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Liam Gallagher backs pirates
"I don't mind it. I hate all these big, silly rock stars who moan - at least they're f**king downloading your music, you c**t, and paying attention, know what I mean? You should f**king appreciate that - what are you moaning about? You've got f**king five big houses, so shut up," explained the former Oasis star.
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april 2010 by andrewducker
Heroes is a hit—as the most pirated TV show that is
It (and Dexter) have more people pirating it than watching it live...
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january 2010 by andrewducker
Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat
best response ever:
Privacy of user communications is protected in European and Irish legislation. ISPs can not be expected to ignore these merely because it does not suit another private party. To do so would breach the privacy of our users as well as having serious implications for the continued location of international e-business in this country and the jobs these generate.
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march 2009 by andrewducker
Talking To Pirates
A developer talks to Pirates and outlines the reasons why they don't buy games.
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august 2008 by andrewducker
Pirate’s Booty
A person who played Jack Sparrow at Disneyland talks about his job.
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may 2008 by andrewducker
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