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How Amsterdam is reducing child obesity
Annoying that the article leads with the exercise, rather than the advice on healthy eating, the dieticians, and the banning of junk food advertising on the subway/sporting events.
obesity  children  netherlands 
april 2018 by andrewducker
Obese children have higher stress hormone levels than normal weight peers
I am unshocked. I find it _much_ harder to control my diet when I'm stressed.
obesity  cortisol  stress 
december 2013 by andrewducker
Low self-esteem leads to obesity
The children had their weight and height measured by a nurse at the age of 10 and they self-reported when they were 30.

Their emotional states were also noted, the researchers reported in the journal BMC Medicine.

Children with a lower self-esteem, those who felt less in control of their lives, and those who worried often were more likely to gain weight over the next 20 years, the results showed.
obesity  children  weight 
september 2009 by andrewducker
As Waistlines Widen, Brains Shrink
That's the message from new research that found that elderly individuals who were obese or overweight had significantly less brain tissue than individuals of normal weight.
health  brain  medicine  obesity  neuroscience 
august 2009 by andrewducker
Rates of diabetes soar in the UK
Based largely on increasing levels of obesity.
health  obesity  diabetes 
february 2009 by andrewducker
Why do some people never seem to get fat?
Because their bodies compensate - the results of what happened when a test group doubled their calorific intake, with vastly different results.
diet  health  weight  obesity  food 
january 2009 by andrewducker
Obesity can begin in the brain, gene study shows
The study was based on a genetic analysis of 90,000 people, whose DNA was analysed for the smallest mutations, and compared against their body mass index, the scientific assessment based on their height and weight. Scientists found six genetic variants that appear to cause a small but significant increase in weight. If someone carried all six variants they would typically be between 1.5kg and 2kg (3.3lb and 3.4lb) heavier than the average person.
genetics  weight  obesity  brain 
december 2008 by andrewducker
BBC NEWS | Health | Hour's exercise 'to lose weight'
"Women who want to lose 10% of their weight - and keep it off - need to be exercising for almost an hour, five days a week, according to US experts."
So most people will need to combine that with a diet. Which is also unlikely to work.
diet  exercise  health  research  weight  obesity 
july 2008 by andrewducker

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