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Solar System in a Bottle (to scale)
The sun would be about 28cm across, I think. And would therefore need its own bottle. Or bucket.
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6 days ago by andrewducker
How accurate was Hidden Figures?
We saw it yesterday, and really enjoyed it.
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8 weeks ago by andrewducker
Seven earth-sized planets discovered circling a star 39 light years from Earth
"The planets also are very close to each other. If a person was standing on one of the planet’s surface, they could gaze up and potentially see geological features or clouds of neighboring worlds, which would sometimes appear larger than the moon in Earth's sky"
9 weeks ago by andrewducker
The Russian Cosmonaut Who Crashed To Earth 'Crying In Rage'
Please do read the story linked at the top, which adds corrections from other historians.
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february 2016 by andrewducker
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