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How would a biologist fix a radio?
How would we begin? First, we would secure funds to obtain a large supply of identical functioning radios in order to dissect and compare them to the one that is broken. We would eventually find how to open the radios and will find objects of various shape, color, and size (Figure 2). We would describe and classify them into families according to their appearance. We would describe a family of square metal objects, a family of round brightly colored objects with two legs, round-shaped objects with three legs and so on. Because the objects would vary in color, we would investigate whether changing the colors affects the radio's performance. Although changing the colors would have only attenuating effects (the music is still playing but a trained ear of some can discern some distortion) this approach will produce many publications and result in a lively debate.
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may 2016 by andrewducker
Parkinson's patients walk and talk again after receiving cancer drug in trial
This is the cancer drug that my lovely wife Julie is on. Glad to see it's got the possibility of helping many others too!
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october 2015 by andrewducker
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