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Pirate’s Booty
A person who played Jack Sparrow at Disneyland talks about his job.
disney  pirate  pirates  writing  acting  disneyland  stories  fantasy  business  piracy  magazines 
may 2008 by andrewducker
Death Toast!
Because you don't get any more goth than a skull on your toasted bread products
toast  food  design  pirates 
february 2007 by andrewducker
Tales Of The Black Freighter
The complete "Black Freighter" from Watchmen, compiled into comic-book shape.
Alan_Moore  art  comics  watchmen  pirates 
september 2006 by andrewducker
Nifty cel-shading-style animation of a swashbuckling duel
movie  pirates  cartoon 
july 2005 by andrewducker

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