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Six years after New Zealand legalised brothels
According to Catherine Healy of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC), better and safer working practices are now the norm.

Across the industry, she says, women are now aware of their rights and exploitative brothel owners are becoming marginalised as a result of the reform.

"Sex workers say: I can work across town," she says. "The dynamic has altered."

Anna Reed, who was a sex worker in Christchurch for 23 years and is now NZPC's local spokesperson, agrees that exploitative practices have become rare.
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Spoof ad calls on Australians to take New Zealand
"0 per cent Air Force, 0 per cent Navy, 0 per cent Infantry. 100 per cent there for the taking, 100 per cent too easy, 100 per cent ours"
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