children who haven't left the city they were born in, but it doesn't surprise me.
cities  children  viaSwampers 
august 2017 by andrewducker
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