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A short history of tool use.
Oh Brave New World, that has such tools in it.
tools  scifi  webcomic 
december 2011 by andrewducker
Scott Hanselman's 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
I went through this opening tabs for things that looked handy and ended up with 25 open tabs...
tools  windows  utilities  programming  software  utility 
september 2009 by andrewducker
Time Slider
Watch an etherpad document being written. The latest version allows you to rewind a document and see it being put together. Very cool!
writing  blogging  tools 
february 2009 by andrewducker
A bunch of free, web-based image tools. Some neat stuff in there.
software  tools  graphics 
february 2009 by andrewducker
Bookmarking this for my own use at some future point.
travel  tips  tools  advice  holidays 
december 2008 by andrewducker
Map of the Market
Very nice visualisation of the US stock market, broken down by type of company.
web2.0  visualization  tools  technology  stocks  trading  visualisation 
december 2008 by andrewducker
EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing
Looks pretty useful - if only I did collaborative text editing
writing  web2.0  tools  productivity 
november 2008 by andrewducker
Javascript Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Character Generator
I'll be needing this next week, I suspect, once our 3.5 campaign ends
javascript  dnd  tools  gaming 
october 2008 by andrewducker
Give it your email address, a number of days, and something you need to do "every so often" and you'll get irregular emails telling you to get it done... I've got ones set up for cat litter and putting washes on :->
reminder  productivity  tools  hassle 
june 2008 by andrewducker
Direct Note Access
Giving you the ability to take apart chords and put them back together again. More impressive than it sounds
computers  cool  germany  music  technology  audio  software  tools 
march 2008 by andrewducker
Online flowchart maker. Very easy to use so far, free for the first five documents, and reasonably cheap if you want to use it long-term.
diagram  tools  diagrams  Design  software  web2.0 
january 2008 by andrewducker
SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive
Must remember this next time I need to access an ISO
software  utilities  windows  DVD  tools 
september 2006 by andrewducker
Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
Interesting article on how the tools you use affect the way you think about things
addiction  computers  development  psychology  software  technology  tools  windows 
june 2006 by andrewducker
Add a teeny bit of jscript to any page and you can play MP3s from it direct. Very cool  free  javascript  tools  MP3  technology 
december 2005 by andrewducker

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