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We were wrong on peak oil. There's enough to fry us all
Of course, it's getting progressively more expensive, which
makes it easier for other power sources to undercut it in the long run.
global_warming  energy  oil 
july 2012 by andrewducker
Gulf oil spill - not actually that bad?
The beaches will be normal before Christmas, fishing will be back in two months and the shellfish industry in two years.
oil  environment  usa 
july 2010 by andrewducker
The dark secrets of the trillion-dollar oil trade
Well, not that dark. Or surprising when you think about it. Still. Not nice.
oil  business  africa 
september 2009 by andrewducker
Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast
Latest estimates put Peak Oil in the next ten years - at the latest.
energy  oil  economics  future  peak-oil 
august 2009 by andrewducker
George Monbiot asks Fatih Birol, chief economist of IEA, when will the oil run out?
"In terms of non-Opec [countries outside the big oil producers' cartel]," he replied, "we are expecting that in three, four years' time the production of conventional oil will come to a plateau, and start to decline. In terms of the global picture, assuming that Opec will invest in a timely manner, global conventional oil can still continue, but we still expect that it will come around 2020 to a plateau as well, which is, of course, not good news from a global-oil-supply point of view."
economics  politics  energy  environment  oil  peak-oil  resources 
december 2008 by andrewducker
Oil prices | Crude estimates
Oil - not actually as expensive as you might think...
oil  economics 
april 2008 by andrewducker
Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake
Saudi's trying to cover up OPEC's possible swing away from the dollar. Fail miserably due to being broadcast live. Oops.
economics  markets  oil  opec  dollar 
november 2007 by andrewducker
Oil Prices around the World: Do Exchange Rates Matter?
Answer - yes, mostly. Prices have gone up, but by less than you might think, if you are buying in euros
oil  economics  usa 
november 2007 by andrewducker
Michael Ventura discusses America
Best article I've read on the future of America in a long while.
oil  cars  future  politics  USA 
may 2005 by andrewducker

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